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AI: The Somnium Files releases in under two weeks...

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...and there's like no one talking about it.  Not just here, but most other places I visit don't seem to have much discussion going on.  I know the genre isn't the most hype inducing one out there but after the reception to the Zero Escape series I felt like it would be riding on some kind of excitement the same way the Ace Attorney and Danganronpa series have.  With September having quite a few games to play along with some I'm still going through I plan on getting AI even if I don't get to play it for a little bit but it's just weird seeing little to no fanfare for this game when I remember Zero Time Dilemma having at least a little bit of momentum of excitement behind it as it neared release.


No launch trailer as of yet but the most recent piece of media is an investigation trailer released not too long ago.  Also, it just me or does the narrator's voice sound a lot like the same VA who voiced Naomi in the Trauma Center/Team series?



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