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Archer Appreciation Day

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In honor of the 3-13 Archer from Radiant Dawn, the thirteenth day of the third month is dedicated to an underappreciated class in the Fire Emblem series, the Archer.



This year, I would like to declare my appreciation for Jamke, from Genealogy of the Holy War. On top of having an interesting character arc about having to choose between loyalty to his family and doing the right thing, Jamke is also the most balanced husband for Adean, as he grants Lester some good stats without screwing over Lana's.


You may have noticed a small dot on Jamke's forehead. This is because a sniper is constantly aiming at him throughout the entire game, ready to fire at any second. However, he dares not take that shot, for he knows that Jamke is fast enough to take him out with an arrow before the bullet reaches his skull. That's how awesome Jamke is.


So, who are some archers that you feel don't get enough love?

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Niles is the ultimate mage destroyer. Lilina, Reinhardt, Ophelia, Sonya--none of them can scratch him. Hits like a truck with his special active, with a beautiful stat spread to boot. He's carried me through almost every Aether Raid we've fought. I want to give him Sabotage Atk, but I think it'd be better to have that on a teammate while I find a Null C-Disrupt for him, so he clears out Veronica and stops getting countered by Firesweep + Poison Strike users.




I use Leon with Corrin's Yato to solo plenty of content. I haven't figured out how to get his stat spread to look as good, though. Debuff the enemy team and hit them with Vantage while healing.


And, as always, the 3-13 archer is a legend. You must always support him and ensure that he survives to return to his family.

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Posted (edited)

My FEH Jamke was the result of trying to make a decent anti-bow/dagger unit none of my other Jugdral heroes could scratch. 

He's been one of the most surprisingly good characters: 





So let us appreciate the prince of verdane. 


Edit: also shout out to 3-13 archer who will inevitably save my ass when I play more radiant dawn. 

Edited by Ares

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This meme immediately came to my mind upon seeing this thread. Not that I'm actually familiar enough with the Fire Emblem series to do it great justice, and certain choices were thrown in there for humor.


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I honestly don't remember enough about Shinnon asides from him being unlikable. I could have easily placed Takumi in the center square as well.


Or Rebecca's FEH art. I remember her FEH art gettinga lot of hate. Also Lyn probably doesn't belong here at all.

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Shinon in Radiant Dawn is literally the best archer in the series. His stats are all nuts and he eventually gets a range of 1-3. And his VA in the cutscene is actually really good, which is worth a whole lot of points considering that every other VA in that game requires a new word to be added to the English language to describe just how much better the world could've been without having heard them.

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8 minutes ago, Ares said:

"Soren, always lost on your books." 


The line that led the world's duckiest "wah!" 

Especially weird when you consider that Lani Minela also voiced Micaiah in RD, only to get replaced by Veronica Taylor in Heroes.

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Jamke is godlike
Rebecca in my last FE7 playthrough was RNG blessed and beefy as hell
so did Florina who maxed out on strength several levels before promotion.
so my archer was blessed and florina ate through units so fast i didn't have to care about enemy archers
that was a great playthrough lmao

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