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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!


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Special thanks to ArmoredFrog for the banner!



Hello once again, Ninfora members! This is Lt. Surge, host of the widely popular and retired Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Wii game nights!


Every Thursday night, I am willing to host a night of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! All the craziness of the new eighth installment of Mario Kart in what I am hoping to be a successful night of fun, laughter, and nail-biting races! Joining is pretty straight forward: RSVP your spot by indicating your interest in participating and use our tourney code to enter the weekly tournament! Also, the last Thursday of every month will see the speed class in the tournament change from 150cc to 200cc for a night of high speed and crazy item shenanigans to say farewell to the current month and start anew with the following month.


For those that wish to be in contact during the races, there is the forum's Discord server and the MK8 channel that was built on the server. There, we can chat via text and even join the voice chat channel in the same app.


With that said, I hope to see plenty of racers every Thursday! See you on the flip side!


For those interested, you can find all of the tournament highlights and streams in the following playlists, straight from The Krazy One's YouTube channel


Discord invite is here.


Tournament Playlist (Edited Videos)


Streams (In original format ~Unlisted)



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Long overdue edit to change from MK8 to MK8D
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9 minutes ago, Link said:

I'm so happy to see this moving to Ninfora, and you as well, Surge! I think I'd like to try giving the races another go again. I've missed racing with you guys. (I was Aya on NS2 btw.)

Hey, the Mario Kart nights were my ideas, I'm certainly not gonna let the only active one sit and rot on NS2.

Great to have you back on board, Aya!

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4 minutes ago, jnmario959 said:

Are we going to make a new tournament that reflects the new website name? I'll see if I can join this week. I've been busy so much on Thursdays that it's been tough to find time to make it out!

What i understand is that it will still be the same tourney code, but the name of the tourney will be altered to reflect the change from NS2 to NinFora

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Just now, Link said:

Surge, will you be managing the Mario Kart threads on NS2 and Ninfora simultaneously or is it moving here entirely?

If I could figure out how to lock the NS2 thread with my newfound Mod powers, I would have that locked right now and be stictly on this new site. All I can hope for is minimal interaction on that site and those that have not made the transition from NS2 to NinFora to do so soon.

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5 hours ago, Kezay said:

Kind of weird, just last week we were racing in a tourney as NS2ers... we'll be racing tonight as... um... Ninforas?  Yeah, Ninforas!  But we'll be racing with each other so it won't be too out of sorts I suppose.

I know, I am still trying to get used to NOT saying I'm an NS2 member to folks.

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20 hours ago, DLurkster said:

I'll be in the races tomorrow night. I think I got the mic on my latop to work through a Windows 10 update. So I'm gonna try and see if the mic can work through Discord from my laptop, instead of my phone.

Try to test that early. At least an hour or 30 minutes before showtime.

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3 hours ago, The Krazy One said:

Try to test that early. At least an hour or 30 minutes before showtime.

Yeah, I'm gonna try at 8pm, I'm gonna do some worldwide before tonight races. I hope PB show up then or anyone else who is free.


My NNID is Ancologia, either @mention me, status me or PM me here for me to get your NNID for those joining tonight for the first time and welcome.


EDIT: Huh, I think the mic is actually working on my laptop thru Discord, no way to know if anyone can hear me as a test (cause currently no one is on that voice channel) but I see my avatar icon light green when I speak through it. Currently racing Worldwide right now.

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