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Nyakuza Metro - N4A Chat Thread - June 2019

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Doom Eternal and maybe some kind of update or tidbit about Elder Scrolls 6 was all I was really interested in seeing. Thankfully they showed plenty of the former. It looks great.

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@PichiAllow me to rephrase my point: the idea of a game without checkpoints (or useless checkpoints) is frankly antiquated, which is why most games now have save points and was in fact an early improvement in the game industry.


In my view, taking all that time to backtrack isn’t “learning and conquering a challenge”, because the part you’re struggling with is not what’s taking up the majority of your time. You can still conquer a challenge without needing to do most of or the whole game over again.


But I probably just misunderstood Ty’s post, because I can’t argue with the notion that saving every few seconds without at least trying first does take the fun out of the whole thing. :P It’s all in the approach...

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March 2020 come now. I need the animal crossing. I need it now. But I'll wait. 


And I think this 3H trailer really sold me on the game. I'd have probably bought it out of sheer inertia for the FE series, but i has my hesitations.

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A bunch of neat stuff for sure. 


DQ hero is boring as fuck. Banjo though? FUCK YEAH 


Animal Crossing getting delayed? How the fuck? 


BOTW 2 will be fun in like 4 years :v 


whos bayonetta again 

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In my temporary muting/unsubscribing to things i completely forgot about things on Facebook 


Haven’t even watched the direct yet...


It’s not a huge amount, but still spoiler-y even though it was a quick glimpse of a few things



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