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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!


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I have to report something regarding @Surge135. He used PEDs tonight. I popped up out of the graveyard and swung by Mario Motors to get some work done to my bike before we started racing. Surge just happened to be inside the shop already getting work done, and I overheard him telling the Toads,"Give me Phazon Enhancement Devices!" When I heard that, my jaw literally just dropped. omg; I didn't confront him there about the PEDs put onto his Pipe Frame kart, but he did give me a death stare to which I responded, "That look earned you more than Green Shells being thrown backwards." So yeah, to wrap this story up, we should start testing the karts for Phazon Enhancement Devices because that kind of modification shouldn't be allowed. The integrity of Mario Kart racing is at stake!


Also, if anyone is wondering why I stopped racing close to the finish line the second race on Shroom Ridge and got last, Dry Bones literally chucked both of his arms off the side of the cliff when he realized he wasn't finishing Top 3. He had a worse tantrum than Bowser Jr. taking an L. Never saw an animation quite like it before. :P

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3 hours ago, TKrazyO said:

@DLurkster @purple_beard



Video will be up later today.

Thanks for reminding, I said I was gonna rewatch that part of the Direct that revealed the SMB movie cast. Yes, I know the guy Spike but totally forgot he was playing spike and I thought Fred Armisen was playing Kamek. And also tho DK is in this movie I forgot Cranky Kong was in this movie, weird that I knew Fred Armisen was in this movie and he's playing Kamek but remembered it as Kamek. Also, knew KMR was in this movie but also didn't remember who he was playing, lol.

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