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Mario Kart Racing Association - 2019 Season

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Popstar Grand Prix - Air Ride Circuit - April 16 


Qualifying results: 


1. Palutena, Fox, Daisy, Miles Edgeworth

2. Wolf, Sonic, Pikachu, Olimar

3. Luigi, Toadette, Banjo, Fuzzer

4. Peach, Koopa Troopa, Akari Hayami, Dash

5. Captain Falcon, Yoshi, Louie, Ryota Hayami 

6. Toad, Pichu, Megaman, Donkey Kong

7. Pit, Birdo, Jody Summer, Zelda

8. Dedede, Diddy Kong, Kazooie, Mario

9. Amy Rose, Kirby, Krystal, Zero

10. Bowser, Triforcemaster, Phoenix Wright, Rosalina  


The cup will be the same as last year's, so don't expect any new developments. And since Dedede is in the race, there will be no takeover this time around. 


DNF:  Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Toadette, Louie, Captain Falcon, Akari Hayami, Donkey Kong, Palutena, Jody Summer, Toad, Olimar, Zero, Banjo, Birdo, Amy Rose, Krystal, Diddy Kong, Ryota Hayami, Dedede, Yoshi, Pichu, Rosalina, Wolf, Kazooie, Fox


2:50- The racers get ready to go to the starting line at Fantasy Meadows. 

3:00 PM PST- The Race is a go!  


Lap 3- In Frozen Hillside, around the first ramp part, Bowser is knocked off the stage by Dedede. Bowser lands safely in Fantasy Meadows, and the match continues. It looks like Dedede's going to have a lot of fun this time around. 


Lap 9- In Magma Flows, a Birdon flaps Koopa Troopa near a lava pit before it teleports. Both of Coors Koopa didn't last long in this race, thanks to Dedede and his underlings.  


Lap 12- In Machine Passage, two Pinchikuris pit the wheels of Toadette and Louie. They are transported before anyone else becomes involved.  


Lap 16- In Fantasy Meadows, a jump off a bump goes horribly wrong, as Captain Falcon goes offtrack and nearly hits a bush. He too is teleported.  


Lap 20- In Checker Knights, a mike nearly deafens Akari Hayami, but it sends him off a ledge instead. Akari's out. Meanwhile, Kirby is first, with Fuzzer second, and Diddy Kong third for now. 


Lap 24- In Magma Falls, Donkey Kong comes dangerously close to a fire dragon. He's fine, but he's out of the race. 


Lap 28- In Frozen Hillside, Dedede is up to his tricks, as he sends Palutena crashing into a nearby Waddle Dee in a cart. Both Palutena and the Waddle Dee are fine, but Palutena has to sit this one out.  


Lap 30- Once again, Kirby is in first, but this time Sonic's in second, while Pit is third.  


Lap 35- In Checker Knights, a Sparky pulls the plug on Jody Summer. She can't move, but she's teleported. 


Lap 37- In Machine Passage, during the bumper parts, Toad is sent back to Olimar, and they crash. Both teleport.  


Lap 40- Kirby's been maintaining first, Kazooie is now second, while Fuzzer's back with a third. 1/3rd lap to go!


Lap 41- In Fantasy Meadows, Dedede sends Zero into the nearby river. Zero has to get the water out of his system after he teleports out of the river.  


Lap 44- In Magma Flows, one of those sleepy guys somehow make Banjo sleepy. He's teleported out before he causes more harm. 


Lap 48- In Frozen Hillside, Birdo almost cracshes into a stalagmite. Teleported.  


Lap 50- In Checker Knights, Amy Rose accidentally goes over the half-pipe section. Teleported. Meanwhile, Kirby's still in first, Dash is now in second, with Sonic coming back as third. TEN MORE LAPS! 


Lap 51- In Fantasy Meadows, a Blade Knight cuts a wheel that sends Krystal into a whirl. She nearly bumps into a tree. Teleported.  


Lap 52- In Machine Passage, a Wheeler sends Diddy Kong into a nearby Gordo. The Gordo punctures a wheel. Teleported. 


Lap 53- In Frozen Hillside, Ryota jumps off the rail to the upper platform too high. Teleported.  


Lap 55- In Checker Knights, Dedede almost sends Megaman into a spiny device, but Megaman does the unthinkable and turns it on Dedede. Dedede is sent flying. Teleported. His comrade is still in first, with Luigi second, and Pikachu third! FIVE MORE LAPS! 


Lap 56- In Fantasy Meadows, Yoshi crashes into a Waddle Dee cart by accident. Teleported.  


Lap 57- In Machine Passage, while midair during the cannon part, Wolf, possibly the only bad guy in the race left, sends Pichu away. Teleported.  


Lap 59- In Magma Flows, Wolf sends Rosalina into a nearby lava pool. Teleported.  


Lap 60- NEBULA BELT RETURNS! After they see a colored ramp, Kazooie, and Fox agree to take care of Wolf. The two trap him and all of them fall off of the track in one fell swoop.  


Here are the results for the other 15!  



1. Kirby- 25 pts.  

2. Sonic- 20 pts.   

3. Pikachu- 18 pts.

4. Peach- 15 pts.

5. Zelda- 12 pts.

6. Daisy- 10 pts.  

7. Phoenix Wright- 9 pts.  

8. Triforcemaster- 8 pts.

9. Miles Edgeworth- 7 pts. 

10. Fuzzer- 6 pts. 

11. Dash- 5 pts.

12. Luigi- 4 pts. 

13. Megaman- 3 pts.  

14. Mario- 2 pts. 

15. Pit- 1 pt. 



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Posted (edited)

All right. Keep it close towards the end.


Top ten finishes for me and Daisy. I'll take it.

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Another good night for team Sherwin Williams Hyrule...5th and 8th.  Looks like the shiftier and more agile lightweight drivers did better tonight in general.  Kirby winning on home soil isn't a big surprise but some huge results for teams like Electrobras Mouse and Petco Hedgehog.  Team Uber Lawyer had a decent night as well. 


Will have standings update for drivers and constructors shortly.


Current Driver Standings through 5 rounds of 33 (Popstar Grand Prix)

1.Fuzzer - 63 pts (1 gold, 1 silver)

2.Triforcemaster - 56 pts (1 gold)

3.Peach - 47 pts (1 gold)

4.Sonic - 45 pts (1 silver)

5.Mario - 44 pts (1 silver)

6.Kirby - 42 pts (1 gold)

7.Luigi - 37 pts (1 bronze)

8.Daisy - 36 pts (1 silver)

9.Donkey Kong - 26 pts (1 gold)

10.Pikachu - 22 pts (1 bronze)

11.Rosalina - 21 pts (1 bronze)

12.Krystal - 21 pts

13.Koopa Troopa - 20 pts (1 silver)

14.Yoshi - 20 pts

15.Captain Falcon - 19 pts

16.Kazooie - 18 pts (1 bronze)

17.Banjo - 18 pts

18.Zelda - 17 pts

19.Wolf - 15 pts

20.Dedede - 15 pts

21.Phoenix Wright - 14 pts

22.Jody Summer - 12 pts

23.Ryota Hayami - 12 pts

24.Dash Bowman - 12 pts

25.Akari Hayami - 10 pts

26.Toad - 8 pts

27.Birdo - 8 pts

28.Miles Edgeworth - 7 pts

29.Pichu - 7 pts

30.Amy Rose - 6 pts

31.Pit - 6 pts

32.Megaman - 6 pts

33.Palutena - 5 pts


Have not scored yet this season - Fox, Olimar, Louie, Toadette, Zero, Diddy, Bowser


Constructor's Championship Standings:

1.Delta Sarasaland - 99 pts (1 gold, 2 silver)

2.Amazon Plumber - 81 pts (1 silver, 1 bronze)

3.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - 73 pts (1 gold)

4.Tesco Princess - 68 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze)

5.Krogefour Popstar - 57 pts (1 gold)

6.Petco Hedgehog - 51 pts (1 silver)

7.Ford Performance - 36 pts (1 bronze)

8.Chevrolet Top Driver - 31 pts

9.Electrobras Mouse - 29 pts (1 bronze)

10.Corona Islander - 28 pts

11.Stihl Venom - 27 pts

12.Dole Banana - 26 pts (1 gold)

13.Honda Hayami - 22 pts

14.CVS Fox - 21 pts

15.Uber Lawyer - 21 pts

16.Coors Koopa - 20 pts (1 silver)

17.American Skyworld - 11 pts

18.Friday's Fun Guys - 8 pts

19.BMW Bomber - 6 pts

20.Roscosmos Cosmonaut - 0 pts


Looking at the constructor's standings so far, at the top it doesn't look too much different from a year ago, with Delta Sarasaland leading and Amazon Plumber right behind in 2nd.  But within the rest of the table you do have a few surprises.  Sherwin Williams Hyrule has started the season very strongly largely behind some fabulous driving by Tm3.  Team Krogefour Popstar is showing that their offseason merger looked to be a great decision as they are in the top 5 at present.  Team Petco Hedgehog has already made a big improvement as well...having barely staved off relegation a year ago, Sonic's great driving to this point puts them 6th.  And some surprisingly good driving by newcomer Kazooie has boosted team Ford Performance into 7th.  Of the newly promoted teams, team Electrobras Mouse is making an early statement sitting in the top half of the table.  On the flip side, team Corona Islander has started slowly this season, while last year's podium finishers team CVS Fox has had an abysmal start as Fox is yet to get off the schneid, they sit 14th.  Even more shocking is the horrendous start by team Friday's Fun Guys...Toad and Toadette have just 8 points and are sitting in the relegation zone, which is somebody nobody would've expected.  Team Coors Koopa is doing almost as poorly, sitting just two places clear of the drop zone. 


Lots of time to get it going though for the teams at the bottom, as we aren't even 20% of the way through the season yet.  Next race is Sunday at Yoshi's Island.

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I'd love to do the Sunday race but I've already done two of the first four races already plus my mom and I are beginning our trip to Philly to see Tigers-Phillies on Wednesday.

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Qualifying Results for Yoshi's Island Grand Prix @ Yoshi Circuit


1. Captain Falcon, Fox, Yoshi, Daisy

2. Toad, Sonic, Pikachu, Olimar

3. Luigi, Toadette, Birdo, Kirby

4. Peach, Koopa Troopa, Akari Hayami, Dash

5. Palutena, Miles Edgeworth, Louie, Krystal

6. Wolf, Pichu, Megaman, Donkey Kong

7. Pit, Banjo, Jody Summer, Zelda

8. Dedede, Diddy Kong, Kazooie, Mario

9. Amy Rose, Fuzzer, Ryota Hayami, Zero

10. Bowser, Triforcemaster, Phoenix Wright, Rosalina  


10:20pm - It's a beautiful Monday night at Yoshi's Island, clear skies and some light trade winds blowing in from the northeast as the drivers begin the formation lap


DNF - Kirby, Dash Bowman, Palutena, Miles Edgeworth, Sonic, Daisy, Kazooie, Wolf, Mario, Rosalina, Jody Summer, Banjo


Lap 1 - Lakitu's light is green and its time to bring the action.  And almost immediately, turn 4 is the hand turn and it says speak to the hand to a bunch of racers.  Sonic collides with Daisy as both go around the bend, and Kirby, Dash Bowman, Palutena, and Miles Edgeworth all get caught up in the resulting crash.  All are out of the race before the end of the first lap.  Safety car is out and the marshalls are picking up the debris.


Lap 5 - We're back to racing after that massive crash, and things are settling in.  Falcon leads, followed by Fox, then Yoshi.  Fuzzer and Tm3 are both starting in the back after tough qualifications but might have a better shot at getting up the field with 6 racers gone early including the defending champion


Lap 8 - Bad break for Kazooie, whose power unit shorts out.  Her race is done.


Lap 12 - Pikachu makes some solid moves and is now up into 2nd place.  Pichu is also doing well and is in the top 10 now.  Without any really long straightaways here and lots of tight turns, Yoshi Circuit is a lightweight driver's paradise.


Lap 17 - Trouble in the S-curve near the back of Yoshi's head...Wolf and DK get a little too close and run into each other.  Wolf ends up going into the water, ending his night, while DK attempts to stay out and make it to the normal pit stop with a damaged front end.  But he's falling down the field.


Lap 20 - First time into the pits, and Toad and Toadette come flying through.  Its been a horrid start for team Friday's Fun Guys this season, but they are out to make a statement tonight.  Fuzzer and Tm3 get a boost with their partners being out and are now in the top 20. 


Lap 24 - Koopa Troopa is now making a big move up the field, making several strong passes and is sitting in 4th place now. 


Lap 27 - Team Roscosmos Cosmonaut is the only team to have not scored this season, but with Olimar 7th and Louie 12th right now, that could change tonight.


Lap 30 - Mario had an uncharacteristically poor qualification, and now his race is over after his front right tire punctures badly, leaving him stranded. 


Lap 34 - Rosalina was in the back but now she's out as well as her brakes fail as she rounds turn 16 heading back to the start.  She gets a splash of salt water.


Lap 37 - Pikachu makes a sleek move on Falcon to take over the lead.  With Pichu also in the top 10, this could be a massive night for team Electrobras Mouse.


Lap 40 - 2nd time through the pits, and Falcon has a mishap as the jack has trouble disengaging from the kart.  He falls from 2nd to 11th due to the mistake.  Team CVS Fox has a solid change and Krystal bounces up into 6th place with Fox holding onto 3rd.  They are surrounding Toad and Toadette who are 4th and 5th.  Fuzzer and Tm3 are into the points now but will have to fight hard to be a factor in the outcome.


Lap 44 - Megaman is making a late move through the field now, making 5 passes already since the pit stop including on both Fuzzer and Tm3.  He's into the top 10 now.  It's been a tough start for team BMW Bomber but this might be a breakthrough. 


Lap 47 - Jody Summer ends up trying to make an inside pass on Banjo on turn 14, while Banjo moves to block and the two collide.  Both are eliminated.  Banjo shows his frustration and Jody does as well, both shouting at one another on trackside.


Lap 50 - This is turning into a team battle now between team Fridays Fun Guys and team CVS Fox...Fox and Krystal are dueling with Toad and Toadette, while Yoshi is in the midst of the other two teams.  Birdo is too far back to help.  Can Yoshi find a way to win at home?


Lap 53 - Falcon and Fuzzer, in trying to get higher up into the points, end up basically playing bumper cars for several laps, neither conceding an inch.  Falcon then tries a daring pass on the outside of turn 16 and completes the move.  This is a real battle here but it's to no ones benefit as they've fallen further behind the top 5.


Lap 54 - And then on the very next lap, Fuzzer gets it wrong going through turn 4 when trying to re-pass Falcon and he ends up in the ocean.  It's a pointless night for team Delta Sarasaland.


Lap 57 - Pikachu lost ground in the pit stop, but he's back up and trying to challenge the top 5.  Kirby is right behind him as is Koopa Troopa and then Peach and Luigi.


Lap 60 - Coming down to the end, Yoshi finds a way to get out in front of the team battle, and onto the final lap, Toad and Toadette get the better on their Lylatian counterparts.  It's Yoshi taking the gold, with Toad silver and Toadette the bronze in a massive night for team Friday's Fun Guys.


Final Results:

1.Yoshi - 25 pts

2.Toad - 20 pts

3.Toadette - 18 pts

4.Fox - 15 pts

5.Krystal - 12 pts

6.Pikachu - 10 pts

7.Kirby - 9 pts

8.Koopa Troopa - 8 pts

9.Peach - 7 pts

10.Luigi - 6 pts

11.Captain Falcon - 5 pts

12.Olimar - 4 pts

13.Megaman - 3 pts

14.Diddy Kong - 2 pts

15.Pit - 1 pts

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Posted (edited)

Tough qualifying run.


Daisy's night is over before it began. What a shame.


Maybe having a bad start is a good thing in hindsight. At least the DS crew has one driver to focus on.


Great opportunities for lightweights tonight.


Great stop guys.


Gotta work to get something out of this night.


Maybe playing bumper cars with others wasn't a smart idea. Regardless, tough night.

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The MKRA is several races behind now and with the first race on Earth in Monaco approaching, being behind the 8 ball isn't a good idea 


Delta Sarasaland officials are stumped  with this statement:


"We are really in a pickle now and with no racing this week, we are behind schedule. No other race series on Earth doesn't postpone the races without a valid reason. We want some clear answers from the series and also some accountability going forward."


Other teams have released similar statements to local media outlets in their respective countries.

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Qualifying Results for Mute City Grand Prix - Mute City Circuit 


1.  Fox, Koopa Troopa, Amy Rose, Megaman

2. Kazooie, Dash, Yoshi, Phoenix Wright

3. Jody Summer, Diddy Kong, Krystal, Toadette

4. Ryota Hayami, Toad, Daisy, Louie

5. Akari Hayami, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Triforcemaster

6. Miles Edgeworth, Sonic, Zero, Mario

7. Fuzzer, Bowser, Peach, Pit

8. Dedede, Luigi, Wolf, Zelda

9. Olimar, Palutena, Banjo, Donkey Kong

10. Pikachu, Birdo, Pichu, Rosalina 


Note: From what I have seen, this track does have no kind of obstacles that would disqualify someone, so... I'm going to play it by the book and say who's the top three for each ten laps, with the first, fifth, and fifty-fifth. I might be able to get into the next race at Wuhu Island since this track is simpler to work with.  


Edit: maybe each 5th lap interval will work better now. 


3:50 PM- 10 till race time! 

4:00 PM- Race time! 


Lap 1- So far Bowser, Triforcemaster, and Palutena have taken the lead. 

Lap 5- Now it's Wolf, Pichu, and Diddy Kong. 

Lap 10- 5/6ths more to go, and now Phoenix Wright, Birdo, and Megaman are in the clear.  

Lap 15- Megaman is still in the fray, Diddy Kong is back in action, and Zero has joined his partner. 

Lap 20- Bowser and Phoenix Wright are back, and Miles has joined his racing partner. 2/3rds a way to go. 

Lap 25- Captain Falcon hits the scene at last, with Daisy and Krystal with him. 

Lap 30- Amy Rose, Kazooie, and Rosalina. 1/2th a way to go.  

Lap 35- Fuzzer finally gets a break, Banjo tags in for his friend, and Birdo once again comes into the title scene. 

Lap 40- Koopa Troopa gets lucky, while Jody Summer finally works her magic, and Daisy returns. 1/3rds a way to go! 

Lap 45- Amy Rose comes back once more, Dash enters the scene, and Donkey Kong shook us all. 

Lap 50- Yoshi, Pit, and a returning Rosalina have come rushing to the last ten laps!  

Lap 55- Koopa Troopa is spot on, Kazooie might rise once more, and Pit seems unstoppable! 


Lap 60- 




1.Captain Falcon, - 25 pts

2. Zero - 20 pts

3. Dash - 18 pts

4. Sonic - 15 pts

5. Jody Summer - 12 pts

6. Krystal- 10 pts

7. Amy Rose - 9 pts

8. Daisy - 8 pts

9. Fox- 7 pts

10. Fuzzer - 6 pts

11. Miles Edgeworth - 5 pts

12. Triforcemaster - 4 pts

13 .Megaman - 3 pts

14. Wolf - 2 pts

15.Phoenix Wright- 1 pts  


Wuhu Island Grand Prix - Wuhu Island Wave Circuit  


1. Olimar, Luigi, Kazooie, Daisy

2. Toadette, Zelda, Zero, Donkey Kong

3. Amy Rose, Pit, Rosalina, Miles Edgeworth

4. Captain Falcon, Banjo, Bowser, Sonic

5. Mario, Toad, Triforcemaster, Dash

6. Akari Hayami, Fox, Pichu, Fuzzer

7. Yoshi, Wolf, Peach, Dedede

8. Diddy Kong, Louie, Kirby, Palutena

9. Ryota Hayami, Phoenix Wright, Megaman, Pikachu

10. Koopa Troopa, Jody Summer, Krystal, Birdo


Qualifying Results for Mute City Grand Prix - Mute City Circuit  


Note: the first 30 laps will be the Wuhu Loop, with the next being Maka Wuhu from Mario Kart 7.   


DNF: Luigi, Bowser, Pikachu, Toad, Amy Rose, Olimar, Kirby, Palutena, Sonic, Krystal, Louie, Kazooie, Zero, Yoshi, Dash, Donkey Kong, Megaman, Fox, Wolf, Banjo


4:45: Ten Minutes till race time! 

4:55: Let the races begin! 


Lap 4:  Luigi ran off the side of the track near the beginning of the bridge. And the culprit? Mario! ... Well, it was a reactionary push, as Bowser was the one who tried to push Mario off the track. Luigi was transported immediately.

Lap 9: Near the yellow barricade, another falling off occurred. But, this time it was Mario who shoved Bowser!  

Lap 11: Pikachu hit a car, and it bounced off the track. 

Lap 12: An accidental push from his partner sent Toad flying from a ramp off the track. 

Lap 16: Amy Rose tried to follow her crush by speeding up... that she almost hit the nearby house.   

Lap 20: While in the bridge, someone shoved Olimar off the track. No footage exists of the person in question. Still, 2/3rds of the race to go!  

Lap 25: Kirby somehow lost control of his kart, and landed into the fountain... sadly, not of dreams. 

Lap 27: Palutena was shoved off the track by Dedede.

Lap 29: Whoever did it the last time sent Sonic off the same place. Again, no evidence exists.  

Lap 30: No casualties, as the contestants are now flying by planes to get to the top of Maka Wuhu. This mode of transportation will happen after the cars land at the base of the island.  1/2th more to go! 

Lap 34: Almost another car casualty for Krystal. 

Lap 38: In the cave section, the same person got Olimar's buddy. For the third time, no footage. 

Lap 39: During the flight part, Kazooie is sent off flying by accident of her partner. 

Lap 40: The racers are warned to return to the start of the start point of Maka Wuhu, as there are news of a thunderstorm coming in. The remaining racers mark their places with a holographic X and return to their Wuhu Island Mansion suites.  


The storm is said to be cleared from sometime tonight to early tomorrow.  


(I'll be back to finish this.) 


Lap40B: The storm has now disappeared, and the water has since been dried out. It's time to resume the race. Nothing interesting happens this leg of the race. 

Lap 41: Zero is knocked out in the same cave. While there was no evidence to show the mysterious assailant before, after the storm cleared and before the race began, the association installed cameras that worked well in the dark on some of the stalactites. (Thank the R.O.B.s!) The person in question will be revealed after the race has concluded. 

Lap 45: Yoshi and Dash were so neck and neck that they almost forgot about the boulders coming after them.

Lap 49: Captain Falcon sent Donkey Kong flying into the bridge. Like the rest of the gang, no physical harm is done. 

Lap 50: No word of excitement here, but the FINAL 10 LAPS. 

Lap 53: Finally something lake-bound, and this time Wolf shoves Megaman off.  

Lap 54: Wolf has the gall... gaul?... to send Fox flying off the ramp off the cliff before the glide part.   

Lap 55: Ramp. Trees. Wolf. Banjo. I assume you know where this is going and five more laps!   

Lap 60: Well, surprise, surprise, nothing big happened those last five rounds. Here comes the...  


One who did the mostly-unseen attacks!


But, we must ask how much force should it take to down Olimar, Sonic, Zero, and Louie? Olimar and Louie are lightweights, Sonic is average, but Zero is one of the hardest characters to strike off.  Therefore, I will eliminate Daisy, Toadette, Zelda, Pit, Rosalina, Miles Edgeworth, Pichu, Peach, Diddy Kong, Phoenix Wright, Koopa Troopa, Jody Summer, and Birdo from the equation. Leaving us with:


Captain Falcon, Mario, Triforcemaster, Akari Hayami, Fuzzer, Dedede, Ryota Hayami 


Now, the red herring in the group is obviously Dedede, as he is the only villain left in that equation. 


... But what if I told you that this was a team effort? A strategy done by two of the racers here? It would have been too careless for one person to do it alone, knowing there could have been witnesses. While one distracted some of the racers, the other would do the pushing. Thus, the culprits are... 




The saddest part of this uncovering is that they didn't even place!


With that said, here are the...




1.Fuzzer- 25 pts

2. Peach - 20 pts

3. Mario - 18 pts

4. Daisy - 15 pts

5. Koopa Troops - 12 pts

6. Triforcemaster- 10 pts

7. Diddy Kong - 9 pts

8. Zelda - 8 pts

9. Rosalina- 7 pts

10. Birdo - 6 pts

11. Phoenix Wright - 5 pts

12. Pit - 4 pts

13 Miles Edgeworth - 3 pts

14. Captain Falcon - 2 pts

15. Jody Summer- 1 pts     

Edited by XLW

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MKRA Standings through 8 races of 33 (Wuhu Island Grand Prix)


1.Fuzzer - 94 pts (2 gold, 1 silver)

2.Peach - 74 pts (1 gold, 1 silver)

3.Triforcemaster - 66 pts (1 gold)

4.Mario - 62 pts (1 silver, 1 bronze)

5.Sonic - 60 pts (1 silver)

6.Daisy - 59 pts (1 silver)

7.Captain Falcon - 51 pts (1 gold)

8.Kirby - 51 pts (1 gold)

9.Yoshi - 45 pts (1 gold)

10.Luigi - 43 pts (1 bronze)

11.Krystal - 43 pts (1 bronze)

12.Koopa Troopa - 40 pts (1 silver)

13.Pikachu - 32 pts (1 bronze)

14.Dash Bowman - 30 pts (1 bronze)

15.Rosalina - 28 pts (1 bronze)

16.Toad - 28 pts (1 silver)

17.Donkey Kong - 26 pts (1 gold)

18.Zelda - 25 pts

19.Jody Summer - 25 pts

20.Fox - 22 pts

21.Zero - 20 pts (1 silver)

22.Phoenix Wright - 20 pts

23.Kazooie - 18 pts (1 bronze)

24.Toadette - 18 pts (1 bronze)

25.Banjo - 18 pts

26.Wolf - 17 pts

27.Dedede - 15 pts

28.Amy Rose - 15 pts

29.Birdo - 14 pts

30.Miles Edgeworth - 14 pts

31.Ryota Hayami - 12 pts

32.Megaman - 12 pts

33.Pit - 11 pts

34.Diddy Kong - 11 pts

35.Akari Hayami - 10 pts

36.Pichu - 7 pts

37.Palutena - 5 pts

38.Olimar - 4 pts

39.Louie - 0 pts

40.Bowser - 0 pts

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Tonight is going to be a night of lots of what many would call fun, while others would call carnage or mayhem on wheels.  That’s right folks, after 8 grands prix, we’ve reached our first MKRA Battle Arena event of 2019.  And what a place to have it, in the depths of one of the Nintendo Universe’s most unfriendly confines...planet Venom.


The Andross temple battle arena is quite a stunner.  Built in traditional Venomian style, the inner section of the temple is a series of straight line tunnels made of heavy basaltic rock that is largely soundproof.  When on the interior, racers won’t know who or what is around the next corner.  The outside rock lawn surrounds the temple and goes out 30 yards on all sides to the edge of the arena.  There are two entrances to the roof from inside the temple and two roof access ramps from the rock lawn as well meaning that this place will be a maniacal three layer cake of doom for many.


The battle arena format will start with 10 opening round battles of 4 racers each, with players seeded evenly based on the current driver standings.  Winners of those 10 opening battles will move to semifinals, 3rd and 4th are eliminated, while 2nd placers will advance to a 1v1 knockout round where winners advance to the semis and losers go home.  From there, the winners of the 4 semifinal battles advance to the final.  


Opening round battles:

1- Fuzzer, Fox, Zero, Bowser

2- Peach, Summer, Wright, Louie

3-Tm3, Zelda, Kazooie, Olimar

4-Mario, DK, Toadette, Palutena

5-Sonic, Toad, Banjo, Pichu

6-Daisy, Rosalina, Wolf, Akari

7-Falcon, Dash, Dedede, Diddy

8-Kirby, Pikachu, Amy, Pit

9-Yoshi, Koopa, Birdo, Megaman

10-Luigi, Krystal, Edgeworth, Ryota

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Andross Temple Battle Arena - Venom


Match 1:

1.Krystal - Q

2.Luigi - A

3.Miles Edgeworth

4.Ryota Hayami


Match 2:

1.Megaman - Q

2.Yoshi - A


4.Koopa Troopa


Match 3:

1.Pit - Q

2.Kirby - A


4.Amy Rose


Match 4:

1.Dash Bowman - Q

2.King Dedede - A

3.Captain Falcon

4.Diddy Kong


Match 5:

1.Daisy - Q

2.Rosalina - A

3.Akari Hayami



Match 6:

1.Banjo - Q

2.Sonic - A




Match 7:

1.DK - Q

2.Palutena - A




Match 8:

1.Zelda - Q

2.Tm3 - A




Match 9:

1.Jody Summer - Q

2.Phoenix Wright - A




Match 10:

1.Fox - Q

2.Bowser - A




1v1 round:

Luigi def Yoshi 3-2

King Dedede def Kirby 3-1

Rosalina def Sonic 3-1

Palutena def Tm3 3-2

Bowser and Phoenix Wright finish tied 3-3*


Bowser and Phoenix were eliminated simultaneously via bob-omb at the conclusion of their match.  As a result, both were advanced to the semifinal round


Semifinal 1:

1.Pit - Q

2.Krystal (10 pts)

3.Luigi (7 pts)

4.Megaman (4 pts)


Semifinal 2:

1.Dedede - Q

2.Daisy (10 pts)

3.Dash (7 pts)

4.Rosalina (4 pts)


Semifinal 3:

1.Banjo - Q

2.Zelda (10 pts)

3.DK (7 pts)

4.Palutena (4 pts)


Semifinal 4:

1.Bowser - Q

2.Phoenix Wright (10 pts)

3.Fox (7 pts)

4.Jody Summer (4 pts)



1.Bowser (25 pts)

2.Banjo (20 pts)

3.Pit (18 pts)

4.Dedede (15 pts)


After having been shut out completely in the first 8 grands prix of the season, Bowser shows once again why he’s the baddest brute around.  In a villain vs hero finale, Dedede was first eliminated when a 2 v 2 fight originally became 2 v 1 when Bowser double crossed Dedede and nailed him with a red shell.  Pit and Banjo got the next 2 hits on Bowser, putting him down to 1 balloon while they still had two.  Pit and Banjo then went after one another, which was odd.  Banjo eliminated Pit with a star, and then so nearly got Bowser out as well, but Bowser regrouped and eventually scored the winning hit with another red shell.  It’s a huge victory for him and team Coors Koopa.  Banjo finishes in 2nd in a great performance for him, and Pit gets some big points for team American Skyworld, which should lift them out of the relegation zone

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Posted (edited)

Nice job Daisy.


And I'm gonna take a slight hit in the standings. Oh well.


And Wolf is the only Star Fox character that isn't moving on. Wow.

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Qualifying Results for Mario Kart Stadium Grand Prix:


1 - Fox, Olimar, Mario, Megaman

2 - Captain Falcon, Jody Summer, Luigi, Fuzzer

3 - Daisy, Krystal, Zero, Louie

4 - Toad, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, Peach

5 - Pikachu, Kirby, Toadette, Pichu

6 - Diddy Kong, Birdo, Sonic, Pit

7 - Amy Rose, Wolf, Dash, Rosalina

8 - Zelda, Banjo, Dedede, Phoenix Wright

9 - Miles Edgeworth, Akari Hayami, Donkey Kong, Bowser

10 - Ryota Hayami, Palutena, Tm3, Kazooie

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Qualifying Results for Mario Kart Stadium Grand Prix:


1 - Fox, Olimar, Mario, Megaman

2 - Captain Falcon, Jody Summer, Luigi, Fuzzer

3 - Daisy, Krystal, Zero, Louie

4 - Toad, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, Peach

5 - Pikachu, Kirby, Toadette, Pichu

6 - Diddy Kong, Birdo, Sonic, Pit

7 - Amy Rose, Wolf, Dash, Rosalina

8 - Zelda, Banjo, Dedede, Phoenix Wright

9 - Miles Edgeworth, Akari Hayami, Donkey Kong, Bowser


DNF: Bowser, DK, Captain Falcon, Olimar, Louie


9:45 pm: Prior to pre race ceremonies, a minute of silence was held to pay tribute to three time F1 World Champion Niki Lauda who died earlier this week at the age of 70. Afterwards the Mushroom Kingdom anthem was played and the drivers would begin final preparations for tonight's race.


9:50 pm: Engines have fired and the drivers will begin the formation lap shortly before tonight's race.


Lap 1: The karts are in position for the start as Lakitu arrives to start the race. Lights are green and it's time to bring the action. Good start for Fox and the field so far. No problems after the first lap.


Lap 4: Again no issues surprisingly to speak of but Olimar has taken the lead from Fox and MegaMan is also making fine moves getting by Mario and could easily close on Fox soon.


Lap 13: Well how about this. Megaman has taken the lead from Olimar. If things hold up through the two pit stops, Roscosmos Cosmonaut and BMW Bomber could have some huge points boosts. Still a lot could happen though.


Lap 15: Took a while but it seems Bowser and DK simply like to crash into each other and do so on the front stretch. They don't lose any spots being in the back row though.


Lap 20: First round of pit stops are done and BMW Bomber performs a flawless stop to keep Megaman in front. No issues for the rest of the pack.


Lap 23: Olimar goes by Megaman in the anti gravity section and retakes the lead. Apparently the two have started to create a gap between them and the rest of the pack.


Lap 26: Captain Falcon has gone by Fox and Mario and is setting his sights on the leaders. Speaking of which, Megaman has retaken it again.


Lap 30: Ten laps away from the final pit stops and Olimar and Megaman have both been told by the respective team radios that Captain Falcon is closing on them and fast. The last 20 laps look to be fun.


Lap 35: Well so much for Captain Falcon making things a bit fun. He loses control of his ride and pancakes the wall hard, ending his night.


Lap 39: One lap from the final stops of the night and this is the money stop for BMW Bomber and Roscosmos Cosmonaut's pit crews. They both have tons of pressure to ensure flawless stops for the two leaders and one screw up COULD be costly.


Lap 40: Second time on pit road for all and while both teams have no issues, reports are saying the Olimar's kart might be a lap short of fuel as it seems the fueling man might have detached the hose a bit too early to get the lead back from Megaman. No issues from the other teams for the record.


Lap 46: The fueling issues don't matter anyway as Olimar has a faulty gearbox and is basically forced to retire as a result. That's the last thing Roscosmos Cosmonaut wanted to happen tonight. Fox and Mario make up the podium now.


Lap 47: And how about this? Louie also has problems has his engine goes down a cylinder and then leaves his night stricken with a fatal case of blown engine. Roscosmos Cosmonaut has seen a shocking night go belly up in no time.


Lap 50: Zero is starting to make crazy moves to get to his teammate. Will BMW Bomber have a 1-2 finish in the last ten laps? We'll see soon.


Lap 55: Zero has not only gone by Mario for third, he has gone by Fox for second as well. If they don't do anything silly, either Megaman ot Zero will get their first win tonight.


Lap 59: Megaman has taken the white flag and is so close to winning, he has told the team not to talk to him right now.


Lap 60: BMW Bomber has done it. Megaman leads Zero across the line for a 1-2 finish for the team's first win since formation earlier this season. Fox rounds out the podium.


Results to come soon.


Final results:


1. Megaman- 25 pts.  

2. Zero- 20 pts.   

3. Fox- 18 pts.

4. Mario- 15 pts.

5. Jody Summer- 12 pts.

6. Daisy- 10 pts.  

7. Zelda- 9 pts.  

8. Triforcemaster- 8 pts.

9. Miles Edgeworth- 7 pts. 

10. Fuzzer- 6 pts. 

11. Dash- 5 pts.

12. Luigi- 4 pts. 

13. Krystal- 3 pts.  

14. Koopa Troopa- 2 pts. 

15. Pit- 1 pt. 

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**In the Sherwin-Williams Hyrule zone of the pit lane


Tm3: You ready to go Zelda?


Zelda: Yes.  I know qualifying didn’t go so well, but I’m ready.  Let’s go do this!


**Zelda gets in and starts revving the kart

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