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Heliodor - N4A Chat Thread - September 2019

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2 hours ago, XLW said:


'Cause who plays King of Fighters '94 competitively nowadays anyways?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. 


Actually, it's because I have nobody to play it with. Plus, I wanted to see how good it stands today. I mean, there are some old video games that have aged well, like Super Mario World, Tekken 3, and Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I wanted to see if King of Fighters '94 has anything that has held up well, and its roster is definitely a highlight... MOST OF THEM. *looks at little guy from Korea Team, Chie I believe, and Ben something from Japan team* 


I have found a setup that works well in my case. But, it kind if gets rid of what the series is known for, but I just want this over with.  


... I give up. I beat all of the international teams, I’m done with this 33$-?37382$! If Bernstein is just as cheap as the other cheap characters, what... WHAT AM I FIGHT FOOOOOOOOOooooooooooor?! 




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I came online for the first time in months and forgot that my signature was linked by Tinypic, lol. Looked around and redid mine. :b


Using an old sig from like 2007, but I still like it.

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The best part about mobile is that signatures are hidden 


Speaking of which what is mine? I don’t even remember. 

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Not sure what happened to photobucket but they locked me out like two years ago, couldn't even resign in to get all my old photos that they hosted back online.  URLS work but...


I haven't found something better and haven't really looked.

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I know it is ancient to be using photobucket but as it stands now, all my early art work are there and I never had the right mind migrate the that stuff to better...wait. Hold I think there is a place I did migrate something. But I know for sure the signature below isn't there even if the sig itself is dated in someways, I like its retroness.


EDIT: Nope non of my old art is on imgur and I know for sure it is not this laptop.


EDIT 2: I found more stuff on laptop but no old art. I have nothing before 2014 online or my laptop.


EDIT 3: Fixed. Man I forget how slow photobucket and that could explain why I never migrated my old images there. Just doing this one took 10 minutes just DL back to my laptop.


Also photobucket is charging if anyone has over 25mb with of pictures. So basically anyone, they probably charging cause of how slow, because they can because they been around for a while now.

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I... did it. Thanks to the power of savescumming, I did it. I beat it. Still, it's not a perfect game. I think KOF XIV is better, then again... *looks at the other KOFs I have yet to play... and Fatal Furies...* After what I've been through, that's enough of that. Time for me to move on. 


Meanwhile, I did something stupid. I... recorded a theme on a project I've been thinking about. It's been on my mind for some time. Not sure if it will pay off. Just for fun-sies for now, I guess. 



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