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Mario Kart Racing Association - 2019 Season

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Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the Mario Kart Racing Association.  From the creators of the Nintendo Baseball League, this is a racing RP based on the Mario Kart franchise, and also Formula 1. 


Joining is easy.  There are 18 teams of 2 racers competing in the 2018 season.  Pick one, and take control of their karts and give your guidance on the way to the checkered flag. 


MKRA Teams:

1. Delta Sarasaland - Fuzzer and Daisy

2. Petco Hedgehog - Sonic and Amy Rose

3. Friday’s Fun Guys - Toad and Toadette

4. Krogefour Popstar - Kirby and King Dedede

5. Amazon Plumber - Mario and Luigi

6. Tesco Princess - Peach and Rosalina

7. Corona Islander - Yoshi and Birdo

8. CVS Fox - Fox and Krystal

9. Roscosmos Cosmonaut - Olimar and Louie

10. Uber Lawyer - Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth

11. Coors Koopa - Bowser and Koopa Troopa

12. Dole Banana - Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong

13. BMW Bomber - Megaman and Zero

14. Ford Performance - Banjo and Kazooie

15. American Skyworld - Pit and Palutena

16. Honda Hayami - Ryota Hayami and Akari Hayami

17. Chevrolet Top Driver - Captain Falcon and Jody Summer

18. Sherwin Williams Hyrule - Triforcemaster and Zelda

19. Electrobras Mouse- Pikachu and Pichu

20. Stihl Venom- Wolf and Dash



2019 MKRA Race Schedule:


Birabuto Kingdom Grand Prix - Dry Dry Desert Circuit - March 14

Yoshi's Island Grand Prix - Yoshi Circuit - March 20

DK Isles Grand Prix - DK Summit Circuit - March 27

Casino Night Zone Grand Prix - Roulette Road - April 2

Mushroom City Grand Prix - Mushroom City Circuit - April 9

Popstar Grand Prix - Air Ride Circuit - April 16

Mute City Grand Prix - Mute City Circuit - April 30

Wuhu Island Grand Prix - Wuhu Island Wave Circuit - May 7

Andross Temple Battle Arena - Venom - May 14

Mario Kart Stadium Grand Prix - Mario Kart Stadium - May 21

Grand Prix of France/Monaco - Monaco Street Circuit - May 28

Grand Prix of North United States - Detroit Belle Isle Circuit - June 4

Grand Prix of Canada - Gilles Villenueve Circuit, Montreal - June 11

Big Blue Grand Prix - Big Blue - July 9

Darkwater Beach Battle Arena - Timber Island - July 16

Grand Prix of England - Silverstone Circuit - July 23

Grand Prix of Germany - Hockenheim Circuit - July 30

Easton Kingdom Grand Prix - Daisy Circuit - August 20

Hyrule Grand Prix - Hyrule Circuit - August 27

Chocolate Island Grand Prix - Choco Mountain Circuit - September 3

Kanto Grand Prix - Saffron City Circuit - September 10

Skyworld Icarus Battle Arena - Skyworld - September 17

Mushroom Kingdom Grand Prix - Royal Raceway Circuit - September 24

Grand Prix of Russia - Sochi Street Circuit - October 1

Grand Prix of Japan - Suzuka Circuit - October 8

Hocotate Grand Prix - Pikmin International Circuit - October 15

Corneria Grand Prix - Corneria City Circuit - October 22

Grand Prix of Mexico - Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico City - October 28

Grand Prix of South United States - Circuit of the Americas, Austin - November 4

Koopa Valley Grand Prix - Bowser's Castle Circuit - November 11

Four Giants Battle Arena - Termina - November 18

Grand Prix of Brazil - Circuit do Interlagos - November 25

Mario Galaxy Grand Prix - Rainbow Road - December 2

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Qualifying Results for Birabuto Kingdom Grand Prix at Dry Dry Desert Circuit:


For this opening race, teams start on the grid in the positions which they finished in the 2018 standings.  Megaman and Zero get row 9 over the other two promoted teams via earning the most points in the promotion series of races.


Row 1 - Fuzzer, Daisy, Mario, Luigi

Row 2 - Fox, Krystal, Peach, Rosalina

Row 3 - Captain Falcon, Jody Summer, Toad, Toadette

Row 4 - Triforcemaster, Zelda, Yoshi, Birdo

Row 5 - Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong

Row 6 - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Banjo, Kazooie

Row 7 - Pit, Palutena, Kirby, King Dedede

Row 8 - Louie, Olimar, Sonic, Amy Rose

Row 9 - Wolf, Dash, Megaman, Zero

Row 10 - Pikachu, Pichu, Akari Hayami, Ryota Hayami


We're in Sarasaland, home of 2018 Constructor's Champions Fuzzer and Daisy, team Delta Sarasaland.  Fuzzer...this is your night, take it away.

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Birabuto Kingdom Grand Prix

Dry Dry Desert, Birabuto Kingdom, Sarasaland


9:30 pm: Driver intros are finishing up and getting perhaps the loudest cheers from the Sarasaland crowd are the local duo of Fuzzer and Daisy, especially for the latter for winning the MKRA championship last season.


9:45 pm: Pre race ceremonies are held before the race. Prior to the Sarasaland national anthem a moment of silence was held for recently deceased FIA F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting who died earlier today in Australia for the Australian Grand Prix. Following the anthem, the drivers get into their vehicles.


9:55 pm: Engines have fired and the formation lap has begun.


While the karts are doing their lap, here is the starting grid for tonight's Birabuto Kingdom Grand Prix:


Row 1 - Fuzzer, Daisy, Mario, Luigi

Row 2 - Fox, Krystal, Peach, Rosalina

Row 3 - Captain Falcon, Jody Summer, Toad, Toadette

Row 4 - Triforcemaster, Zelda, Yoshi, Birdo

Row 5 - Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong

Row 6 - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Banjo, Kazooie

Row 7 - Pit, Palutena, Kirby, King Dedede

Row 8 - Louie, Olimar, Sonic, Amy Rose

Row 9 - Wolf, Dash, Megaman, Zero

Row 10 - Pikachu, Pichu, Akari Hayami, Ryota Hayami


DNF: Kirby, Olimar, Louie, Sonic, Amy, Dedede, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Fox, Toad, Toadette, 


Lap 1: The 40 kart field lines up at the starting line to begin the race and the 2019 MKRA season. Lakitu comes to the start holding the starting lights, which begins the countdown. Lights are green and it's time to bring the action. A great start for all drivers as they complete the first lap of 2019 with no issues.


Lap 5: Daisy gets by Fuzzer for the lead to the delight of the home crowd. Meanwhile, the newly prompted teams are doing a great job moving through the pack early. Helping things out is a 5 car pileup involving Kirby, Louie, Olimar, Sonic and Amy after King Dedede intentionally tapped his own teammate for reasons unknown, sending the lightweight into the path of the others.


Lap 7: Race control wastes no time black flagging Dedede for the intentional wreck on his teammate, though he says on team radio that it was a mistake, the replay angles race control had showed otherwise. He's down a lap as a result of this.


Lap 10: On the restart, Luigi makes a daring move into the first turn, going four wide past Mario, Fuzzer and Daisy into the lead. It only leads him into the slower dirt though and he loses the lead moments later. Oops.


Lap 13: Dedede thought he could cut through the middle of the quicksand pit by gunning his kart at max speed and ends up getting swallowed in the middle, needing to be rescued by Lakitu and ending his race. He's not happy with his own stupidity, though he does make amends with Kirby in the team garage thankfully for his wreck earlier.


Lap 15: Fox and Krystal have found themselves behind Fuzzer and Daisy and the two foxes are threatening to take the lead with 5 laps until the first pit stops.


Lap 20: First round of pit stops are done and everyone but Akari and Ryota Hayami came down pit road as the two Japanese drivers want to lead a few laps and maybe pit when the next yellow waves. Hope it pays off.


Lap 23: And pay off, it does. Bowser and Donkey Kong wreck each other and take each other out. The Hayami siblings can go down pit road and do their service without the tanks tunning dry.


Lap 25: Fox gets a good jump at the restart and takes the lead from Daisy. Krystal follows through and takes second place too.


Lap 29: Elsewhere in the field, Jody Summer and Rosalina have found themselves trading 5th and 6th place so often, they don't notice Peach make a daring three wide pass to get by both of them for 5th.


Lap 30: Not much to report right now but Bowser and DK aren't happy with each other given the wreck earlier as the two giants got into a crazy brawl in the garage area trading blows at each other with their respective teams trying to get the two separated, though given the sizes of Bowser and DK, that's easier said than done.


Lap 35: You know, when Peppy tells Fox to do a Barrell roll, something tells me getting into a huge rollover following a blown tire in a banked corner is NOT what the hare meant. Sadly, he's done.


Lap 40: Second round of pits stops have ended and Delta Sarasaland stay 1-2 as a result. No one made any crazy strategies this time.


Lap 45: Krystal and Daisy have exchanged the lead several times since the pit stop and it seems the two women could be 1-2 when it's done. But with 15 laps left, anything could happen.


Lap 50: Toad and Toadette both have an unfortunate crash and are done.


Lap 55: 5 laps left and Krystal leads Daisy, but not by much. This looks to be a fun battle to the last lap.


Lap 59: Getting close to the final lap and it's still Daisy and Krystal but Fuzzer and Mario might have something to say about it if the two leaders do something crazy.


Lap 60: With so many lead changes on the final lap, it was clear that Daisy and Krystal would be fighting for the win at the line but this inadvertently allowed others to get in the battle and in a shocker no one saw coming, Fuzzer makes an easy three wide pass on the final stretch around Daisy and Krystal who do finish on the podium though.


Results to come shortly.


Final results:


1. Fuzzer - 25 pts

2. Daisy- 20 pts

3. Krystal - 18 pts

4. Mario - 15 pts

5. Jody Summer - 12 pts

6. Captain Falcon - 10 pts

7. Luigi - 9 pts

8. Wolf - 8 pts

9. Dash - 7 pts

10. TM3 - 6 pts

11. Zelda - 5 pts

12. Peach- 4 pts

13. Rosalina - 3 pts

14. Phoenix Wright - 2 pts

15. Miles Edgeworth - 1 pt

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Whoa...the Hayamis are going for the fuel gamble in the opening race?  Talk about going for the jugular.  Hey...it sucks starting on row 10 but I'm not sure about this move. 


Sounds as though team Krogefour had a difficult time in their first race together.  Maybe they will figure it out soon enough. 


DK and Bowser wrecked into one another?  I can see the Brawl in the garage coming.


edit: yep


Toad and Toadette crashing into one another?  Damn...now that’s something you don’t see every day.  Bad start for Friday’s Fun Guys.


Same as it ever was, 1-2 finish for Delta Sarasaland...not surprising given they were racing at home tonight.  Amazing that Daisy is nipped to the line in Birabuto 2 years in a row

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