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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!


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2 minutes ago, purple_beard said:



Sega and a few others have found a way to have competing racing titles out at the same time.  I kind of think Mario Kart should stay Mario universe ( even though, yes, I did like the non-Mario racers, tracks, and vehicles in 8) and they could do a completely different concept for a Nintendo Kart kind of game.  In the marketplace though, how would they differentiate, would they cannibalize sales of the other, and branding... Mario Kart is big of a name to drop/alter it for a change in series focus.

I don't look at the supposed Nintendo Kart as a replacement or secondary to MK as a spin-off or one-off, in that sense I don't see no cannibalizing sales either.


Nintendo titles whoever stars in it sells for a long while know as the evergreen titles. The MK series is one among them and the best of the Nintendo IP's out there.


As I recall during the Wii era and I think this was the only time in history between these 2 series that MKWii came out little over a month after Brawl came out in March 2008. Of course between these 2 titles we know what sole the most and I wouldn't call MKWii cannibalizing Brawl sales but simply MK just caters to more everybody can play audience then Smash series, tho Brawl is no looked upon as the most downgrade in terms of mechanical gameplay of the series. That's besides the point despite one selling more than the other, they both continue to sell well beyond the year it came out, thus evergeen effect of Nintendo games.


Either way, Nintendo Kart or not I'm fine with either but if they do go Nintendo Kart, play to MK strengths and not emulate to Smash's strengths. That is the key difference for MK series to soar to greater heights than it previously had. 

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Smash's strengths are roster, stages, music, and arguably homages to game lore.  Mario Karts strengths are tracks and being a competent arcade racer versus a sim.  


Smash and MK are fundamentally different from each other but where sales canibilization could come from is if you have Mario Kart and Nintendo kart at the same time.  I think you can differentiate both but Nintendo kart will most likely be like that all Stars game from Sega.

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On 1/21/2022 at 1:25 PM, DLurkster said:

Neither him or his bro, what's your point? There would be a point if they were there from the start and Krazy came in 3rd overall despite missing one race as well.

Well hell, via that logic I'd have been first overall had I finished first in every race...

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I was mainly referring to my brother with the title. If I had remembered that you were letting us know "you're drivin' here" I might have made that the title instead. I do have that title on the back burner for a future video or stream.


Likely didn't catch it when skimming because I tend to watch the track selection instead of the races to see if I can cut those or not.

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