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Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

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Hello everyone, welcome to Super Smash Bros Game Night! Here we meet up every Tuesday Night at 9 PM Eastern to have some fun, friendly matches of Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS. Anyone is welcome to participate, and can jump in or out as is convenient for them. 


  • Most weeks myself or another user if I'm absent will set up a tourney to use. This is usually just so it's easier to accommodate a group greater than 4 while keeping everyone rotating and fighting each other, it's also easier for users to hop in or out with the tourney format. We don't really use it to rank performance here.


  • Our standard set-up is 3 stock, 8 minutes, all items off except Smash Ball on low. Sometimes we will use other item set-ups to mix things up though! Customs vary, but they seem to be off most weeks. If you want customs on feel free to ask.


  • All characters and stages, including DLC, are welcome. We're here for fun so pick whatever you feel like.


  • While 3DS players are definitely welcome, I will say that since this has started it seems we tend to do Wii U most of the time. Just a fair warning.


  • While you can use the thread for communication, it's generally easier to use our chatbox if you're able: 
  • go to https://discordapp.com/
  • sign up/log in
  • join server: 0th3WloVn6vz2Z23


  • Suggestions are very welcome, don't be shy!
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Okay, I'm actually gonna play tonight. I don't know how many of the returning will come or new but please reply here if you're coming tonight. I want to make sure if I should make tourney if more then 4 players are playing tonight or just someone host up to 4 players.


I think I heard from Krazy that not even 4 players played last week.


P.S. I won't be on till 10PM EDT.

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That's cool to see some new faces here, welcome!


If there's a case we don't make tourney (cause you don't need a friend to enter it but a password to get in) we may do friends rooms sometimes, so you need know one of the regular NNID to get in.


I'll give you mine, its: Ancologia.

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Hey, sorry I didn't end up making it this week. Got roped into building some cabinets. I'll try to be there next week, but it might be too early to commit to it. :( 

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5 minutes ago, purple_beard said:



Really..... now you bump it.....:awesome:

You could of bump it yourself, if looked properly.


Don't blame for your lack of searching skills.

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I'll be on at 10pm.


By the time I come on and I make 5 or those more who want to play, I'll make a tourney asap.


I could make one now but I don't want and if only 3 ppl come to play it would be sort of a waste.

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12 minutes ago, purple_beard said:

heh.... another close one ... you keep  playing characters I don't run into much.

Ah, PB is there something wrong with Discord?


Why are you using this thread as a chat room? I rather not have this thread turn part chat room.


I''ll be on in a bit.

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I did pop in and out on Discord, to comment about my games with PB once in a while. Sorry I couldn't join the larger tournament, I didn't want to miss Mao's movie night. Until next time!

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