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Switch Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit | *NOA offering FREE repairs/refunds on repairs*

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Update: Lawsuit officially filed. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3325-switch-joy-con-drift-class-action-lawsuit...


If you don't know about this whole deal with the Switch Joy-Con drift, watch the video in the spoiler bellow first.






Luckily I haven't experienced this, yet. Though, I know there are a lot that have. I really hope this goes somewhere, because this is a major design flaw and Nintendo hasn't said a world. Joy-Con aren't cheap, ya' know ...Even for a single one.  If you haven't experienced this yet, you will eventually.


This really makes me wonder about the Switch Lite. Hopefully they didn't use the same control sicks as in the Joy-Con, because you'd be screwed if you start getting drift. You can't just buy new Joy-Con. I know you can just replace the sticks on the Joy-Con yourself, but most people are comfortable doing that and on the Lite, It would probably be more of a pain.


In an all perfect world, Nintendo would fix this flaw and replace everyone's Joy-Con sticks for FREE. 

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On 7/19/2019 at 6:20 PM, Ridley Prime said:

Much as I love the Switch, they kinda had this coming with how common a problem the drifting joysticks has become. At least there's the youtube suggestions on how to try and fix them, but still.

Agreed. I found out that some people were able to get the drifting to stop by cleaning it out with tooth picks and stuff. That said, it's not good that it's still happening.


Just came across this video on another forum that mentions about joycon drift...



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1 hour ago, alienboyva said:
Nintendo responds...


Hmm...Seems like your typical PR response. Well, at least they finally said something about the JC drift. Though, it only took a lawsuit for they to do so. :v 

Pbhht.... they are recently aware. I know at times it seems like Nintendo lives under a rock sometimes but you cannot be this insular no matter fraction of owners who experience drifting joy-cons from launch and new owners but c'mon besides the typical response I'm more peeved about they are recently aware part. This makes this response more robotic with that bit. I'd expect the go Nintendo support to address but with this lawsuit you'd think this didn't come out of thin air. There's fucking history.


Yo Nintendo, check yo'self before you wreck yo'self.

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Regardless of the lawsuit, unfortunately I cannot see Nintendo "JUST FIX THE DAMN THING!!!" that I got a feeling people are demanding for. After watching Spawn Wave's video on it and the possible cause, unless there is a way to strengthen the coating on the sensors, Nintendo will need to find a new supplier for their analog sticks or completely rework it from the ground up. I cannot see this have a simple fix or remedy (like the slightly improved D-Pad on the Xenoblade 2 Pro Controller), something about it is going to fundamentally change, like a "Joy-Con Pro".

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3 minutes ago, Ridley Prime said:



Huh... That’s good at least.

I was going to say to Avalon's post, that Spawn Wave also said in a vid to day that if they extend their warranty to 2 more years with the year they have this might remedy situation of the Joy-Cons drift, maybe. But is this just as costly to replace the parts and material of Joy-Cons if the make the warranty longer tho. This idea was brought as example with 360 console and eventually provide fwarranty for 3 years. (perhaps for the red ring of death)   Maybe Microsoft can afford something like that but not Nintendo.


But yeah that tweet is good news too

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I wonder how long they are going to do these "free repairs" for? As I mentioned in the OP haven't experienced JC drift, but I know I eventually will. Hopefully they'll still be fixing them for free by then. I also wonder if this means they are going to redesign the JC sticks so this never happens again?


Gotta wait for Nintendo to release an official statement on the free repairs, I guess.

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