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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!


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Didn't mind the online play tonight, everything seemed fluid and there was no noticeable lag that made the games unplayable. It was just fun going back to MK64 having not played it for years and seeing exactly how crazy 150cc was in that game. Choco Mountain was the bane of my existence tonight and made me realize what we were getting ourselves into by revisiting this game lmao.

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So, my commentary on tonight's festivities.


Online ran smooth for the 3/4 of us.


Games ran smooth and only really felt as slow as their N64 originals, not the emulator running them poorly.  For anyone asking, we played Mk64, DrM64, and SF64.


Graphics came through clean IMO and as good as a N64 could do on a modern tv's resolution.  Dr. Mario was the ugliest though.  Now, truth be told, I was sitting less than 4' from a 43" 4K display....  If I was sitting further back from the monitor, I might have a different opinion about graphics and resolutions.


Only thing on MK64 I noticed... and I think the WiiVC version I experienced the same thing, is that the Pro Controller or equivalent seem overly sensitive versus the original N64 one for steering.

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Sounded like you guys had fun tonight with your trial run of 3 ppl online for N64. That's great to hear!:D I guess it helped that all of you were on the east coast maybe, lol? Even if you weren't geologically near by on the east coast.


If there's any occasion to do this again, I would like to see with 4 ppl, whether that would be with me or 4 ppl from the US will go. I notice you guys didn't play Mario Tennis, I'm quite the player when that game came out and curious how the online will work with us. Good finding on the other online multiplayer games, tho.


Hopefully, you guys got what you were looking for tonight and that you play MK64 online tomorrow, maybe or MK8DX battle mode. It appears we have enough ppl who have the NSO 64 at anytime to do online MK6 nights if we wanted when things seems lax a night or just to have an intimate night among 4 players. This is good!

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The test was a success, with 3 people! Choco Mountain was unforgiving as was Toad's Turnpike. I realized how much I suck at Dr. Mario and I think I'm ready for the Star Fox 64 Pre-Game playthroughs on Saturdays.


@DLurkster When we were waiting for PB after our Grand Prix failure, we did play a match of Mario Tennis. It ran quite well though I need some practice since it's been so long.


Two more things. You can swap whoever is Player 1 so that could be a thing with single player games. You can also create and load save states online.


I'll probably be on 30 minutes early to see who shows up. Just to see what the plan will be tonight.

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It's funny that some mentioned that Toad's Turnpike and Choco Mountain were a challenge for you. (Aside this why from that origin why I detest Toad's Turnpike on MK8 but none more than Toad's Harbor) The first night this expansion pack release I played MK64 for a while and started at 150cc so I got reintroduced to the difficulty of N64's Toad's Turnpike. After numerous failures at that engine class, I wouldn't say I like Toad's Turnpike but I can now navigate it easier because of my reintroduction of failure time after time. 


Choco Mountain, I didn't feel the difficulty that much or at all. I do recall drifting to hard near the hill that falls you to the road to the hill like once but once I knew what to do there I was blast to blast remember how fun that course is. Also, did anyone used think the puddles and pond on the 2 Choco Islands were chocolate milk and not mud? It would always make thirsty for some chocolate milk after a race.

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After this Thursday, the next 2 Thursdays I won't be on.


December 9th: The Game Awards

December 16th: Spider-Man: No Way Home.



@TKrazyO: Watch the above video, good experience overall with connection and very minimal audio lag. As for the track music not playing, unless I misremembered doesn't one of the shoulder button turn it off and on. Since the launch of the N64 NSO, ppl blame the emulation like most with the launch of this with its problems but I don't think it is, correct me if I am wrong because I swear when I played MK64 I noticed when pressing the shoulder buttons the music track turned off and on.


Also, of note when you guy were on the Sherbert penguin track for a sec the connection went yellow but there was no lag or prompt that connection is unstable, tho I saw that once on the Wario track and there was no lag and the connection was strong. It will be interesting to still see how 4 players will play out or with me in Canada but still to the east will go.


You guys sure did have your trouble on DK's Expressway, I remembered back in the day that track gave me a little trouble but unlike Toad's Turnpike, I had no trouble and wasn't hit by projectiles off-road. I think the problem and the solution is not drift at all if it means you accidentally slide off-road. I thought you guys had trouble on Toad's Turnpike but it wasn't bad there and you guys got better but that DK's Expressway had you guys for a real spin-out!

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