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New Pokemon trailer - Spoilers - Rivals and new Pokemon shown

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13 hours ago, Kezay said:

That's a nifty little feature.  Might even let me give the Pokemon I leave to collect dust in boxes some room to be useful. XD  But no, really it's a neat concept to add some more utility and benefit.

Agreed, a welcome addition.


@TyranogreYes although specifically related to the UK’s industrial revolution I think. Although why they’d be Fairy type I don’t yet get...

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With the exception of that Wild Area gameplay, I've liked pretty much everything new about Sword & Shield. I like that there will be a new batch of regional forms for the Galar region and look forward to the next few that they show off. The rock'n roll inspired look for the Galar Zigzagoon line is really good and I would want an Obstagoon in my main team. Morpeko is such a relatable Pokemon as someone who has had issues with low sugar and obviously likes to eat. First time I think I'm fond of a generation's "Pikachu." The hangry mode has a little Gengar in it as well, which is one of my favorite Pokemon, so I'm a fan in spite of generally disliking these kind of Pokemon in the past.  


Team Yell doesn't do much for me, but I still think that overall Sword & Shield are doing very well in terms of character design. If that's all I would base my purchase on, Sword & Shield would be a part of my Switch library day one. It continues the trend that Nintendo set early on with the Switch so I am definitely looking forward to see more of the characters in Galar. I am a little concerned about what Team Yell and more rivals means for the pacing and direction of the experience, in terms of being dragged around by the narrative; however, shiny hunting should help alleviate that in my case and allow me to be more in control of a playthrough. 


With the issues that many have pointed out with Sword & Shield, I'm happy that the Pokemon Company has decided to let the games speak for themselves through these trailers. I'm slowly getting back on board in spite of presentation issues and other concerns I have, and it has to do with the new Pokemon and character designs that they have been showcasing. I may end up waiting until I see a stream of these games after release that way I get a perspective of these games outside of a controlled setting like Treehouse Live and these trailers before I decide to put down $60 for either version. I don't think I'll end up so persuaded to make the purchase just based on these trailers alone. 

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