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Pro Sports Thread: Super Bowl TB vs. KC/NHL/NBA


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A thread to discuss Pro Sports.  Since it seems an individual thread for each would probably not be worth it I listed all the major Pro Leagues as fair game for discussion in this thread.


MLB: Major League Baseball

MLS: Major League Soccer

NBA: National Basketball Association

NFL: National Football League

NHL: National Hockey League

"Other":  CFL (Candian Football League), Other pro soccer leagues, AFL / Arena Football, ...  in short, any pro league

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9 minutes ago, Lt. Surge said:

I could have sworn someone on the discord had a strawpoll asking if they should do this or seperate threads...



Maybe.... but ... in general.... on here(well NS2 as well)....  I haven't seen many one sport specific threads gain a lot of traction.





I follow Panthers/ NFL, Hornets/ NBA, and Hurricanes /NHL.  Don't care about MLS or MLB.  Granted, I'd likely watch some of the MLB post season stuff.

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I checked the World Series results as soon as I woke up this morning. Despite living in the Netherlands now, I was born and raised in Chicago, so lots of hopes. I'm pretty sure I can hear the sounds of my dad partying all the way across the ocean. Man, 2016 is a weird year.


At least this makes up for the Bears having a shit year already.

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2 minutes ago, Fuzzer1 said:

Well any new team that has fans who know how to boo Gary Bettman might as well be a hockey town and Vegas is now one.



Heh.... never heard that kind of reasoning.  I hope Vegas can work for them.... and IMO, the NHL needs one more team in the West to even out the Western and Eastern conferences.


And, who knows... but I am saying....


Quebec Nordiques ---> Colorado Avalanche

Minnesota North Stars ---> Dallas Stars

Atlanta Thrashers ---> Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets ---> Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes

Hartford Whalers ---> Carolina Hurricanes

Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Anaheim Ducks, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators....


The NHL has had a lot of expansion and relocation in the last 25 or so years.....

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  • purple_beard changed the title to Pro Sports Thread: Super Bowl TB vs. KC/NHL/NBA

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