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If Nintendo had a 2D fighter that isn't Smash...

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...who would be in the roster? Who would you like to see in a 2D fighter like Guilty Gear or Dragonball FighterZ? 


One catch though, you can't pick anyone that appeared in Smash already, both playable and as assists/Poké Balls. Preferably try to pick first party characters at the top of your head!

My pick would be Mike Jones from StarTropics, that one first party game that's in limbo for decades now.

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--lots of magic powers and his spells could transform areas of the stage.



--He could do some nasty attacks with those claws and he would be pretty fast as canon from his races in SMRPG.



--his gas bubbles and veggie tossing would be tons of moves :D


Boom Boom Koopa

--he'd be a heavy weight with some nasty fist fighting moves


_____  the main guy from Kung Fu.

--he'd have all the basic karate moves right out the game.


_____ character that could switch up from World Cup Soccer, Super Spike Volleyball ect from that line of characters from those games.

--kind of a rotating set of moves based on which skin you play as.

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Assists as in Assist Trophies, right?


1. Sylux

2. Gengar

3. Fawful

4. Fiora

5. Tharja

6. Urbosa

7. Twintelle

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