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Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

Mirror mode?  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. Should we add Mirror mode to our tourney rotation?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. If yes, when should we do it?

    • 1st week
    • 2nd week
    • 3rd week
    • Randomized
    • I voted no

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15 minutes ago, Surge135 said:

Congrats! How's it feel to be the Champ? :D

Feels good man.  Like warm cookies fresh out of the oven good.  Now I just gotta do this when there is a full room going...in another life perhaps XD

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With the craziness of Ultimate, I almost forgot about this tonight. (I honestly don't recall how I remember)


So with last week with so little folks attending last week , wanna take another whack at player as your favorite Smasher?

Edited by DLurkster

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DLurkster, you were kind of killing it last night.  Dunno if you're using a new setup or what but whatever you were doing it was working.  Although I almost threw my controller a few times because of your well timed bomb drops! XD


Kind of wish the room was a bit more active though.  Gold Crono stuck around a few races then left, AF stuck around for like two or three I think and then left.

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It's been a while that rode with Isabelle and I felt like I wasn't doing anything different with that weight class. I 've ride that kart setup so I don't think that was it but.


I've been trying to work on my snipping and I guess my goal became a reality that night, I suppose.

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@DLurkster @alienboyva @purple_beard @Koari @ArmoredFrog@Surge135

Just tagging the few that play and post on the forums (though not all the time) for a question.


Would anyone that plays tomorrow night in the tourney like to use Discord to VC? Skeptical for DL cause his mic sucks on his laptop (I read things). I'm able to incorporate it into the weekly tournament streams if possible. It'll also be the first tournament of 2019!

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