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Official Pokemon Sword/Shield Gen 8 Shiny Thread

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I booted up Pokémon Sun since I for some reason thought Pokémon Home would let me transfer Pokémon from the 3DS games with the basic plan for a limited time (must have misread an article). Anyways point being there’s quite a bit of shiny Pokémon I had in Sun alone, and even then there’s more I remember having that I probably didn’t transfer into Sun or Moon.  


I know this sounds like it belongs in the Gen 7 shiny thread because it does, but I guess I’m just really here asking if I could have some help getting the Pokédex filled in Shield? I was hoping of using Pokémon Bank and Transporter to bring some Pokémon missing in my Shield ‘dex to inch closer into completing my ‘dex in Shield, but you know...

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Make a list of what you need, I can help with most of them.  I do need to borrow someone's Shield legendary to put into Home for its dex entry and knock off that task. I would give it back after that.


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@Art_de_Cat Thanks for offering to help. I’ll PM you the list when I get home to double check the ones I’m missing. I have the Shield legendary so I can definitely help you with getting it in your Home dex. I think out of the ones I know I’ll need help with are some the trade evolutions like Karrablast and Shelmet, etc.

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Managed to get a shiny Caterpie in Let’s Go Pikachu and got a shiny Mewtwo, Golem, Entei and Suicine in trades through Home.


Not sure if the trades are legit or not but they seem to be based on what I can discern (I.e. generation caught, balls, moves, etc. all seem to line up).

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