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Mario Kart Racing Association - 2020 Season

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Nov 21 - Koopa Valley Grand Prix - Bowser’s Castle Circuit Final Results: 


1. Bowser

2. King Dedede   

3. Koopa Troopa

4. Birdo  

5. Booster

6. Donkey Kong 

7. Valentina

8. Mario 

9. Luigi

10. Yoshi 

11. Zero

12. Fuzzer

13. Daisy 

14. Zelda

15. Peach 




MKRA Driver Standings after round 32 (of 33)
1. Fuzzer - 242 pts. (2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)   
2. Daisy - 240 pts. (2 gold, 1 silver)    
3. Kirby - 236 pts. (3 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze)  
4. Luigi - 189 pts. (2 gold, 3 silver)     
5. Zelda - 187 pts. (3 gold, 1 bronze)    
6. Bowser - 182 pts. (1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze)   
7. Triforcemaster - 166 pts. (2 bronze)   
8. Crash Bandicoot - 160 pts. (2 silver, 1 bronze)     
9. Toadette - 144 pts. (3 silver, 1 bronze)       
10. Mario - 144 pts. (1 silver, 1 bronze)
11. Rosalina - 136 pts. (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
12. Yoshi - 135 pts. (1 gold, 3 silver)     
13. Donkey Kong- 131 pts. (3 gold)     
14. Koopa Troopa - 124 pts. (1 gold, 2 bronze) 
15. Toad - 124 pts. (1 gold, 1 bronze)      
16. Peach - 123 pts. (2 gold)   
17. Captain Falcon - 123 pts. (1 gold, 1 silver)   
18. Fox - 122 pts. (2 gold, 1 bronze) 
19. King Dedede- 121 pts. (1 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze)  
20. Conker - 110 pts. (1 gold, 1 bronze)  
21. Zero – 106 pts. (2 silver, 1 bronze)    
22. Krystal - 106 pts. (1 bronze)    
23. Phoenix Wright- 101 pts. (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)      
24. Lucina - 91 pts. (1 silver)    
25. Kazooie - 91 pts. (2 bronze)  
26. Coco Bandicoot - 89 pts. (1 gold)  
27. Chrom- 83 pts. (1 gold)        
28. Amy Rose- 80 pts. (1 gold, 1 silver)      
29. Sonic - 80 pts. (1 silver)   
30. Timber - 80 pts. (1 bronze)   
31. Diddy Kong - 79 pts. (1 silver)  
32. Banjo - 78 pts (2 bronze)
33. Jody Summer- 75 pts. (2 gold)   
34. Birdo- 68 pts. (1 silver)   
35. Pikachu - 57 pts .(1 bronze)   
36. Ryota Hayami- 57 pts.
37. Booster- 52 pts. (1 silver)   
38. Miles Edgeworth- 52 pts. (1 bronze)
39. Valentina- 51 pts. (1 bronze)   
40. Megaman - 50 pts. 
41. Akari Hayami- 28 pts.
42. Pichu - 18 pts.  

Fuzzer and Daisy have beaten Kirby as of this penultimate race… BUT, the final race is RAINBOW ROAD. Kirby could breeze over those two no problem. It’s not going to be a total surprise out of nowhere win like what happened with Luigi last year, that’s for sure. Besides, even if there were double points, Luigi wouldn’t likely topple Fuzzer this time around. Daisy and Fuzzer won’t get fooled again! Bowser and Phoenix Wright surprised everyone late in the game, and Peach and Conker stumbled quite a bit. Meanwhile, Akari and Pichu solidified their team’s downfall. 
Current Constructor’s Championship Standings:
1. Delta Sarasaland- 482
2. Krogefour Popstar- 357  
3. Sherwin Williams Hyrule- 353
4. Amazon Plumbers- 333 
5. Coors Koopa- 306 
6. Friday's Fun Guys- 268
7. Tesco Princess- 259    
8. BHP Bandicoot- 249 
9. CVS Fox- 228 
10. Dole Banana- 210 
11. Budweiser Islander- 203 
12. Chevrolet Top Driver- 198
13. Heineken Party Animals- 190 
14. Scotiabank Sword- 174
15. Ford Performance- 169
16. Petco Hedgehog- 160   
17. BMW Bomber- 156
18. Uber Lawyer- 153 
19. BBVA Booster- 103
R- 20. Honda Hayami- 80  
R- 21. Electrobras Mouse- 75 
Never imagined Coors Koopa and Scotiabank Sword doing better. Meanwhile, it’s over for Honda Hayami and Electrobras Mouse. Booster still has some chance of beating Uber Lawyer in the final race; but since the final race will be so cutthroat… it’s likely back to the drawing board with them. Delta is showing no signs of wearing down as they get to the big 500. 
@Fuuzer1- We can get the last race with tonight or tomorrow noon-ish, if you wanna.

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Nov 21 - Mario Galaxy Grand Prix - Rainbow Road  


This race will be the only live race we've had in a long time, so get ready for some real drama!  


DNF: Jody Summer, King Dedede, Akari Hayami, Ryota Hayami, Chrom, Lucina, Amy Rose, Kyrstal, Banjo, Kazooie, Timber, Conker, Coco Bandicoot, Pikachu, Pichu, Toad, Toadette, Booster, Valentina, Birdo, Koopa Troopa, 


Lap 1: So far, so good, with Daisy in first, Fuzzer in second, and Kirby in third. They really do not want him to get first at all! Meanwhile, Electrobras and Hayami have agreed to take Booster down with them, even if it means a DNF from them as well. They really don't care and have nothing to lose. Meanwhile, Luigi has once again succeeded Mario, as he is currently in 5th, while Mario 12th. Triforcemaster and Zelda are sitting comfortable on 6th and 7th. For those not used to being so high in the sky, this will be a challenge for those. The Lawyers are really unlucky here.   


Lap 7: Kirby's still struggling, but that's not the huge news!... It looks like Jody Summer is the first driver to be hit by a falling star. She's safe, but her car can no longer go.  The other drivers, especially the Booster team, are still fine. Krystal and Fox have now driven past Yoshi for 10th and 11th so far. Sonic has taken over 4th, and is now being tailed by Mario! Triforcemaster and Zelda have lost their places, however, but will get them back some time!     


Lap 19: King Dedede has been taken out by Mario and Luigi, so Kirby will have to carry the whole ride with him. Fuzzer's in first now, Kirby second, and Daisy third. Meanwhile, the Rare teams are going at each other at any possible moment, and the two teams I mentioned have not taken care of Team Booster. Meanwhile, Amy Rose caught up to Sonic, getting Mario to 6th now. Zelda's now in 13th place, with Triforcemaster doing his best to place.     


Lap 26: The Hayamis try to push off Booster, but Akari slides off the road. A helicopter pad safely catches him, but he's out of the race.  Soon enough, Ryota joins him too. Both of the Hayami team is gone from MKRA with a failed attempt to take down Booster. Kirby's now 4th behind Luigi. Amy Rose now has passed Sonic and Mario. Bowser and Koopa Troopa are slowing down Zelda and Triforcemaster's chances of placing. The Rare teams are racing against each other in defined positions.     


Lap: 30: With half of the race over with, Kirby, Daisy, and Fuzzer are still swapping the first three places. But, Chrom and Lucina have both gone out of bounds thanks to being accidentally in the Rare teams' way. But, Crash and Coco managed to sneak by them and are currently 8th and 9th. Triforcemaster is now 12th, but now Zelda's not placed. Mario has now outpaced Amy, while Peach and Rosalina are close behind. Luigi? 7th.  


Lap 34: And like that, Amy Rose is out. Luigi and Mario used some maneuvering to get her to leave. Up to Sonic now. Meanwhile, it looks like the Fun Guys and Lawyers are having some interesting problems at the end of the race. No one is caring about the first three right now, as they're always swapping. Not even anything is going on with the Rare teams and Booster team.  


Lap 45: And just like that, Krystal, Banjo, Kazooie, Timber, and Conker have all gone down. Only the Banana team survived that fallout. Triforcemaster and Zelda are finally positioned, and Sonic still has some beef with Mario and Luigi. 15 laps left...  


Lap 47: Coco Bandicoot and the Mouse team have fallen trying to take down the Bowser team. Crash will take down those two somehow.   


Lap 49: The Fun Guys are out of the race, trying to take on the Booster team.  


Lap 50: Both of the Lawyers do all they can to make sure the Booster team is out, and eventually get them out of the race. But, can they at least finish the race, even if they didn't place?   


Lap 53: Birdo speeds out of control thanks to Sonic. Koopa Troopa gets taken out by Megaman. Who else will the race be rid of?! 


Lap 55: Zero is quickly taken out by Peach. 20 racers left after this lap. 5 laps more to go. So far, Daisy is in first, Kirby second, Fuzzer third. Who will come out on gold, silver, and bronze?! Who else will place?!      


Lap 60: ... And Kirby has taken first, with Daisy in second, and Fuzzer in third! With a clear one point lead over his competitors, Kirby is announced to top racer of the MRKA the 2020 season! Fuzzer and Daisy both get the 2nd place trophy, since 2 bronze should be equal to one silver. Unlike last year's top driver, Kirby actually earned his top spot fair and square and was really consistent! But, the two are the top team in the Championship Cup once more...


And here are the results as promised! 


1. Kirby 

2. Daisy 

3. Fuzzer  

4. Luigi 

5. Donkey Kong 

6. Zelda  

7. Diddy Kong 

8. Miles Edgeworth 

9. Yoshi 

10. Peach 

11. Rosalina 

12. Captain Falcon 

13. Sonic 

14. Triforcemaster 

15. Mario 


Meanwhile, even though they tried their best and one got silver and the other bronze, both of the Booster team racers will be relegated. Also, even with double points, Luigi didn't get the big win this time around! Miles conquered his fears, and the rest is understandable. And in the end, Zelda and TM3 got points, and Sonic is better than Mario confirmed.


The teams mentioned a while ago will be considered for taking over Mouse, Booster, and Hayami, and the qualifying races will begin the first Saturday of December. More on those races later, since the tracks will be announced on the 1st of December. See you then!

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... Okay, I'll announce the qualifying race tracks now since something important will happen Tuesday.   


On December 6, the racers will start in the dreamy world of Subcon. Anyone that does great in the sky will likely win here. I hear some of the race might happen in Cloudtop Cruise if the racers desire it.  


On December 13, the racers will then continue in Desert Hills. That dastardly sun will await all of them, and for those who like the hot temperature, they're mostly welcome here. 


On December 20, the racers will continue in Wario Stadium. No tricks or gimmicks, just pure racing! Anyone could win here, but perhaps those in tune with the ground have a better chance! 


On December 27, the racers will finally end in Sherbet Land. We end this year on a cold note, and those who prefer the cold can easily embrace and win this race. All the more to celebrate the holidays!   

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