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Secret of Mana "trilogy" might actually be coming to NA

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Not the only one putting it out there as there have been some other youtubers putting out something similar along the lines of what is said here.


Man, if that trilogy hit I'd be down to get it for sure.... and their wording kind of reads like maybe it gets the Octopath Traveler visual upgrade.

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Trademark speculation always feels pretty futile but I do still have my fingers crossed that Square Enix will localize the Seiken Densetsu collection.

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If the compilation is coming I probably wouldn't expect it getting the Octopath treatment.  My guess is that those filings are rather independent of each other unless it's expected that Square Enix is really gonna jump out the box and revamp it with their whole HD-2D special sauce, which would be awesome, don't get me wrong.  But I hope the collection comes over as I'd love to play SD3 again ^_^

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