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The Officers Academy - N4A Chat Thread - July 2019


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1 hour ago, XLW said:

I'm thinking of getting into the Dragon Quest series, thanks to the Hero's(s') inclusion in Smash. 


Any recommendations? From what I heard, III, IV, V, VIII, IX (?), and XI are really good. I have Dragon Warrior for the NES. ... Probably as a collectible now. 

I'd recommend V on mobile or NDS as a starting point or XI when it comes out on Switch. VIII is very playable, and I'd go for the 3DS version.


But, in general, the ones you listed are considered the better half of the series. I like VII on 3DS a lot though, but it's a time sink and it's best approached as a series of short stories rather than a single game. IX is in a very very awkward spot because lol wifi features on NDS so I'd pray for a remake or find out what workarounds exist (they exist, I just don't know where info is); so I'd make it a low priority.

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7 hours ago, luca said:

i hate this new FFXIV expansion just for the fact that tank queues are ruined because every fucking moron who never wanted to tank before now suddenly wants to play gunbreaker and they have no clue how the hell tanking works even though they simplified the role this expansion

how the fuck are we almost wiping on dungeon trash :v


 I wish I was in the fun of seeing that but I got no sub :(

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