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Marvel Studios' MCU Phase 4 Announcements!

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I actually don't want everything to be in a single universe. Too busy. Two would be fine, especially with multiverse shit being teased, use tongue-in-cheek cameos of AU versions if needed. 


But like, Thor 2. All that shit in London, and Tony never zerped over in his suit to help out. SHIELD didn't help. Nothing. Really? If you're going to have so many characters in a single universe then you need valid reasons why other members of Avengers aren't going to pop by and help out. You do two universes, one where Mutants are a thing, one where they're not, would be enough. Not everything things to branch off of one thing. 

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Hmm, justification for the characters for each of the mediums. I get your point of view what you were saying about MAOS attempting world saving events, along with that who necessary to be there is important too.


Never really thought about it like that. Even without the multiverse being teased I'm open more than one timeline. But guess somewhere inside me wishes that they could of find a way but it would be messy to keep track despite Marvel shunning TV universe show. i guess there's our reason.

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To be fair, Marvel did have a roundabout answer regarding Thor 2 from what I can remember.  I think it was more of a case of better presenting what those circumstances were rather than leaving a gap where continuity was skipped over.  But to that end I get your meaning, because if the event is big enough you would think that other available heroes would jump in to lend a hand.


If nothing else I've always figured that it depended on just how widespread the event was.  For instance, I don't see the Avengers being very much aware with a lot of the bad going on with the Netflix Defenders and Punisher shows. I don't think in any of those shows they ever faced a threat far reaching enough to really warrant SHIELD's interference let alone the Avengers or even pop up on their radar.  Agents of Shield is another matter, though but I guess it depends on the timing.  In the previous season the biggest known threat that was growing was Graviton and the danger he posed was at the time only known to the SHIELD agents that saw the future his actions would eventually create.  Considering that season also coincided with the events of Infinity War either the Avengers were off doing their thing or just didn't realize the threat until it was too late.


Then again it could just be Marvel just not focusing too hard to connect threads between their various media platforms resulting in some things not making much sense.  Like, the most recent season of SHIELD totally ignoring the effects of the Snap.

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