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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!


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NOTE: You will need Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1&2 to play in tourney. Unless you want to request for it off, contact Pelord to change that in the tourney settings a day before the tourney.


For tonight, DLC Pack 1&2 are required.


P.S. @Lt. SurgeMaybe you should include that detail in the OP for newcomers and that on the last Thursdays of the month 200cc will take place on those nights. Next week and for while we should stick to 200cc. Mentioning the 20cc bit is optional in the OP but the DLC is pretty important.

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Yes, nice to see a full house tonight...


But the last few races really killed the night for me. Item after item after item, and it was just frustrating to not gain any goddamn momentum from all the item bs in the middle of the pack, especially during the race in which I was getting all sorts of mushrooms and stuff and was constantly stopped by reds, boomerangs, piranha plants, and bob-ombs every chance I had to regain some ground. That one race screwed me over, and then led to a 1st that turned into a Chrom win and a 2nd for me thanks to lag, and then a 4th to finish after getting hit by every item in the goddamn game.

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Due to the upcoming holidays my work schedule is seeing a bit of a shift so I won't be up for racing as consistently as I have been as I'll be working during those times.  Tonight will be one of those nights.  Though I'm not due in until 11:30 EST so I might jump in for a few races depending on a few things.

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Item luck continues to rob me of a fun night of racing. Even when i get super lucky with a lightning dodge via starman, that only lasted until 2nd place got triple red shells, which resulted in a huge pile-up of items and getting hit 4 more times afterwards and finishing 8th. 'The thought that counts' does me nothing if it doesnt lead to a positive result. I probably got hit by close to 40 red shells tonight, no joke...


And then of course I got disconnected, tried to reconnect, and my Wii U couldn't find my goddamn internet, so I had to spend time rebooting the console and missed the next two races. With a near full room, it dropped me from 2nd overall to 6th overall.

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