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Circhester Stadium - N4A Chat Thread - December 2019

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Looks like there’s not enough space on my laptop for some of these larger games...


Might have to look into getting a bigger HDD at some point


Maybe bigger memory and processor could be helpful too, if possible 


On the other hand i have no idea how to do that on my current laptop


Im not sure what exactly what components are compatible with my Acer aspire ES 15 anyway and i have feeling id break or damage something trying to do it myself..


I had enough trouble taking apart and disassembling and putting my Joy-cons back together to replace the Analog sticks


So no idea how well that’ll go... I can’t say im too tech savvy


Really going to have to do a lot of research on this first....

Not really sure how this stuff works with laptops...

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merry christmas you lovable fuckbarges


12 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:


okay i get it's christmas and all but there's no universe in which this is cute and not horribly gross and alarming
these things have already been known to record without permission please value your privacy y'all
also there's not enough coal in the world for bezos tonight

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