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Mario Kart Tour | 🎈🎈🎈 Battle Mode arrives 10/5!

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This is probably obscure old and/or currently unrelated news, but it’s MKT related enough for me.

So I was watching Wario Land videos, and a specific one from The Lonely Goomba about Wario Land 1 caught my eye. Keep in mind I haven’t spent as much time in WL1 compared to 2, 3, and 4 since I didn’t get WL1 until the 3DS VC got it. And even then I hardly spent time playing it. Anyways moving on…
Depending on how many coins a treasures you get at the end of the game, you get different endings. These endings are Wario getting various houses, castles, and the moon if you get the best ending. However one of these castles is a Japanese styled castle according to the video. 
When I saw that, I immediately thought if Mario Kart Tour’s Ninja Hideaway track is a call-back reference to one of Wario Land’s endings. I know when Ninja Hideaway was released in Tour, it was mainly Shy Guy themed since Ninja Shy Guy was one of the high tier characters introduced during the tour the track debuted in. But if you pay some attention to the track’s decorations, you’ll notice that some of the decorations are of Wario’s W emblem, his nose and mustache, and garlic in gold. I was always curious to why Ninja Hideaway has some references to Wario when there’s so many ninja Shy Guys around the place? After watching that video though, it makes more sense to me. I wouldn’t have guessed to what I thought was a random track idea for MkT to be a reference to one of WL1’s endings. That’s pretty cool. If it wasn’t the intention, then that’s a heck of a coincidence.


tl:dr Just possibly found out why there’s Wario stuff in Ninja Hideaway, all because of a Wario Land video I watched on YouTube.

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