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Video Games Finished in 2019

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Welcome to Video Games Finished in 2019! 


If you participated in prior years, you probably have an idea of what you're getting into. But if you haven't? Welcome! We encourage you to play video games. And more than just play, we encourage you to beat those video games! Do you have a backlog? Let's try to reduce that! 


As I'm flying by the seat of my pants here, there will be some kinks to iron out. But one thing we know is we'll be beating video games! So, without further ado...



We're using the same criteria as the past few years:
When you beat a game, post the name and the system. That’s it. 

No photo needed. We're going by the honor system here! So don't lie! After all, it's your backlog, so the lie hurts you most of all. 

You are encouraged, but by no means required, to comment upon or rate the games you've beaten. Was it good? Was it garbage? Let us know! Or don't! It's all up to you! 


If you want a way to keep track of your backlog, go to backloggery.



1) Make a new post when you beat a game, so I can easily see it and count it. Game and system is all you have to post. However, having either your first post be a master post or keeping a running total on each new post helps me double check and make sure scores are accurate.

3) You may finish a game you started playing in a prior year and count it. That's fine. HOWEVER, please do not open up a save file from years ago that is right before the final boss, beat it, and then claim beat the game. That's cheap.
4) You can however, feel free to go back to a game you haven't played for year(s), start from the beginning and beat it and count it. That's fine. It is OK to beat the same game multiple years in a row. 

5) Beating a game multiple times in the same year will only count once. This includes the same game on different consoles, remakes, etc. Consideration is offered to DLC campaigns, such as the Octo Expansion and Torna: The Golden Country. 

6) There is no Rule 6. 

7) Digital downloads count for the system you played it on, physical copies count for the system they were made for. 

8) Mobile games in the nature of gatcha, slight story, etc such as; Fire Emblem: Heroes, Puzzle & Dragons, Star Wars: Heroes, etc, can all be considered complete after beating all stages. For example, every story mode and paralogue stage in FE:H, all normal stages in P&D, all light, dark, cantina, and mod battles in SW, etc. These requirements can change if more story missions or stages are added. Just finish the levels available to you. I won't hold it against you if you claim a gatcha game as beaten and more levels are added later. Of course, if this happens, you can't claim to beat the game a second time in the same year. 


1) Console – Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Switch eShop, PSN, XBLA, Atari Jaguar, etc.
2) Handheld – 3DS, DS, Vita, PSP, GBC, 3DS eShop, PSN, Game Gear, etc
3) PC – PC and Steam Box
4) Mobile – Phone and Tablet games. 
5) Overall – Add up all categories above to get a total


NOTE: Since some PSN games have cross save functionality, you pick whether you beat it on PS4/PS3/PSV (if applicable).
NOTE: Physical copies of games count for their original system, digital copies of games count for the system you beat them on. You might remember this as Rule 7! 
NOTE: Emulators count as the copy of the game you must own for it to count. Owning a physical copy of that game counts as the original system, owning a digital copy counts as the system you beat it on (usually PC in this case).



Whoever beats the most games will earn the "Gamer of the Year" rank.



As in years past, picture proof is required for challenges. In fact, we're just recycling the rules from last year.


You beat the challenges, you earn points! This might just be a for-fun sort of thing right now, as I haven't set up any prizes, but we'll see what we can do!


1) You must provide picture proof of each.

2) Your Ninfora username must be visible in the picture.

3) Each person may only beat each challenge once.

4) If beaten on an emulator, you must provide proof of ownership of the legitimate copy (unless otherwise stated).

5) Challenges will be added periodically as people beat the older ones.

6) If a previously beaten game with proof completes a newly added challenge, just make a note of it in your next update post.

7) You are in charge of keeping track of this section if you are participating. I will only be checking to make sure the games you are claiming for each challenge actually meet the credentials. I will not be pouring over games beaten lists to see if you beat challenges and did not post about them.


Bronze (Worth 1 point each) 

1) Tenth Anniversary: Beat a game initially released in 2009.

2) And They're Off: Beat a racing game.

3) Simply Spooky & Scary: Beat a horror game

4) When In Rome: Beat a game with a Roman numeral in the title

5) Do You Guys Not Have Phones?: Beat a mobile game.

6) Super Title 64 Advance: Beat a game with Super, 64 or Advance in the title. 

7) The Power of Disney: Beat a Disney game (non-Marvel/non-Star Wars)

8) Portmanteau: Beat a Metroidvania game. 

9) Baker's Dozen: Beat 13 games.


Silver (Worth 3 points)

1) Three's a Crowd: Beat a Trilogy of games (Such as the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy or the Metroid Prime trilogy). 

2) For Shovelry: Beat three games featuring Shovel Knight.


Gold (Worth 5 points)

1) 50/50 Raffle: Beat 50 games


Platinum (Worth 10 points)



Challenge Game of the Month:

Each month, I will select a newly released video game as a "Challenge Game." Treat this as a bronze challenge. If you beat the Challenge Game, it counts as one challenge point! 

January: Kingdom Hearts III



Username - Games Beaten - Challenge Score


Eliwood8 - 15 - 3

blcdude1 - 6 - 0

XLW - 5 - 0

Malkon - 5 - 0

Young P - 3 - 0

Irondog666 - 3 - 0

Pichi - 2 - 0

EH_STEVE - 2 - 0

Igneous42 - 2 - 0

DLurkster - 2 - 0

mikecamper - 1 - 0

purple_beard - 1 - 0
Art_de_Cat - 1 - 0 


Updated through this post.

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Posted (edited)

Because I'm a greedy, greedy boy, I'm reserving a post for myself!


Console: 5

Handheld: 0

PC: 1

Mobile: 0

Overall: 6



Games Beaten:
1. Katamari Damacy Reroll, Switch

2. Adventures of Lolo, Switch

3. Donkey Kong, Switch

4. Nekopara Extra, PC

5. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Switch

6. Senran Kagura Reflexions, Switch

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Posted (edited)

Eliwood8's Games Beaten in 2019


C : 15

H: 0

P: 0

M: 0

O: 15

Challenges: 3 points


Full games list:



1. Double Cross (Switch) [image]

2. Golf Story (Switch) [image]

3. Undertale (Switch) [image]

4. Spider-Man (PS4) [image]

5. Dead Cells (Switch) [image]

6. YIIK: A Postmodern RPG (Switch) [image]

7. Inside (Switch) [image]

8. Bayonetta (Switch) [image]

9. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (Switch) [image]

10. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Switch) [image]



11. Tales of Vesperia (Switch) [image]

12. Mutant Mudds (Switch) [image]

13. Moonlighter (Switch) [image]

14. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (Switch) [image]

15. Gunhouse (PS4) [image]





Bronze (1 point):

4) When In Rome: Beat a game with a Roman numeral in the title (YIIK: A Postmodern RPG)

6) Super Title 64 Advance: Beat a game with Super, 64 or Advance in the title  (New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe)

9) Baker's Dozen: Beat 13 games


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Posted (edited)

Console - 6
Handheld - 1
PC - 1
Mobile - 0
Overall - 8




Kirby Super Star Ultra for DS. 


It's a fun game, even though it crashed on me a few times. 


Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch. 


Just as fun as I remembered it be. 


Persona 5 for PS4. 


I'm somewhat of an RPG guy, so going into one that hit close to me and has modern conventions really made my purchase. Everything fits together, and although I sometimes found enemy AI cheap at times, I only wanted to get better and improve. I have so much to say about Persona 5... but it would take forever to sum up everything here. You might see it on my Top 100 now... currently at #4.  


2/2- Resident Evil 2 Remake for PS4.  




I played RE0, the REmake, and Resident Evil 3 in preparation of this game and to know what transpired beforehand. Still, I also heard that this game borrowed the over-the-top-shoulder camera from Resident Evil 4, the gunpowder mechanic from Resident Evil 3, and the REngine from Resident Evil 7. Could this remake be just as scary as the original, or possibly even scarier? The game stars Claire Redfield, sister of S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield, and Leon S. Kennedy, a Raccoon City Police Department officer on the first day of his job, as they unexpectedly meet and head to Raccoon City. Although the city of full of zombies, Claire is searching for Chris, while Leon is searching for survivors. A truck rams into the car they're in, and even though they make it out alive, they're separated by an immediate explosion. The two promise to find each other at the police station not far from them. What starts as a rescue turns into a ominous and bizarre night. Claire helps a little girl named Sherry escape, while Leon tries to find the truth behind the whole mess with the assistance of the mysterious Ada Wong, who claims to be an F.B.I. agent. The story might have taken some notes from the first Resident Evil, but the city is a lot bigger than a mansion, and although the city is a lot more explorable in Resident Evil 3, there are few places unique to Resident Evil 2, the Underground Parking Lot and the Sewers. Plus, the cast of Leon, Claire, Sherry, and Ada separate themselves very well from the S.T.A.R.S. group too.  


The music is just as suspenseful as always, and even though there are moments where the contrast of colors seems to murky the sets, this game is really beautifully and a lot more vibrant compared to the other games I've played. The voice acting, like the REmake, is just as good and authentic. 


Now, this is where the game shines the most: the gameplay. Unlike the other games, the two characters get scenarios. The first character a player chooses is the main story, while the other one is a parallel story. Both characters not only have access to different items and weapons, but different entrances, rooms, and locations. It's not like going through the whole mansion as either character in Resident Evil 1, and because of this small change, Resident Evil 2 is one of the most highly replayable games in the series. Leon and Claire don't have any pros and cons compared to Chris and Jill, but they have different moments in their own stories.  


The only few I can recall that make a true return are the amount of items and different assortment of guns, defensive weapons, and ammo, puzzles, typewriters and item boxes, and the ZOMBIES! The map is even a combination of 0's and the REmake's item layout system.   


But, there are a couple of things that make Resident Evil 2 and the remake stand out. First, while inside the police station, a player has the option to barricade some windows with wood. If they don't... more zombies will come later. It's like the lighter fluid in the REmake in that regard. There are a good amount of unique creatures as well, like the Lickers, and even though the boss count is rather poor in comparison to the other games, the bosses themselves, Mr. X and G... are really tough. I was so afraid of Mr. X and his boots, that I turned the volume on mute to calm myself. Mr. X leaves a huge impression as a villain because of his size, his appearance, the sounds his boots make, and his stone-cold face.  


But, there's more to this remake! The camera is free-roaming, compared to the fixed angles of yesteryear, and the controls, like the REmake, don't have to be tank in design! Still, the game's scary even without restrictions! Even though item management is still a thing, the process of collecting, using, combining, and examining items has been significantly improved, because hip pouches increase the amount of slots in the inventory screen... and there are no load times. That goes especially for opening doors! And, I think the puzzles are probably the best to date, AND even though backtracking is still a thing because of that key system it borrowed from Resident Evil (or the remake), it's not as bad as the others games because there are NO LOAD TIMES. In the other modes that aren't hardcore, saving is unlimited. The regular zombies don't fall down after one shot to the head and they are capable of opening doors, even MR. X! Yes, Mr. X is a boss, but like Nemesis in 3, he's capable of going to many places where one least expects it. He's also a Tyrant, one of the most formidable creatures in the series. Unlike Resident Evil, I felt a lot more compelled to play through both characters because not only are there the differences in each story, but also because beating both campaigns unlocks the final boss encounter and the true ending. There are other modes to play with too, but like Resident Evil 3's Mercenaries mode, I'm not too hardcore. There are bonus collectibles as well, like models and costumes. There is paid DLC as well, like the original soundtrack, but I didn't bother.  


So, even though it borrows from other games in the series, it looks a little washed out at times, and it's a little bit unfair at times, those points don't detract from how wonderful this remake is. This game, along with 4 and 7 (which I haven't played yet), are probably the most accessible games in the series to date. I'm not a true fan of the survival-horror genre, but that doesn't mean I cannot appreciate the care that this game got after a long time. I highly recommend RE2make, and if this long paragraph doesn't convince you, watch the LPs of this game. SERIOUSLY, GO- *gets neck bitten*.


2/6- Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc for PC. 





Although I've played all of the localized Ace Attorney games and a few Professor Layton titles, I've never played any of the Danganronpa titles. Until I noticed some playthroughs from one YouTuber who played both Ace Attorney and Danganronpa, I never even heard of the series... well, maybe just the mascot Monokuma, but that's all. Was it more of a cult classic case like what happened with Earthbound, where it slowly got more attention by people actually recommending it? My murder mystery background aside, I had no real urgency to play the first game. But, I suddenly played through the whole game. And what I played was rather unique. 


The beginning starts with a teenager, named Makoto, going to a school. But, this isn't any normal school; it's Hope's Academy, where the best and talented of students are selected. To be selected, the students have to be the "ULTIMATE" of something, like sports or science. However, Makoto was just lucky, as he was randomly chosen from a lottery. Nevertheless, he heads inside, and... loses consciousness. When he wakes up, he's inside a classroom, with the windows bolted with metal and a surveillance camera. He soon meets up with the rest of his class, who don't know what's happening as well and are desperately trying to escape. They cannot, as all of the exits have been been sealed and shut, and a big huge contraption blocks the main entrance. After a weird voice tells them to go to the gym, they meet Monokuma, a teddy bear monster. It tells the teenagers that they can either stay in the school for the rest of their lives, or in order to go outside... one of them will have to get away with murdering one of their own classmates! The teens tell the bear that they wouldn't possibly do that... still, things go horribly wrong for the group day after day. It's a murder mystery, but a lot of details for each murder makes things a lot more interesting. Some are red herrings, some are bizarre truths, and some are better twists that anything M. Night Shyamalan could ever write. Trust me, the story is well and concisely developed. Though, that's not to say most of the characters were. Some work well with the story, but the rest fall into a trope *looks at Hifumi*. I know that they all have "Titles", but that is what initially drew me away from some of the other classmates. Still, some of the cast have a unique quality to them, so not all of them are 1:1 stereotypes. Monokuma's erratic behavior is probably the entire highlight of the game. A player will never know what it will say moment to moment, or how it will react. 


Danganronpa has a very cartoony and anime style that does not detract from some of the weirdest stuff that happens. Characters often express in over-the-top fashion and over dramatically. Sometimes during cutscenes, it goes full 3D, but whether it's character models or the background, it mostly stays in a 2-D plane, like gingerbread men. The music is also diverse. When there's a calm and soothing moment, the music is cheerful; but, when something suspenseful happens, the music is eerie and grim. It's never out of place, like an Ace Attorney game. Moonbeam's theme... is just Monokuma's theme. 


Gameplay is a big complaint for me. A lot of the keys and the mouse clicks are used constantly, and some keys are used for multiple purposes. I would frequently forget which key did what and mess up certain actions, and although there was a "HELP" feature, the key used for it is simply the most unintuitive= EXIT/ESC. And, there is ONE mini-game in particular that I did horribly with, but at the very END of the game did better. Quick traveling is also a pain at times, since the game doesn't allow the player to access rooms, rather than only hallways. Those problems aside, I had no difficulty interacting with the other classmates, investigating, and solving crimes during trials with the rest of what the other mini-games had to offer. Some stuff was rather vague or really complicated to figure out, but it was often 75% the opposite: clear and concise. The gameplay gets deeper as the game goes on, so I'll stop with the basic stuff. It's maybe the only weak point I can think of. 


Even though using I had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to its controls at time, this game is better than I expected. And seeing as there are two other games, maybe I'll enjoy them too. But, not right now.  




Valentine’s Day- Metal Slug for Nintendo Switch.  


I used to play this once when I went skiing. Now that I finally beat it, I can say... for an arcade shooter, it’s not bad. I don’t know what the plot is (but war is happening), but everything else works in this game’s favor... Although I’m glad I put in some quarters, since the main character dies easily. I beat it within an hour, and I feel like I got the 7 dollars worth of this game. And who doesn’t love the screams?  


2/16- Dragon's Lair for Nintendo Switch. 






I've seen some Don Bluth movies in my past. Not to the point of remembering the stories, but more for the animation, which Don Bluth excels at. And I'm a fan of video games. What do both things have in common? Dragon's Lair. 


Dragon's Lair stars Dirk the Daring, a normal knight that adventures inside the lair to rescue Princess Daphne. Along the way, he will face many enemies and evade countless traps. It might be a plain story, but Dirk is simply the highlight for his numerous screams and death animations. 


Dragon's Lair was innovative for being the first animated arcade game of the time. It wasn't Pac-Man nor Donkey Kong, and it really stood out. Don Bluth has said time and time again that he worked really hard to fit the reactions for each player's actions. The music, although minimal, is usually a death or a victorious jingle. It's mostly sound effects, like the cues telling Dirk where to go next, his amount of grunts and yells, or the sound of his sword hitting enemies. 


Onto gameplay, the only buttons the player will have are the directional and sword buttons. Now, it seems perfect from what I said, but the game is still tricky. First, although there are visual cues of what Dirk can do, some of the cues are trap themselves. For example, there's one instance where Dirk is holding onto a slanted floor above a pit, and there's a path to the left and a rope or whatever in front of him. Both the path and the rope are visuals cues, but only one of them is right. Next, some actions have to be timed just right within each interval. Some have to be immediately followed after others (like the ones during the face-off against the electrical knight), and others after a few moments of waiting for others to resume (like the ones during the blacksmith area). The visual cues sometimes can be vague (like the direction Dirk has to escape), and some rooms are mirrored during the same play-through. Last, the sequences, except for the last few moments, happen randomly. Because of all of these factors, a 100% run is next to impossible. Thankfully, modern technology has made the arcade port much easier, but even with or without the settings, the game is a little difficult to master for a first-time player. I beat it within an hour, but that was after Dirk died a good amount of deaths. Still, Dirk's death animations are priceless. 


I really had fun with Dragon's Lair. It's a real good hour time-waster. This game was bundled with the sequel and Space Age, so I'll give them a try later on.




2/16- Mega Man X3 for Nintendo Switch (MMLC) 



I played X, X2, and X4, and beat them last year. X2 was alright, but I thought X4 and X were really good. So good, that they're still in my Top 100 as I'm still writing this. But one might be asking me, "What about X3? How come you didn't finish it until recent-" BECAUSE IT WAS UNFAIR AND DIFFICULT AT TIMES! ... Let me explain that. 

X3 stars X and Zero, who try to stop Reploids from fighting each other and try to save the world and mankind. Not only are there eight new Mavericks, but there are also three new Reploids called the Nightmare Police commanded by Dr. Doppler. Dr. Doppler was a scientist that was so good with stopping the Maverick Virus, that he was dedicated his own city. However, Dr. Doppler has suddenly become Maverick too, so X and Zero have to stop him. I'll give X3 credit for having a better story than X4, although I don't think it's as great as X and X2's.  

X3 retains the details of X and X2's sprite-work, including X2's Cx4 chip. But, there's only a few moments when it has to get polygonal, compared to X2's quantity. The soundtrack takes a more hard rock feel compared to the other three games I mentioned. It's not bad, as there a good amount of songs like the first stage and Dr. Doppler 1. Though, the flame rate horribly drops when there's too much action.

Okay, so there are some new things for the game. X can collect enhancement chips to further improve his armor, the new armor to collect is not too bad, and there are four new ride armors that have specific traits, like the Frog Armor that is good for underwater. Last, Zero is playable... but he sucks in this game. He can't fight bosses, but he has his nifty Z-Sabre. 

So, why did I turn away from the game original- BECAUSE IT'S DIFFICULT SOMETIMES. ENEMIES CAN A GOOD CHUNK OF HEALTH, AND THE AMOUNT OF ENVIRONMENTAL TRAPS IS HORRENDOUS! ... I got stuck in a part where the walls are closing in. I had to... play my 3DS to see if I could do it there... and I did. What annoyed me for a good while was no longer a threat within an half hour. But, the last boss is totally hard to defeat. Also, I did actions I neither wanted to do, or not did them at all. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaag was also an issue sometimes. X3 is better in some aspects, but its difficulty is sometimes backwards.  

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Making my post just to say I'm canonically the first N4A user to beat a game in 2019.


Console - 3
Handheld - 0
PC - 0
Mobile - 0
Overall - 3


Jan. 3 - Katamari Damacy Reroll - Switch

This game is wonderful. I wish it was longer.


Jan. 16 - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - Switch

I might as well have replayed NSMB Wii. This is kind of a bland, safe sequel. Not particularly sorry I missed it on Wii U.


Jan. 21 - Donut County - Switch

Loved everything about this.

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I mostly wasn't able to participate last year, but challenges were neat. I think it would be worth brainstorming some good ones.
I still don't understand the emulator rule, though. If I play on a flashcart, does that count over emulator, because it's functionally identical to having a cartridge?
Does Virtual Console not count because it's also an emulator?

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willing to participate this year.  I participated in previous years. Hopefully I can make a serious dent in the backlog.  Looking forward to it.

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3 hours ago, Pichi said:

I mostly wasn't able to participate last year, but challenges were neat. I think it would be worth brainstorming some good ones.
I still don't understand the emulator rule, though. If I play on a flashcart, does that count over emulator, because it's functionally identical to having a cartridge?
Does Virtual Console not count because it's also an emulator?

I've always taken the intent of the emulation rule to mean if you own the game, you can play it on an emulator for the purposes of this thread. I am not terribly knowledgeable in the area of flashcarts, but I believe the intent is the same. One of the goals of this thread has been to beat the backlog of games we own. 


The Virtual Console has counted in past years and continues to count. The same is true of the Nintendo Switch NES app, as well as "Classic" consoles like the NES Classic, SNES Classic and PlayStation Classic. 

5 hours ago, Young P said:

Jan. 3 - Katamari Damacy Reroll - Switch

This game is wonderful. I wish it was longer.

And, while I'm here, I'll note my first beat of the year as well. Like Young P, it was Katamari Damacy Reroll for the Switch. 

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4 hours ago, blcdude1 said:

One of the goals of this thread has been to beat the backlog of games we own.

what if I want to play games i don't own instead of games i do? y;

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Posted (edited)



01/12 --    3-D World Runner (NES) 



C: 1

H: 0

PC: 0 


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On 1/4/2019 at 3:08 PM, Pichi said:

what if I want to play games i don't own instead of games i do? y;

You can play whatever you want.


But for the purposes of this thread, when it comes to emulation, we ask that you own the game.


I've also posted the first batch of challenges. Feel free to suggest your own!

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1st game beaten of the year. Shining Force: Sword of Hayja on 3DS VC. Easily the best Game Gear title I have ever experienced.  It is the first Shining Force game I have ever beaten. I would say it's just as good as the Fire Emblem series but without the "permadeath" and it is a Damn shame Camelot doesn't make these types of games anymore. 



H: 1



O: 1




Games Beaten:

1. Shining Force: Sword of Hayja (3DS VC) 1/6/2019


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I don't really anticipate fully participating this year, but I just finished FFXV. Might as well log it haha.

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suggestions: make 100-games challenge worth 10-points or make it 50 games. beating a game every 4 days on average is crazy. unless you play super short ones.
make a silver challenge for beating a roguelike/lite for the first time cause those games take loads of hours to get decent enough to beat


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A few things.


First, two more beats for me: Adventures of Lolo and Donkey Kong (both Switch, on the NES app). Lolo is a first time beat, Donkey Kong might as well be an annual tradition. Photos of these (and Katamari Damacy Reroll) in spoiler below.


Second, I've added rankings into the first post. It's kind of silly at this point, but at least it's there and hopefully will encourage me to keep it (somewhat) current throughout the year, rather than wait until the last minute to count everybody up. It's a start. I'll probably create a spreadsheet later.


Third, Chrom said he can make the "Gamer of the Year" rank happen. That's been updated into the main post.


Fourth, Pichi makes a good suggestion about the 100 games challenge. Looking at the prior thread, not many people managed to achieve that last year. I might make one of the two proposed changes there, it's a matter of picking one.










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Second game of the year down with the first Shining Force. Beat it on the Sega Genesis Collection for Switch. Just as good as Fire Emblem and in some ways it is better. Found it interesting that Camelot made these games back before they did the Golden Sun titles (which are the best GBA exclusive RPGs imo).  Just started Shining Force II and on a serious tactical RPG kick. 


C: 1

H: 1



O: 2




Games Beaten:

1. Shining Force: Sword of Hayja (3DS VC) 1/6/2019

2. Shining Force (Switch) 1/13/2019

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1st game beat of 2019.


3-D World Runner  (NES)


I'm one of the lucky few to open a CIB copy that even has the old-school anaglyphic red/blue tinted 3-D specs. 

I had much longer post than this originally, but I hit the wrong button on my keyboard along the way and lost over 30-minutes worth of shit.    Maybe I'll redo it later but for now I just want to get this posted and get on with my day.









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First update of the year!
- Double Cross (Switch)
I was really excited to see the next title from 13AM Games, and while this one doesn't feel as fresh and unique as Runbow, it's still a fun 2D platformer. [image]
- Golf Story (Switch)
A cute little golf game, though I found myself getting a bit tired of it by the end of the story. [image]
- Undertale (Switch)
Would've been nice to play this completely fresh, without having heard hype from its fanbase constantly over the past few years. I still enjoyed it, though not, perhaps, as much as said fanbase. [image]
- Spider-Man (PS4)
What a great game, love how well it captured the simple joy of web-swinging through New York City. The Batman Arkham formula works perfectly for Spider-Man, and I even enjoyed pretty much all of the open world padding. And the story was excellent as well—really looking forward to what the developers could do with a sequel. [image]
- Dead Cells (Switch)
Finally defeated the Hand of the King with the help of a bow and amulet that gave me 50% damage reduction. Like I said in my game of the year thread, the combat mechanics are really excellent in Dead Cells; I'll probably do some more runs to explore other regions. [image]

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My first game of 2019 is Breath of the Wild! Spent 65h 24m on it according to the Wii U stats.
It wasn't technically my very first play, but previously I had borrowed it from a friend and stopped partway through.
Did 50-some shrines, the divine beasts and all memories before taking on Ganon. Did a few of the big shrine quests and side stuff.
Streamed it all on Twitch, but will probably play the rest of it on my own.




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