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The MK 9/MKU argument based on MK8/8DLX (IGN NVC)

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Minute 31-36 for NVC segment pertaining to OP.




Their discussion got me thinking...


2014 MK8

2017 MK8DLX

*prior console entry was '08 with Wii

*prior portable entry '11 with MK7


Sales of 8DLX on Switch....


Their points of advancing to 9  **OR** Ultimate....


Ultimate thoughts based on Smash Ultimate being a thing....


Mario Kart Tour coming this year....




8DLX is selling SO well it would be hard for me to say 9/U could be coming "soon" but it has been a WHILE since the last original entry however, 8/8DLX was basically, with all the DLC add ons 1.5 worth of a Mario Kart game so its not like we got the normal amount of tracks and have been in a waiting pattern, the DLC added nearly another half of game content to the overall package.


I don't think they drop 9/U this year .... but.... Mario Kart Tour.....  is that the consideration of the next MK entry?  Is it the in between title till the next one arrives?  Is it the companion piece to a all new game?


Would the platform of MK8 get a DLC pack and update to tie it into MKT?


Would the sales figures for Smash Ultimate get them back in gear to grind out a similar package for Mario Kart?  All racers, all tracks w' all engine classes ( 200cc mirror? ), all battle arenas w' all modes, MKDD option?,  ... some new content to freshen it up?  *IF* the pulled it off they could DLC pack out "the new thing for 9" to be add ons to the core "Ultimate" title.

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It's hard to predict where Nintendo is going to go with Mario Kart. They literally had to do no work with MK8DX and it's already the best selling game on the Switch at 15 million units (just shows how many people didn't have a Wii U). Since it just continues to sell, I would think Nintendo would ride this out as long as possible. Once sales start to decline I could see them releasing a MK9. Though, that very well may end up being near the end of Switch's life span, but at that point they'd probably just hold off on MK9 until the next system. I know MK8 is getting long in the tooth, but I personally, am not in the least bit board with it and I've been playing it pretty much every week in our Mario Kart nights since it launched back in 2014. If Nintendo has no plans for a MK9 anytime soon, I do feel like they need to add some substantial new content to MK8DX and not just what they've done with previous free content updates, especially if they wan't to entice players to pay/continue to pay for online. I could see them possibly adding connectivity with MKT + new amiibo outfits (free update) a new battle mode/2 arenas (1 retro/1 new) and/or 1-2 new cups (DLC)...Or dare I say a Double Dash mode. Hell they could just give this away for free to 1-year NSO members (enticing people to get NOS for a year) and make it paid for everyone else (Still being a bit cheaper than 1-year NSO). 


I feel like MKT is going to be Nintendo experimenting with MK to see if it would work as a service based game, where they keep adding content to it. With these smaller free content updates to MK8DX it seems they may already want to do this, but aren't sure if would go over well. As for MKU, I'd love it if they did this. I'd really loved to have all my favorite tracks/battle arenas all in one game. Especially, a rainbow cup with all the Rainbow Roads in it. If Nintendo went this route, they should just go full on Nintendo Kart (obviously keeping the Mario Kart name for brand recognition) with adding more tracks/characters from non-mario Nintendo franchises. Also, If they went this route, I could see this being the service based MK game as mention before.


So, who knows what Nintendo is going to do with Mario Kart?...


Earliest we could see MK9: 2020 announcement / 2021-2022 release

Latest we could see MK9: Launch window for the Switch's successor 

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I actually wonder if maybe Nintendo might skip a brand new Mario Kart for this gen just looking at how well MK8D is doing.  I wouldn't mind if they started up doing DLC for it again though to keep things fresh and push off a need for a new entry if that's the case but it's just an idea.  If a MK9 does come around though I think they might continue what they've been doing lately and have a mix of new tracks and old but I'd like to see more love given to battle mode to drop some new ideas and game types in there.  I'm also still pretty keen on them doing something similar to Mission Mode from MKDS.

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In kind of wanting to keep this macro in nature and to reply to some of the  ideas stated:


I think there is merit to the discussion of the franchise going Mario Kart or Nintendo Kart.

--All the non-Mario content in 8....  tracks, racers, karts, kart parts, Mii outfits.

--Not sure how I'd feel about it they did it but that content in 8 was fun to race as...

--...I just feel Smash  or a Nintendoland game is the best type of game to be a all-star Nintendo cast kind of game


Battle Mode really ought be upgraded to make it as desirable as the racing IMO.

--SMK, MK64, and MKWii probably had the best battle allotments overall.  Most of the other games had a few hit arenas but the duds were pretty lame.  I think the mode is as key to the game as the racing.

--I like having all the options at my fingertips for setting up battles: balloon, coin rush, bob-omb blast, shine thief....   and I think going team or 1v1v.... set up is a good idea.


Mission Mode from MKDS as a successor...

--Personally, I am neither here nor there on it returning.  I never got overly into it in MKDS.

--I'd argue Time Trials would be part of this.... and honestly, unless Time Trials unlock something for me to use, I don't really do them.

--Maybe a challenges kind of thing.... tied to performing tasks on the race track such as grabbing all the red coins but having to finish under a certain time limit, having to use certain items to destroy targets...., hold a drift ...


Something to factor in is "Kart" or Motorsports

--They have, as of the latest game basically gone to three classes of vehicles: Karts, Bikes, and ATVs -- another class?  better distinction between ATV and Kart?

--Consider the DKR system of land, water, and air vehicle transformations?


I think it is about time to look into 

--More amiibo related Mii racing outfits.

--Alt colors/costumes for racers like in Smash

--I think there is room for being able to custom color your kart and kart parts.


Double Dash mode making a comeback...

--There are more than enough characters to do it...

--I think the catch is the vehicle designs to accommodate it --and then you have to think about the glider aspect which I doubt they drop.

--Would it be its own mode with a new set of vehicles modified for the usage of that mode?





I can't see MKT not having some sort of tie in to MK8DLX ...for content management, ghost trading, unlock management, MK8 stats tracking ect....

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The idea of a Nintendo Kart has been a popular idea kicked around for a while but I almost feel like at that point you might as well remove Mario Kart from the equation altogether and create a whole new karting franchise that does more than simply being Mario Kart but with guest characters.  Otherwise they could do something like Mario Kart: Nintendo Tour or Nintendo All Stars and have it that way but if they're going to include more and more non Mario characters they might as well revamp aspects of the game entirely.  I wouldn't mind seeing them ape Diddy Kong Racing and having different vehicles for different types of traversal.

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