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The Super Mario Maker 2 (and 1) Level Sharing Thread

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New course from me too:



There are a couple options for getting through the stage (hint: the high paths are harder but might have better rewards) and overall I tried to just make a lengthy stage instead of a short one based around one specific gimmick, like most of my courses are. There are plenty of ridiculous hazards to contend with, though!

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Posted (edited)

Found some nice levels last night and today.



Africa by Toto by mixwell


Course ID: 3XL - CK5 - T8G



bonzai bill road . by ConMan2013


Course ID:  H2B - WH3 - KFG



Super Castlevania Bros by Nocturnowl


Course ID:  5WW - 0MF - TMF



Take on Me by Gidgewish (haven't beaten this one yet, but it's good)


Course ID:  17X - 76N -QWG



1-3 Snake block castle by PhilMaker


Course ID:   DDB - D7Q - 4KF





@alienboyva  Just played through yours, it's really fun! And I played through that Japanese level you liked. It was tough but fair. Very well made.

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Working on rebuilding/reworking my Infiltrate the Airship level from SMM1. I have an interesting theme in mind, or rather an interesting story to tell as the level progresses. Got about half of it done today, will hopefully have the level ready and uploaded by tomorrow or Tuesday.

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2 hours ago, alienboyva said:
*Tweet about Arby's level*

I have no idea how someone beat that level in 33 seconds.

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6 minutes ago, TKrazyO said:

I have no idea how someone beat that level in 33 seconds.

I don't either. That level is challenging. Tried a few times to get through it, before my left joycon died on me.  :( 

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