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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!


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On 9/9/2021 at 5:33 PM, DLurkster said:

So at earliest I could get my MK8D Sunday (same day came down, guess Sundays are good for him) or latest Monday. Seeing that he chose Sunday again, I am thinking not hoping I will have that game back in my hands again. Either way I'll be back next week.


Have fun tonight, guys!


Free photo Hands On Hips Skeptical Skeptic Hips Mad Upset - Max Pixel


(I'm just doing this for fun now XD)


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Here are the results:


Here's something special that I brought up last week. My parody of Pimp My Ride based on Diddy Kong Racing DS, Chimp My Ride! This was from 11 years ago. Funky is the Xzibit of this. Defiant was one of the regulars on the DKR:DS board on GameFAQs.



KTV Presents

Chimp My Ride!


Funky Kong: Defiant, when you first brought your car here it was literally in last place. But the guys at DK Customs took your ride and brought it back into the race. Here is your brand new ride!


*takes cover off of the car*

*Defiant starts going crazy after seeing his ride and the others are clapping*


*after all of that*

Funky: Defiant, this is the owner of DK Customs. He'll tell you everything.


Donkey Kong: Hey Defiant, I'm Donkey Kong and I'll show you what we did to your ride. The first thing you notice is the body. It was all bashed up and all that. But me and Chunky here worked on it to give you a strong body so you can withstand anything.


Defiant: That's real nice.


Funky: Yeah, that's nice. *laughs*


Donkey: I'll take you over to Kiddy and Dixie.


Dixie Kong: I'll handle this DK. We were the ones that got you this new paint job. Kiddy was the one that picked out the color and how it would look. As you can see, the front of the car is red and going to the back it is fading to white.


Defiant: *insert response here*


Tiny: When we saw your wheels we were wondering how you were winning races with these. But DK Customs hooked you up with some new tires that can withstand those harsh racing environments. We also hooked you up with the 15 inch banana rims.


Defiant: *insert they spin response here*


Funky: They do spin. It's makin you hungry isn't it? Cranky and Lanky worked on the interior.


Cranky: In my day we didn't have chimped out rides. We built our cars out of wood and mud.


Lanky: Cranky, you just go over there and I'll handle this. Since your whole inside was tore up we had to fix this up as well. We gave you some snake skin seats and all of that.


Funky: Now here's the moment of truth. Here's Mad Diddy! *cue applause and music*


Mad Diddy: When we saw that you had no technology in your car, we were just shocked. That's why we gave you three 5 inch monitors right in the dash. They can do 3 different things dog. These 3 buttons switch to 3 different things.


Mad Diddy: The first one is for your portable DVD player. You can watch movies while beating the competition. The second displays the track that you're currently on along with the items you have and where the items are placed on the track.


Mad Diddy: The last one displays what's behind you, but come back here real quick. *goes to the back of the car* We put a 10 inch monitor in the back so the competition can see themselves losing to you.


Funky: Before you leave we have something to give you. Here is my new CD "Funky's Back." It includes a remix of the DK Rap with the whole crew.


Defiant: I'd like to thank all of you guys at DK Customs, but I gotta take this for a ride.


Funky: There are two things you need. Your keys and you've officially been chimped.


Defiant: Thanks KTV for Chimping My Ride!

I posted it here cause it would be several tweets on Twitter.

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1 hour ago, TKrazyO said:

It's referencing the race my 1st place win got stolen by lag. The only time it happened to Surge was when he ended up getting 3rd instead of 2nd, also to AB.

I got and I didn't have to watch the vid (tho I did) but at the end of the day you had to be there to get it, huh?


Great funny title, thumbnail and conversation.:D

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Alright, so the Mario Kart 64 cast/pipe frame theme is the thing that pops into my mind after watching this Direct, though I feel like we just did a Mario Kart anniversary theme in the last month or two. Regardless, that is an option if anyone is up for it in tonight's races.


Something else to consider as a talking point tonight is about the possibility of having a Mario Kart 64 online night. Granted there is only four players per game so we may have to look at doing two separate groups at the very least, but that is what we can discuss among other things if it is something others are up for.

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I say Kirby mii outfit as that was the only new surprise game from Nintendo. I guess those who don't have that amiibo can be anyone pink.


That we the rest can be MK64 roster setup. I don't want to be that guy...but I swear that is something we did not too long ago. If anyone wants to to by all means, I just wanted say this was done before, that I can remember like yesterday.


EDIT: I guess that is no different than what AB wears almost every night as Kirby, lol.ktongue;

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