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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!


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On 10/30/2022 at 6:34 PM, DLurkster said:

Imma pretend that I know what "UCE" means. Don't wanna revoke my honorary brother status.

Storytime: The current Unified WWE Tag Team Champions are Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso, known as The Usos. For any previous fans of WWE, they are Rikishi's sons. In Samoan, Uso means brother. They tend to just say the first syllable of it in conversation which shortens it to Uce. In a way since Uso means brother and Uce is the shortened version, they're technically saying bro if that makes sense.


The Usos and their brother, Solo Sikoa, are in a group lead by their cousin, Roman Reigns, whom is the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion (UwU), called The Bloodline since they're family. Sami Zayn isn't blood related but he has been assisting them so much that he was made an honorary member, the Honorary Uce if you will.




You are Sami Zayn.



Looking forward to battle mode tonight!

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@TKrazyO: Thanks Krazy for that explaination, makes me feel warm and fuzzy in how the story came to be as it is getting colder up here.....(well currently we are warmer than usual at the start of this month, we are actually warmer than Thanksgiving last month. It's gonna be this warm going into next week as well too)


Regardless, you guys can call me Uso and I call you guys bro. It will really bring out the honorary bond that tho we're not blood, we share the same plan, lol.

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Good games everyone with a few conversations going on for 2 hours afterwards 


@Surge135 Stream looked good from the snippets I saw. You'll have to lower your game volume though since it was hard to hear the voice chat. You said it was at 20%? Try lowering it to 10%.


@TheBarkinHyena Thanks for letting me know most of my stream was out of sync. I didn't reset the capture card source before I started the stream which likely caused that problem.

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Obviously for US Thanksgiving to play but if I see the attendance is maybe under 4 ppl, I will be playing Pokemon Scarlet, Splatoon 3, Persona Royal 5, or Live A Live in MK8DX place.


@TKrazyO: Wait a minute didn't you guys raced on time or I am missing something with that video title? (I watched some the vid but nothing that brought up that the racing time wasn't fixed) If it was this might be the first time Krazy clicked bait a vid, false advertising alert that was a accident tradition and just wanted to title the video that.

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4 hours ago, purple_beard said:

Any thoughts on Thanksgiving play?

It won't be Mario Kart 8 Deluxe since the attendance won't be there so I was thinking this as an option.


If it's just 4 people which will depend on either the Expansion Pack or owning the game, Mario Party 1, 2 or Superstars are options. That's all I got since I don't know what multiplayer games y'all have. I can throw some games out there to gauge interest.


@DLurkster I've only tried a clickbait thumbnail once and it didn't work. Something happened that night but you had to be there. Or just check the length of the video for a clue.

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So the plan as far as I know is for a Mario Party session tomorrow night. No Mario Kart this week.

@purple_beard @Surge135 

@DLurkster <--Not sure if confirmed. Let me know.


If anyone else might be interested in playing tomorrow night, I'm thinking we start at around or after 9pm if possible. Let me know if that may be a problem. I will be streaming it. I also can't go all night since I work on Friday. So toss some updates when you can between now and tomorrow night.

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