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Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

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Minus an Alduin statue, a couple Club Nintendo knickknacks, three Godzilla franchise models, a bottle of the Fallout 4 Quantum Cola, an Orlando Studios Harry Potter wand, and some posters, this is my entire nerd collection. Most of which are amiibos. You can spy holes where MM Link, TP Link, the 4 Champions, Chrom, Tiki, Pacman, and the Metroid two pack will eventually go. Might eventually get the SMO wedding series, the original Bowser, and the gold Megaman if I feel like it. My phone has a shit camera fyi.




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2 minutes ago, Eliwood8 said:

A couple of recent acquisitions:



Not a bad figurine and pretty useful in the game when you need a few extra Pikmin.



I love the detail on all the Fire Emblem amiibo. Although her sword seems a little curved.

I think he sword is fine just as mine is. I think its the flames that make it look like its curved.

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Metroids on BBY PO.

Koopa and Goomba on BBY PO.

Crhoms I got as 1 on BBY PO and the 2nd from when I walked in and they had another.  Now I have my own personal Chrom voodoo doll!


My brother opened his Metroids and  they are indeed SICK!


I think the Chrom one is SICK!  I couldn't get motivated to get the last Tiki they had in stock and while I liked the design of Alm and Celica... I haven't gotten those either.


I did double dip on the prior wave of Mario series because of some of the unique characters and new poses for some of the Smash duplicates but I don't think I'll double dip on Koopa and Goomba.... unless some super killer sale comes up.  I haven't duped any of my other Mario series ones sans Gold Mario.


Can't wait to add the new Mario ones at the end of the week.

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On 10/21/2017 at 5:08 PM, Juanblue85 said:

Just got mine today from pre ordering at GameStop. That just leaves getting the Odyssey 3 Pack in 6 days and the LoZ Revali, Urbosa, Daruk and Mipha amiibo on 11/10.



Yeah, the LoZ ones are going to be epic.  I didn't do the 4 pack, I did the individuals.

8 hours ago, Eliwood8 said:


All the Fire Emblem amiibo this year have been gorgeous, I'm glad I pre-ordered these even though I don't have Fire Emblem Warriors. For now Warriors is just in my rental queue since Odyssey is coming out this week.

I am in agreement that the FE Amiibo line has had some great box art and great figure design.  Of the strict FE series I only got Chrom.  I couldn't work up the $/interest for the Alm/Celica 2 pack or Tiki.  Especially when I am not a player of the games.


I'd say that if I ranked the FE amiibos I'd go:


Roy > F Corrin > Chrom > Celica > Robin > Ike > Marth > Lucina > M Corrin > Alm > Tiki


Ranking the ones I own:


Roy > F Corrin > Chrom > Robin > Ike > Marth > M Corrin > Lucina

Roy just pops with all the colors.

F Corrin has a great stance/pose

Chrom just looks like a badass

Robin, with that spell book, crooked sword, and pose, just looks unique amongst the others

Ike has a cool stance/pose.

I am underwhelmed with Marth and Lucina

M Corrin just lacks the "it" factor the female version as.


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I was wonder where this thread was. I'll post the only amiibo I got this here which was this past summer so you can probably guess who those amiibo are.


EDIT: When I first came back here last week, along with finding this thread, I went my method uploading the pics but for some reason the app on my phone for imgur was acting wonky and kept getting errors. Since finding thread now, I realize I can no longer use that method to upload pic here. I've gotta connect my phone to my laptop and upload the pics to imgur and then one. Man so much to upload, I really hope the fix this for android user. Like the format to get around is easy enough but that deceives you when you get error everytime.


Here are the amiibo I got this summer:









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