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Circhester Stadium - N4A Chat Thread - December 2019


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im convinced everyone goes out in weather thats terrible bc they all collectively think 'well this weather is shit, no one is crazy enough to drive in this, so its SAFER for me to be on the road since there will be no one else :D' and they're wrong


they're all wrong, all the time, and customers don't deserve human rights

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Beat Undertale Pacifist Route (+ both boss routes),100%’d World of Light last week, been working on Classic mode routes and up to starting the Smash 4 roster now....


Recently picked Splatoon 2 back up last few days and think I've gotten the rest of the collectibles and upgraded the last few reasons  in the main campaign and been clearing out stages with the rest of the weapons for....


some reason... other than getting tickets, I don’t think it serves any other purpose, so...


And just finished up the Elite 4 in Moon tonight and will get into post game later


So seems like im on a roll with beating/working on games the past week...


No idea how long that streak will last, though...

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