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Introductions thread.


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Whether you're a returning member, or a brand new member, use this thread to introduce yourself.

Quick side note for returning members, if you've signed up under a new name, or an old name you haven't used in a while, please let's us know your old user names in this thread, so we can keep track of who is and who isn't here.


I'm Sheri, known best as Lass Sheri on Oldsider2. I had changed my name on OS2 to dog for a while and should still be as such over there.

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Hi, I'm Jun, Jun the Bob-Omb Ace! I'm also the legend behind the attack on THEY WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED. You may have heard of me--

Hilarity aside, I like and adore Nintendo games, with StarTropics and the Earthbound series being my favorite! I'm currently in a DanganRonpa high, but I'm pretty easy going kid here! I also like drawing art and I'm working on a personal project of mine which I can't into details. 

These forums are going to be my life, so get used to seeing me around!



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