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Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

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I thought February was 'we finally get to play Kingdom Hearts III' month? Because that's coming out at the end of this month and I'm hyped.


I'm still trying to figure out how the entire Smash cast getting norted fits into the KH canon though.

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Recently for awhile I’ve been working on adding a bunch of things to my want/wish list on myfigurecollection.net list...


so far mostly Nedoroids/Figmas, with a few odds and ends here and there - still a slow work in progress though... still will take awhile 


Not sure how likely how much I’ll be able to get, but I doubt it would hurt to do so...


Also had finally figured out how to get to the other side of Dozing Sands... after talking to a bloody Toad and flipping a Panel


Well, that was mildly annoying- at least I hadn’t have to use a guide, thankfully..

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cant believe i got to work this morning only to find NO ONE fucking there because it snowed too much, stood out in 12 degree coldness and waited for 30 minutes just for my boss to text and be like 'yeah i prob wont be in for an hour, but you can go home and ill call you when im in since i dont want you to stand in the cold' 


like ya'll really deciding to just show up whenever the fuck while im out here losing out on hours bc ya'll never seen snow in your lives, guess ill just stop eating for this month or whatever!!

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company didnt even bother telling anyone they weren't opening til 12 today so my boss was like 'just stay home honestly, everyone else had to drive and i'm not making them drive back here when the roads are this shit' so i guess its another snow day for lil ol' me 

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