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Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)


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I'm kind of upset with how I played some characters I am normally good with last night.  Some real WTF moments.


But some of those guys were damn good and I kept being a frame too soon or behind and it ended up being not for my benefit every single time.


Actually, considering my lack of playing Marth in a while ( a normal character I like this go around in Smash) I thought by match 2 I was back in rhythm with him for the competition.  I was pleasantly surprised I didn't stink up the joint too bad with Ike, I loved him in Brawl but in Smash 4 and this game he has lost his appeal to me.

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Incineroar did pretty well for me, wish I could have grabbed some wins.


I was satisfied with Mewtwo play only because of how rare I play him but still like him somewhat.


Pichu was ok.... I mean... I did what I could do with him.


PT though.... my Squirtle was ass considering I can normally do him ok, my Ivysaur was TRASH, and well, normally my Charizard is pretty damn good but I just made some bad mistakes.  It makes me wish there was a way to freeze the PT rotation for one character the entire match or do the rotation as normal-- I find the rhythm breaks when you change hurt learning each sub character well.

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Might as well get this out here now...


Sephiroth releases this coming Tuesday, that goes without say when we play at 9pm eastern on Tuesday, the updates for Smash goes live like 8-9pm eastern.


I don't know if you gotta go to bed early on Tuesday night PB but you are, we try Wednesday night. I want a full night as I can from Sephiroth.

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Great vid, Krazy.


Will anyone be playing tonight?


I'm gonna be honest, it's been feeling like for a while now that Tuesday night afterthought. I don't mind if it is just me and PB but to play like hour and change.  I could play with others in the arena if ppl are still there after PB leaves but I honestly feel it is not worth to play if that short of a time.


Until further notice till I see more interest playing Tuesday night. I won't be playing on Tuesdays. I will lurk in here from time to to see interest and decent playthrough but other than that, not playing Tuesdays.


Still I will ask just this last time here is there anyone else besides PB will be on tonight?

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1 hour ago, purple_beard said:

I'm good till 10:30...




I mean you can tag Marx, surge, Eli, and...


I can see if ryu or lms is in other chat and wants to play.

Nah, this is what I expected and what I was saying about little time. I get with work but it's okay. I can deal.


It's not that I can tag them, if someone can't come that's their decision so I am leaving it to anyone who wants to come who can.


So this is it for me for the time being for Tuesday nights...

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