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Pro Sports Thread: NHL/NBA/MLB/NFL/MLS/CFL


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1p Colts @ Bills

4:40: Rams @ Seahawks

8:15 Buccs @ WFT


1p Ravens @ Titans

4:40 Bears @ Saints

8:15 Browns @ Steelers


I am going:

Bills win big.

Seahawks over Rams in a tight one. I believe in Seattle's playoff experience. However, if the Rams get it right they got a shot.

I know TB is HOT right now but somehow I think this Washington thing will be real and possibly inspired to ball even harder considering the events in the last few days.

Ravens Titans is the GotW in my opinion here. Who is who?

Bears @ Saints ...Hmmm Going NO but... I agree that there is something to the Saints chokes in the post season the last few years and the Bears have a shot...

Browns @ Steelers would have been GotW2 but somehow the plot thickens with all the Browns covid stuff. They just happen to face the Steelers @ Steelers.... jsut saying.... I am pulling for the Browns to get this thing done.

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