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Nintendo Direct 02.13.2019 - 2:00PM PT - 5:00PM ET

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Listening to that hammy guy trying to narrate the dramatic trailers... just stop. Go home. Nintendo, you have other people.


And that entire Dragon Quest trailer was the most pompous and masturbatory video game announcement I've ever seen. I thought it was summarizing this generic JRPG prince for a Smash reveal, but nope--it was just the developers splooging all over my computer screen for five minutes.

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5 minutes ago, Eliwood8 said:

Gonna have to rewatch the Direct later because my stream kept cutting out for some reason. Quick thoughts right now though:


- Super Mario Maker 2 looks great!

- Boxboy is back! I'm quite behind on the series though—I still need to play the third game.

- What a tease with the Smash Ultimate update.

- Dragon Quest XI S is so far away! Still looking forward to it though.

- Oninaki from Square Enix seems like it could be interesting, and I'm always down for an RPG. I'm kind of getting I Am Setsuna vibes from it though, which was overall a disappointing game. Have to keep an eye on previews and impressions for this one.

- Fire Emblem: Three Houses: to be honest I'm not loving this setting/backstory, but the battle system still looks good.

- I'd totally forgotten Daemon X Machina was even a thing. I'm down to try the demo though.

- Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice on the Switch: interesting. Been meaning to play this for a long time, now I guess I'll give it a go on the Switch.

- Astral Chain: I liked what I was seeing in the trailer, and hearing Platinum Games is developing only further piques my interest.

- Link's Awaking remake: yeah I'm down for a LA remake. It's not a Zelda game I remember super well so I'd gladly replay an updated version.

Link's Awakening has a special place in my heart. Before Breath of The Wild came along, it was my favorite Zelda game. If you're wondering, I have yet to play and finish ALTTP and WW, and SS. And sorry if my obvious bias is showing, I actually have fond memories of that game in particular.  


As long as they don't mess with a good amount of things (looking at you Let's Go cash grabs), then I'll still declare my hype for that game. They better not do it! THEY BETTER- *sleepszzzz*

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Tetris.. YES


BoxBoy+ Box Girl ..YES

--loved the 3DS original 3 and with now multiple player types and new powers this is a must have for any puzzle fan.


Links Awakening...  YES


Yoshi looking even better....


That Spring Smash update.... Joker... + more.... and they way he kept saying Spring I wonder if there is a ARMS character on the way.

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3 hours ago, Tyranogre said:

At the price you can get it used for, go for it.


The main reason I want it on Switch is so it can get a second chance from people who ignored it because it was on the Wii U.

I figured but I'm curious to see what enhancements they have for Switch if whatever they bring aboard is not worth paying full price I'll get on Wii U.


I have to believe this coming to Switch, please.

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I... really don't know what to make of 3H. It's hard to tell if the game looks underwhelming or the presentation was bad. Like, it looks like Hogwartz Professor Simulator 2019. 


And the three routes isn't giving me good vibes. I feel what hurt Fates a lot is how much if its content was spread over three routes (especially in the narrative department) so... hmmm. 


Other thoughts:


  • SMM2 looks great. 
  • Glad to see Rune Factory isn't dead. 
  • DQXIS is getting orchestrated music? In the west??? Surely I misheard something. 
  • DQB2 is something I'm really excited for. It's like mine craft but looks less, uhh, blocky and I think my bf and I will waste hours on that game with coop. 
  • Final fantasy ix is today? I might get it. It's best FF game 


It was honestly a pretty solid direct, I just wish 3H looked better. 

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Lots of interesting stuff, also lots of kind of filler but oh well that's expected. 


Mario Maker 2 looks pretty neat. I never got that into making levels but I actually really liked just picking it up to try other people's levels though the "play themselves" or brutally difficult levels got a bit old there were still a good deal of creative ones out there.


I'm glad we got a timeframe for Joker and a peek at his model. The fact that they're billing it as 3.0 is also kind of neat. I hope that means we can expect hefty updates. As much as fighting games can benefit from some consistency having content updates after the game releases would be awesome. Smash already has good replayability (at least for multiplayer) but actual updates could make it even better.


Final Fantasy VII release date. Even though it's just a port I'm actually pretty excited about this. I played FF VII way back when within the first couple year it came out. Got to the final areas and my memory card wiped itself because it was a cheap third party one. Always kind of regretted that I never finished it. The switch version is an excuse to finally go back and do that. 


Fire Emblem was, of course, the highlight to me. I could (and may) do a whole post on my thoughts on it but some quick thoughts. Not sure I'm a fan of the school theme. Having the main hub is kind of cool and it plays into the unit building well. However, it also made a lot of the characters kind of fail to stand out IMO and I don't really like that most of the characters are essentially high schoolers. I get that the ages of characters in the other games aren't typically all that far off from that, but the theme being an actual school makes it more noticeable. I'm really just eager to see more. There are still a lot of questions, is MU customizable beyond gender? How big a difference does house choice make? Is it like 3 distinct storylines or the same story with different units? 


Link's Awakening remake is certainly interesting and I'm always happy for more Zelda. A little unsure about the style though. Didn't like it much at all on the first viewing but it's growing on me a bit. It's one of the Zelda games I've never beat so having a remastered version will be a good excuse to get it done.


A few of the other games looked interesting but nothing really high upon my radar. 


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Yay, for SMM 2


I'm DLing that Yoshi Crafted World Demo as I speak


I'm DLing that Daemon X Machina Demo as I speak


Purchased FFXI


End of April for Joker but no trailer for him. I expect to see a trailer in the next month. In the meanwhile are we just gonna have meaningless updates until 3.0.0. Spring is a bit of a way from now if Joker is in by late April


FE: Three House. I need to play this at public event for 20 minutes or something because there isn't going to be demo of this. I need sit down with this before I put money behind this, tho I've made the decision to go the path of Claude. I think if know more about this teachers visions he sees then maybe I can feel something with this game but it's meh. And that release date for July 26th. That was a shock, wow. I hope the wait is worth it because what was shown shows it needs more time shows what it still hiding


I think I bought the first BOXBOY on 3DS, I'll get this, I think


Astral Chains look cool.


LA, huh? I was a bit taken back with that artstyle it reminds of 3D Dot Heroes. (never played the game, but I'm getting that vibe) Looks like this game is using UE4, that's just clean game with that artstyle.


I can't remember anything but that's that comes to mind that stood out in that direct.

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I can't say I'm all that excited about Fire Emblem: Hogwarts Edition, and I'm really hoping it grows on me. But I know it won't. If anything this new direction further distances the series from what I loved about Fire Emblems 6-10. A really good story could offset the terrible worldbuilding, but after Fates I'm not optimistic. We'll have to wait for more details. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but... eh. 


Bloodstained is looking excellent, however, and though I'm still convinced a 2D art style looks a lot nicer for this type of game, the game itself looks like the return to form we've been waiting for. I loved Curse of the Moon, so this is on my radar now.


Mario Maker 2 was a smart move. I don't know if I'll go for it, but it'll be a lot of fun to watch the streamers. I've been interested in picking up Rune Factory for a few years now, and I'll be excited to try out 4 when it comes to Switch. Also, did anyone else catch the massive drop in framerate during Assassin's Creed III? If it's anything to go by, I wouldn't be surprised if the port ends up completely butchered. Just speaks of the state of things at Ubisoft and EA, I guess.


It looks like I got my wish for a new top-down Zelda with Link's Awakening, though I was kind of hoping for a new game instead. I've never been of the mind that the Game Boy Zeldas are in need of a visual update, and I'm not in love with the new art style, or that slightly off-key flute instrumentation that keeps finding its way into games like Kirby and Yoshi. But I won't deny I'm interested. 


I'm a little disappointed Smash got so little coverage, but I suppose it can't eat up every Direct. I can wait until April. Surprisingly, the show-stopper for me was Astral Chain. It was Nier Automata that put Platinum on the map for me. And cyborg police protecting future city from interdimensional aliens sounds right up my alley. The gameplay and music seem to echo Nier Automata, too. Now as long as the story avoids anime pitfalls this could be my most anticipated game this year. 

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I finally got a chance to watch then Direct and it was pretty good.


When I saw that Tetrminio silhouette....



Nintendo: LOL! Nope Tetris 99!

Me: T____T  💔

Nintendo: FREE for NSO members

Me: FREE Tetris? AWWW HELL YEAH!!!! \(^o^)/


Link's Awakening remake was a huge surprise. Not sure how much I want a LoZ:LA remake, but that art style is adorable! ^_^ 


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I agree, 3Houses is looking pretty meh right now...


Yay for more info about DQXI! :) Minus the over-selling, of course. DQB2 also looks good.


Downloaded FFIX. Looking forward to it as I never got the chance to play it.


Mario Maker looks fun... might get it this time.


Yay for Yoshi! Looking forward to that...


Ooh an update for Starlink. :o That’s unexpected...


Happy about Link’s Awakening, not loving the chibi style right now, though.

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I guess the racing update for Starlink was what people mistook for a "Star Fox Grand Prix" game from leaked screenshots or something, but I'm cool with it. Astral Chains and Castlevania Bloodstained seem like good potential/eventual investments for me as well. Mostly everything else was just kinda there for me, but overall decent for a February direct. Things like Prime Trilogy Switch port can still be revealed later.

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40 minutes ago, alienboyva said:

I finally got a chance to watch then Direct and it was pretty good.


When I saw that Tetrminio silhouette....



Nintendo: LOL! Nope Tetris 99!

Me: T____T  💔

Nintendo: FREE for NSO members

Me: FREE Tetris? AWWW HELL YEAH!!!! \(^o^)/


Link's Awakening remake was a huge surprise. Not sure how much I want a LoZ:LA remake, but that art style is adorable! ^_^ 


It's worth it! Just tried it out and got 44/99. Not too bad for a first time. Not a huge fan of the busy screen though. That's a bit of a negative to me.

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Link's Awakening remake had me giddy.  The moment I realized what the opening animation was...boiiiiiiiiii, it was on!


Astral Chain looks intense.  Not sure why, but when I was first watching it I was kind of getting Xeno vibes from it, in fact early on in the trailer when the characters were transforming or whatever this darkish cube appeared which made me think of "core crystal".  But hey, a cool looking action game from Platinum and I'm already there.  I am disappointed about the lack of visual Bayonetta 3 progress updates.


Starlink update was funny to see because my bro just recently beat the game and now there's even more content on the way.  Not all that surprised because I think the game performed best on Switch, no contest and that was no in doubt helped by the Star Fox addition.


Daemon X Machina...gotta play the demo.  Glad for that update from the Direct at least!


Yoshi's Crafted World continues to look as charming and fun as it always has.  Didn't even realize a demo for it is out there now too which my brother just told me about a few moments ago!


Tetris 99 I want to try too and it's funny seeing people dub it as a battle royale game but it fits.


Fire Emblem Three Houses.  I want to see more from the game but I thought it looked nice.  It's definitely a different kind of setting so I'm curious to see how all of that plays out.


Dragon Quest XI S, I definitely plan to get.  Even if it was a straight port that was the plan but I like all of the new additions they're throwing in.  One of the earliest announced Switch titles even before it began proper Switch development and it's finally on the way!


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 I can't wait to play.  Definitely want to play through it with my bro like we did with MUA2 years ago on Wii.


Mario Maker 2 was an interesting surprise especially after the expectation that a Wii U port would be the likely candidate.


Plenty more I can comment on later like FFIX being surprise released, Rune Factory 5 announcement, some of the upcoming RPGs and many others but this will do for now.

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I was looking forward to a new console Fire Emblem but gosh that school premise is a huge turn off. Spare me your "you can't judge after only 5 minutes and not buying the full game first." That's the tag for this game they decided to go with and I haven't any interest. I'm sure there's gonna be some big bad army we gotta rise against to save the world, but they only showed us some ritzy school for rich kids thing. I feel like it's a trailer for Captain America but only showing the parts where he's asking a girl out to coffee, hitting a punching bag, then going to a ball. Just doesn't do anything for me, but I hope the other fans of the series enjoy it.


I wish I liked platformers because I'd probably have enjoyed this Direct more. Without any sign of Animal Crossing or something else new I'd want to play I'm just left somewhat underwhelmed. Guess we'll try again in a few months for the next Direct.


I hope that Marvel game isn't terrible. I like the idea behind it but those have a nasty habit of being short and shallow.

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Super Mario Maker 2 - I like this. And considering I never bought the first one, can’t complain too much now that it’s on Switch


I’m liking all the new items and features- especially the 3D World stuff


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - I may consider this? I did like the first one, but can’t say the same about the second one... so...


Oninaki - This looks quite interesting- will keep my eye on this game, could be fun


Astral Chain - aside from the trailer... I’m not exactly sure what this is? Looks quite intriguing though, another one I’ll keep my eye on


The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening - this looks quite lovely. Want.


Fire Emblem Three Houses - Looks nice


Daemon x Machina - still looks nice, will play the Demo when i get to download it


Captain Toad DLC: This was an interesting  surprise - wasn’t expecting that at all, I don’t own it, but I did like the Demo


Might be a good opportunity to buy the Bundle?


Starlink: More Starfox content is quite nice - don’t own the game, so...


BoxBoy + BoxGirl: May consider this? I’m not exactly great at some puzzle games, so I don’t know?


Dragon Quest Builders 2: Though I don’t own the first one, I did like the Demo - so may like this one?


Rune Factory 4/5: I... don’t know?


Tetris 99: Can’t wait to play Tetris Battle Royale... /s


In all seriousness this does look interesting - wish we could just get a new standard Tetris game or Tetris effect (Something along the lines of Tetris DS would be cool, honestly)


Though I don’t have the Online subscription yet, so.... will be awhile before I’d be able to play it, I think


Deltarune: This is quite nice to see, though considering how well Undertale did on Switch, I’m not too fully surprised this made the jump to Console, tbh


On that note, Undertale is on sale on the Eshop currently... should pick that up - been wanting to play that for awhile 


Unraveled 2: Seeing this on Switch is surprising and unexpected- looks pretty, though I’m not 100% sure on it


Chocobos Mystery Dungeon- honestly, aside from Builders, I can’t say I really care for Dragon Quest Games


Though I mildly get Pokémon Mystery Dungeon vibes from this, so... I may like this? Not sure


Yoshis Crafted World - Demo is quite nice, will play when I’m able to download the Demo


Smash: 3.0,Joker, and new Amiibo releasing - I don’t know if there’s too much to say?


Though late, just some mild thoughts on the things that interested me or peaked my curiosity


Slightly lengthy, so in spoiler  

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Super Mario Maker 2 :D

Link's Awakening :)

Yoshi's Crafted World :)

Astral Chain :o

Fire Emblem The Three Houses :o

Oninaki :o


I think the worst part of the Direct was the Smash Brothers Ultimate update reveal. I don't want to hear and don't really care about Smash unless there's a new fighter announcement or footage. I thought that was a waste of time that could've been used to show a bit more footage of either Super Mario Maker 2 or Link's Awakening. Super Mario Maker 2 is such a creative and social gaming experience, it won this Direct by a long shot and June is not that far off. Just please make sure everything that got shown today is in the game from the start. I'll be getting my NSO membership when that game releases.


With the exception of Three Houses and Oninaki, I'm leaning towards buying the rest of the list with SMM2 and LA being the must-haves. I was surprised by how much better FE looked over the course of today's footage in comparison to what was shown before where it was just a couple of characters, a battle in a generic grass area and some castle roaming. Having never played a FE game, it's going to be more of a gamble to pay $60 for anything coming from this IP, but I've moved from indifference to interest. Oninaki's theme interests me more than anything else, and I think something with a darker theme will better balance the year for me.


When I saw Astral Chain, I was convinced it was being developed by Monolift Soft until I saw the names being shown actually responsible for the game. It reminded me a lot of the Drivers and Blades from XC2 and Torna in concept with Astral Chain's protagonist(s). Platinum Games is usually very good at action games, so this game is definitely on my radar. When more footage is shown in another Direct, I think I'll be convinced to purchase the game.


What was shown today for Yoshi's Crafted World was exactly the kind of footage I wanted to see when they instead decided to drop that story trailer a while ago. This game looks really good to me and it seems to have very inspired level design. I'll probably buy Crafted World and I think it'll keep me entertained enough before most of my attention shifts to Super Mario Maker 2.


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