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Pro Sports Thread: NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NFL....

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A thread to discuss Pro Sports.  Since it seems an individual thread for each would probably not be worth it I listed all the major Pro Leagues as fair game for discussion in this thread.


MLB: Major League Baseball

MLS: Major League Soccer

NBA: National Basketball Association

NFL: National Football League

NHL: National Hockey League

"Other":  CFL (Candian Football League), Other pro soccer leagues, AFL / Arena Football, ...  in short, any pro league

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9 minutes ago, Lt. Surge said:

I could have sworn someone on the discord had a strawpoll asking if they should do this or seperate threads...



Maybe.... but ... in general.... on here(well NS2 as well)....  I haven't seen many one sport specific threads gain a lot of traction.





I follow Panthers/ NFL, Hornets/ NBA, and Hurricanes /NHL.  Don't care about MLS or MLB.  Granted, I'd likely watch some of the MLB post season stuff.

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I checked the World Series results as soon as I woke up this morning. Despite living in the Netherlands now, I was born and raised in Chicago, so lots of hopes. I'm pretty sure I can hear the sounds of my dad partying all the way across the ocean. Man, 2016 is a weird year.


At least this makes up for the Bears having a shit year already.

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That was a fun series. Also was a neat way to take our minds off the vicious election cycle for a few days.


I'm gonna be honest here, 2016 has seen two big curses get broken this year with the Cleveland Sports Curse broken in June by the Cavs and now the Curse of the Billy Goat broken by the Cubs.



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1 hour ago, Fuzzer1 said:

Watched the stream. Let's hope their video issues aren't a bad omen for them.



I am surprised they didn't do more on their logo(s) ... the speculation was black, gold/beige silver, and red  ... they didn't show much of the swords into the star shape that they had later on...

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2 minutes ago, Fuzzer1 said:

Well any new team that has fans who know how to boo Gary Bettman might as well be a hockey town and Vegas is now one.



Heh.... never heard that kind of reasoning.  I hope Vegas can work for them.... and IMO, the NHL needs one more team in the West to even out the Western and Eastern conferences.


And, who knows... but I am saying....


Quebec Nordiques ---> Colorado Avalanche

Minnesota North Stars ---> Dallas Stars

Atlanta Thrashers ---> Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets ---> Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes

Hartford Whalers ---> Carolina Hurricanes

Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Anaheim Ducks, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators....


The NHL has had a lot of expansion and relocation in the last 25 or so years.....

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