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Heliodor - N4A Chat Thread - September 2019

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Welcome to this month's chat thread. Hope you're enjoying the Labor Day weekend.


By the way, if you are reading this, why not answer this question? Do you currently find yourself playing console games or mobile games more on a regular basis?

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Console. My phone's battery doesn't last long enough to play most mobile games, so I usually just don't bother.

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thank u oscar-chan


ive actually been playing more mobile games lately, believe it or not! we have a wii u but i use it intermittently, and pc games....but in my down time from those, i have a word game i play every day and an adventure clicker game ive been really into lately. i miss handheld systems being more popular, though.


i don't have phone service here, so even when i'm out i find myself playing games sometimes just to fill time if we're on the bus or something.

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Just now, Ares said:

that was last april though y;


... But the remake news didn't come out then, so... Still throwing a baby-sized tantrum!

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of the 3 mobile games i play regularly, one i paid for the full version without ads, one ONLY has ads on a if-you-want-to basis, and the other only has 1 ad when you open it and that's it 


the last two are incredibly valid imo, esp the one that has ads only if you want to, considering the amount of content and care put into it 


i only bought the full version of my word game bc it has 3500 levels n i only bought it after the first 1000 levels lmao. at this point i refuse to play games that have longform ads i don't choose to watch or a terrible ad system in general. i don't mind supporting a creator that cares about their product, but most of the time the setup is just terrible and absolutely not worth the trouble for me. 

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I don't necessarily like what this says about me, but lately whenever I feel like playing a PS4 game, my first thought is "...but then I'd have to go sit in front of the TV and move away from my computer." and I end up playing something on Switch or my phone or PC instead. It's a sad state of affairs when I'm so addicted to staring at one screen that I won't even leave to go stare at a different screen.

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I never played mobile games because my old phone was an archaic relic from a forgotten time.  I have no desire to download any now that I have a new phone, and I find mobile game philosophy in a general sense ridiculously predatory and toxic often with design choices that make playing and paying into it habitual or addictive.  I can barely play regular games nowadays without them finding ways to sink their claws into me or nickel-and-dime me.  I'm actually super duper happy the Switch is a thing for that reason.

Tangentially related, Overwatch and its garbage loot boxes can eat my whole entire ass.

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Consoles. Can't stand the philosophy of most mobile games, but I do open Pokemon Go on the occasion since my job has me going to different locations.

I've been more home console games in the past few years since I got a PS4 after I graduated. While I was in college, though, the bus was my sole mode of transportation, so I was playing the 3DS a lot. Seeing my Activity Log records show I played over 1,000 hours for those years. Can't say I regret it. I don't think any system will give me the same experience as the 3DS, with features like Streetpass. But games like FE Awakening, AC New Leaf, and Smash 3DS came at just the right time, when I could still round up friends to play with at any moment. I still frequently play my 3DS, but I can't fathom playing as much as before.



I think next year I need to be critical with my gaming purchases. This year I've been buying Switch games that interest me, knowing I won't have time for them. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been sitting on my shelf for almost a year. I didn't expect FE: 3H to be such a slog. I've put in barely a fraction of the time into Smash Ultimate as I have with previous entries.

I'm trying to explore mediums, such as books and movies, but it's still not quite making a huge difference. I think the realities of adulthood are chipping away at me, and it's getting harder to ignore.


Edit: Y'all need to buy Dragon Quest XI. Incredible JRPG, and I'm excited to replay it for a second time with the Definitive Edition.

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