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Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

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Ah yes. The movie that serves someone other than straight white men is such a "polarizing film".


God forbid something be made for someone other than you for once in your life.

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Urg... I'm seeing articles now that say that Disney has confirmed that they manipulated perception of the film. Are these reports reallt true, or are they blown way out of context?

Also, regarding Disney in general, they seemed to have garnered a lot of hate recently despite their recent successes. All around I still see more videos criticizing even its highest-rated films like The Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet than praising them, saying they are just rehashing other films and the like. And then there's the fact that people think that Disney is bribing critics to give them favorable reviews. What exactly is making people so distrustful of Disney. Is there really any truth to their claims, with all the influence Disney has? I just really can't stand all this negativity.

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Personally, I thought the movie was fine. I wouldn't say it was anything spectacular but for a Marvel movie it's pretty much what you expect nowadays. As far as the "SJW/feminist messages" I don't think it was as prominent as some suggest. There was a line that said "let's show these boys how we do it," pretty harmless IMO. It did take place in the 90's, and briefly addressed the fact that it was a time that female Air Force pilots weren't a thing and it was fairly new to have them, so it's not like that line was out of place or "forced." Besides that there were a few scenes of the main character being talked down/bullied by various men in her life but I feel it was to add to the narrative rather than "sending a message." As far as the acting, there is a narrative reason for how stiff Brie Larson acts but I can see why it would still turn some people from the movie. The first 20 minutes were pretty boring because of this I would say, it definitely picks up once she hits Earth though.


Overall, decent movie. Not necessary prior to seeing Endgame but if you know jack shit about Captain Marvel, like I did, you may want to give it a look.


The less important details, I've seen rumors about empty theaters. When I saw it yesterday the theater was damn near packed, I would usually chalk that up to living in a more populated area but it was a Sunday night, not really movie prime time for this area. Was surprised to see so many people around that time, so I'm not sure what to make of all that.

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15 hours ago, Vector said:

Urg... I'm seeing articles now that say that Disney has confirmed that they manipulated perception of the film. Are these reports reallt true, or are they blown way out of context?

While I can't speak to "bribing critics," there is no denying the influence of Disney has. 


I think this image might demonstrate why people distrust Disney. Outside of the obvious, Disney has its hands in Vice Media, A&E, the History Networks, Lifetime, Sphero, Photobucket, GoPro, National Geographic, Sky and Hulu. Disney is, quite frankly, massive, and only growing bigger. 


Given its size, there is no doubt in my mind that Disney manipulated public perception of Captain Marvel. But then again, there is no doubt in my mind that Disney manipulates public perception of any of its products. They are in the position to do so, and I don't trust any corporation not to take advantage of that position. 


This discussion of media conglomerates is likely not the answer you were seeking, but it's something I try to remember when discussing there large multi-national corporations. They're everywhere and involved in everything, and likely impact you in ways you don't realize.

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