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Rumor: YouTube coming to Switch?!?

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As time goes on I'm sure more multimedia apps will appear for Switch.  If it comes then that's cool but I don't think it's such a make or break that it would be seen as too little too late kind of thing; more like a fashionably late scenario. :P


But if it does happen I think it just leads on that we will eventually see more multimedia apps as time goes on, not that there will be a flood of them following this but change and momentum is still good nonetheless.

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I know Nintendo wanted to focus on games first with the Switch, but it's been almost 2 years since the Switch launched and all we have is Hulu (plus niconico in JPN). I think it's about time we got other multimedia apps. All I really want is YouTube, Curnchyroll, and a web browser.


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Good points, Kezay and AB. This won't make a break the console and I do like that Nintendo is focusing on the games. The system is fine, at this point and any addition like this is just bonus like the other consoles. Just because they have them and Switch doesn't not make it less in value. It's the perception that Switch can and should is why it is not on Switch yet.


So if and when it happens is non-factor I guess and would be cool if we get it.

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