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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

Mirror mode?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Should we add Mirror mode to our tourney rotation?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. If yes, when should we do it?

    • 1st week
    • 2nd week
    • 3rd week
    • Randomized
    • I voted no

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Yeah, so I delayed today's video since I'm still having that audio delay problem with the exported stream master recordings. I'll try to have that up by tomorrow since I found a workaround. I have an early day tomorrow so if I don't finish the video tonight (which will probably happen) then the video won't be up until close to 8pm tomorrow.



In other news, here's the stream link for tonight's tournament.


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On 8/23/2019 at 12:07 PM, Surge135 said:




Alright, yeah that's pretty rough.  I think it was a pretty rough go of things all around this past Thursday night.

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@alienboyva I had that exact idea when I was making the results screen on Wednesday, had a brain fart and instantly forgot, then remembered and tested it out. Can't see a way to do it that way without retyping the names and points myself. In that sense, I'd just need similar font for the names and numbers. I could probably come up with something using that template.


@Surge135 I feel your frustration. I didn't mean for the tournaments to get like this let alone a clan joining in weekly. I like the sense of competition but when it gets too much, it just stops being fun when no one else gets the chances. So I actually know that feel bro!



I've been using "I" a lot in this post.

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Here is last week's Tournament!

I apologize for the quality. I explain why it's so bad in the video. The main reason I uploaded it early. You can also see the new look for the results screen!



Here's this week's stream link(s):




You can actually just view the Twitch stream from Ninfora if you wanted to. Just wanted to include it here.


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@TKrazyO I like the new results screen! Though, it'd be cool if you could add everyone's miis like the actual results screen (if you want to that is). 


I've take the liberty of grabbing all the regular's miis. It's not a side view like in the actual results, as that would take a bit to cut everyone out.



*resize as needed*




If I missed anyone let me know. BTW, I don't have access to CTK's (avalonknight) mii, Though I do have access to others like Koari's and Art_de_Cat's miis, who show up  every now and then. Also, I won't have any one who joins via the stream.


Also, here's the font used for your total points (if you want to use it). https://www.dafont.com/open-24-display-st.font


EDIT: If possible, I'd increase the opacity of the checkered (textured) background bit so it makes things a little easier to read. Basically, make it a bit less transparent.

Edited by alienboyva

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43 minutes ago, purple_beard said:

SNES MK tomorrow.... go old school in 2p online *OR*


classic SMK roster only, pipes only, standard tires only ?

I'm game but note I suck at Super Mario Kart.

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