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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!


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2 hours ago, TKrazyO said:

@DLurkster I got lucky with that picture since I wanted to get at least all three of you in the same area on a Wave 2 track. Think there was only three races out of the last 12 saved I could use.

Ah, not quite needle in the haystack to find I would surmise.


Seeing that what you record and see is you and brother racing so finding a moment with specific racer could have its challenges. The way this shot looks like you ripped out of the MKTV replay to me. Kudos again for finding that from your point of view racing, bonus again on wave 2 track and super super bonus the order who closest and further away from the screen in b-day days past and present. It's one thing to find a shot of 3 of us that is worthy of its own but in that order is almost a needle in a haystack there, to me.:D

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@TKrazyO Thanks for the offer. I've had Runbow on the Switch for a while, and do think it can make for a great game night experience. I went ahead and grabbed Kirby's Dream Buffet from the eShop while we were all talking Thursday night as well, so if there is any plan to arrange for that I would be interested. 




Also, did everyone see the news regarding the track image used for Sydney Sprint in the selection menu? Nintendo is thinking about changing it to something like this:


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Here's the clip compilation for last month:




Also, that Runbow offer still stands if anyone is still interested. Pulled up the video I made for it the year it originally released to give an idea on how it plays.


$2.99 until Sept. 4th



If there's anyone currently with the game that can help me check something with hosting a private match, I have no clue if you can setup rules or if it's just preset. If you're available at around 9pm either tonight or tomorrow let me know. It shouldn't take too long as I'm only checking for any options and not planning a room.

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2 hours ago, TKrazyO said:

If there's anyone currently with the game that can help me check something with hosting a private match, I have no clue if you can setup rules or if it's just preset. If you're available at around 9pm either tonight or tomorrow let me know. It shouldn't take too long as I'm only checking for any options and not planning a room.


I'm available for tonight and can be around tomorrow. I'll try and hop on the game and Discord a little before 9. 

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Thanks @Ithrak Utopia for coming out. Since I had never done private rooms in Runbow I wasn't sure if the room settings were even an option. Wasn't too much information online for private lobbies. Also good to know that I'll have to remake the room for different modes.


So an idea I had. I'll eventually make the Game Night topic I've talked about but for anyone interested in the future, if anyone was available either 45 minutes to an hour before Mario Kart on Thursdays or before Smash on Saturdays would they be interested in a short Runbow session? Doesn't have to be tomorrow. Just a thought for the future.


Also, remember that it's 200cc.

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On 8/25/2022 at 9:19 AM, purple_beard said:

Inkling theme for splatoon demo?


I'm going blue Inkling tonight for Team Rock in the pre-launch Splatfest.


If anyone participating in the Splatfest wants to join in ...



...But yeah, we should definitely do a full Splatoon theme for the launch of Splatoon 3. :) 


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As soon as I switch to Bowser Jr. for the last two races, I get first and second...I knew it wasn't me most of the session finishing near the bottom, it was the character! On Toad's Turnpike, had a feeling that if I ran into a car, @Surge135 would pass and that's exactly what happened. At least it wasn't like New York Minute though with that damn Fireball! I'm looking forward to Battle Mode next week so I can do nefarious things without being kicked by the game.kvhappy; 

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@DLurkster @TKrazyO @Surge135 @alienboyva @Ithrak Utopia @Kezay


What's the first rule of tech support?










Did you turn it off and back on?

I had to actually choose a complete power down instead of that standby off the Switch has.  Turned it back on and WALLA the interwebs are back up.  Note, I did not call Nintendo for them to suggest that for me.

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@purple_beard: That is weird the system did that and glad you didn't get that advice from Nintendo. I just chalk up you getting caught in the moment to not do the simplest thing of a total shutdown and turn back on. You were trying all sort of things while we trying to race so it's no wonder you never thought to complete shutdown and turn back on.


As for how or why your Switch OLED not a year old or a Switch of any age all of sudden says, yeah I'm not gonna connect to anything right now.


Just for research, I'm gonna to look into why this happens and is it exclusive to certain Switch systems. This is just curious, I gotta know the cause that and even tho the solutions is a easy one. That most know to resolve in the future. I can't say I experienced this with my October '17 or V2 Switch of August '19. The only tech issue I have with the Switch this year is my Switch Pro controller losing battery fast and not charging from time to time. That hasn't happen to me for like over 2 months or so, the not charging part. My V2 Switch is pretty much in mint condition also why I didn't get an OLED and the nature of its function is more for handheld. That's great and all but with really good Switch, better battery I was good with what I had. If I still had the OG Switch no matter the condition of my Switch, I would get a OLED.

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42 minutes ago, purple_beard said:



At the time all networks were showing but no connection.   I did a power off.. just not that full off.  Have no idea why it would have  gotten to that kind of status though...unless somehow it powered down out of an app weird...



Just say you want that splatoon oled :D

Yes, most ppl unless its the exception just put their Switch in standby, that isn't a full turn off and I would see whatever the issue with the connection to the system won't change as there was no real power down.


Also, every since you posted in the Splatoon 3 thread, have I every shown interest in the Splatoon 3 OLED Switch? I'll answer for you no, like it is cool but  something about just doesn't scream I gotta have and you saw my reason for not getting OLED in general add all of that up and no interest in OLED or Splatoon 3 OLED is a big no for me.


Don't put words in my mouth, if you don't understand that much.

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