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The House - N4A Chat Thread - August 2019

N4A Monthly Poll  

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  1. 1. what's ur fav House era?

    • Kaga's Inferno
    • Eliwood's Fun Time Party Advance
    • Ike can solo the game but can he stop this series from being cancelled?
    • The Great Waifu Wars

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Work still blocking all gaming sites. 


Addicted to “The Blackout Club”. Suggest checking it out. 


Heading to Mass. for a week to watch my nieces and nephew. 


Thats my week. 

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earlygame thracia: "capture enemies as you struggle for supplies also hope enemies don't spawn near civilains"

lategame thracia: "use tina to steal berserk staff from cohen, have nanna and sarah warp/rescue olwen to talk to brother reinhardt, berserk reinhardt to destroy his army, and after cohen uses his blizzard tome to put reinhardt to sleep, steal his blizzard tome too. Also, kidnap reinhardt so olwen can have another dire thunder, not that she'll ever use it."


Staves are the point where thracia's general bullshit makes a complete u-turn and works too much in your favor. Forget Leif, Safiya and Tina are the true saviors of the Thracian peninsula.

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