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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!


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1 hour ago, DLurkster said:

It appears 2 are cool to do a test run.


At the end of the day, if one doesn't happens it's okay as I think at best will be like you 3 last time, at somewhat bad tolerable and at worst, not even worth.  Just curious again how it will run with 4 ppl online.


It ran smooth last time so...  but I don't mind playing twice LOL.

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*SPIDERMAN TALK* based on last night.


To be brief:


Tobey's 3 were all decent with 2 being top tier.  I'd rank 2>1>3.  3 suffered from too many villains ( kind of like Batman & Robin) and I wasn't a fan of Emo Spiderman even though I get the deal because of Venom.


Garfield's 2 were on the path to get a good start for a series, but Sony put their hands in the cookie jar with what they started and kind of took it off the rails in terms of story.  Especially when it was hyped up in his first one about finding out about Spiderman's parents and all... they under-delivered on that promise IMO.  I thought he did a good job as a different kind of feel of Spiderman versus Tobey.


Holland, aided by The Avengers movies, has a really strong series going and kind of fleshes out some meta of the Spiderverse.  Probably the most consistent in terms of great villians and overall movie quality.


Miles Morales/Into the Spiderverse is a good start and #2 should be decent.  They got a good thing going on with this if they do it right.


Out of all of them currently out, I would say No Way Home / Spiderman 2 / Into the Spiderverse are the three best ones out there.  Spiderman 3 is the worst one.  The others kind of fill in the blanks in the middle in no particular order.

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Has anyone heard from Surge?


I seen as of this post, the last time he was online here was Thursday afternoon. I just want to make sure with the testing tomorrow (at 8p-9pm is when you guys did the last testing?) he comes. IMO, I feel there's no point to test with 3 ppl because that was already done but on the other hand and this is not big deal is, even with me PB, and Krazy, testing is required tho I am on the east coast of Canada, I am in Canada. If it is anything like Smash on good nights it should be well. But I am more curious how 4 player online with NSO 64 is with us.


Either way, we testing tomorrow night and the same whoever shows up Thursday night for MK64 online, that will be that.


Also, is anyone showing up the 30th for 200cc? I will be on.

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I was gonna say, play what you guys did in your previous testing, which I believe you did a tour. (You guys played other online 64 games besides MK64 too)


Not that anyone cares but does the tour take an hour or more to do?


And thanks again Krazy for seeing if Hyena can join in. I hope he can, if not we go and play as is!

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Wasn't too bad connection wise despite an connection was shared by 2 via wifi. The last 20 minutes were on and off with intermittent lag of varying degrees.


There wasn't anything where I felt to me on my side was not tolerable to play but this was a good test to do even if we get connection like your first test for tomorrow, just being me, PB, and Krazy.


Let's see how it goes tomorrow still, GGs.

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