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Switch Mini Leaked?

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So, this image has been floating all over the place recently...



Given how easy it is to fake stuff nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if it was fake. I mean there was that recent faked PS5 controller leaked and that weird NX controller leak that was also fake. To me this just looks like one of those silicone covers for the Switch that some just photoshoped some logos on to.  


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I was just about to post what PB just posted.


I had my suspicions with all these talks of 2 new Switch systems, it just there was nothing really connecting these stories to Nintendo. But yeah the mini or whatever it is a fake as the Smash Ultimate leak that had Geno, Banjo-Kazooie, Mach Rider and Isaac. As much as ppl want to believe it's plausible to be true.


Delay or not with this pro now, I just think this was ever a thing either.

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Man, in the last two weeks a whole lot of leaks about at least accessory products for a Switch Mini have been blowing up on IGN, Nintendolife, Nintendoworldreport, and others...  This thing could actually be happening.... and probably releases with that Pokemon tie in later in the year.


There are still aspects to the idea, that until shown an actual one, make it not look like what a Switch is supposed to be.

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