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Mario Kart Tour | 🕹️Mario Bros. Tour (2/26 - 3/11) 🌐Multiplayer coming 3/8!

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On 8/12/2020 at 4:37 PM, purple_beard said:

Because MKT is free to play, so they got to make money through trying to sell the rubies for players to try and get cool looking characters/costumes/karts that contain score boosts along with a monthly subscription that unlocks more stuff.

Meanwhile MK8DLX was just a port of MK8, but with proper battle arenas, all the dlc from the original MK8, plus inklings and an unlockable Gold Mario skin for Metal Mario.


I swear if a lot of the assets from MKT don’t get used for the next Mario Kart, I’m going to be disappointed. Especially since we’ve been stuck with Mario Kart 8 since 2014.

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Well I recently took the plunge and got into this game. It’s quite fun in and of itself, but the micro transactions are annoying. Also strangely expensive? Like, would I really spend $50 to get access to one character and kart, and a handful of gems? Nope...


Here’s my friend code if anyone besides @The Albraskanstill plays. Thanks for being my first friend by the way. :P 


4537 5436 4647

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So I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but if I have here I’ll just say it again. 


So outside the micro transactions and the fact this mobile game has more content than Mario Kart 8 DLX, Is have to say my biggest problem with this “game” is it not letting me play the damn thing.

This problem is most likely because I’m still on an iPhone 6+ that’s not at the latest(or final) update because I usually hear that most updates for the iPhones apple puts up screw things up somehow. So maybe that’s the reason why my game crashes so damn often. But when I do get lucky enough to have the race start, I swear that most of the times I get first, the game will crash before I get to the results screen. What sucks about that is you won’t get the tour stars for your race, and you’ll lose experience because the game either counts it as quitting or getting last place for some reason. I think it’s mostly on the tracks that have too much going on and are too long in general. 


I guess in general is is if I want to play this game anymore, I’ll probably have to get a newer phone. So until then i guess I’ll have to stop playing the game again.


Also thank you @DranSeasona for the friend request, you and someone else got me the one friend registration challenge complete, and it finished off a challenge card. I’m just sorry my game has had problems witch hinders my ability to play MKT. It might be a good thing ironically.

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Thanking Dran.
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