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Smash Bros Direct - Nov. 1 - Discussion

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 It's disappointment, not entitlement. Didn't expect it. And it's not a bad thing to not be a huge fan of Pirahna plant and want to switch it (even though it's something that won't happen). It's just an opinion. *shrug*  And it is what it is, not a big deal. 

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Ken is my boi when I play Street Fighter, so I'm happy to see him in. I'm excited about his unique final smashes and higher movement speed. But I was hoping this wouldn't all culminate in a reveal for Incineroar, whose design has always really bothered me. His moves look pretty fun, but I can't see myself using him. Piranha Plant is the most mind-bending choice of the bunch, mostly by virtue of no one I know of having asked for him. But whatever. I'm okay with a joke character here and there. I'm mostly just let down over Isaac. Isaac as an assist trophy hurts, man. He and Shantae were the last characters I was really pulling for. And even Shantae showed up as a spirit sticker, so I can't imagine she'll be getting in now. 
Speaking of, I feel like they really oversold the uniqueness of Spirits as a mode. I'd rather call it like it is: they're stickers from Brawl. Which is fine, but I'm much more hyped about World of Light. That looks legit. 
5 new DLC characters sound exciting, though with Isaac and Shantae already accounted for in other non-playable forms I can't think of a single character that I'd like to see that really has a shot. Rex and Pyra, maybe. Though the Mii costume might dash those hopes, too. Guess I'll just sit back and chill while the hype train leaves the station. 
I'm hopeful regarding the changes made to the online. I hated having to play For Glory if I wanted to simply play the game. For Glory is full of sore losers and poor winners, but For Fun is full of people going AFK or self-destructing, so pick your poison. My hope is that this new system will provide a much more consistent experience overall.
Well, that about wraps up my two cents. I can't say I'm not disappointed, but there's a lot to be excited about. And hey. I still get Ridley, K. Rool, Simon and Richter. So that's pretty cool. 
Also I'd like to point out that the final roster after DLC will be 80 characters. 
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6 hours ago, Eliwood8 said:
  • Wow was that an Archaic Sealed Heat reference I saw? Still upset that game was never localized.

I noticed that, too. I still want them to localize ASH and Soma Bringer. 

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Finally made through the day at work, took my lunch early to watch direct and like some are saying, I'm slightly underwhelmed by this direct. Only in comparison to last direct. 8 out of 10. (will talk more about how I feel in the quote responses below) Still hyped overall but it really was the staring of the direct as those are only characters and then piranha plant. The Grinch leak didn't dampened it but I had felling it was fake. Fake or not or avoid leak. I would feel the same about this direct as I do now.



4 hours ago, Arvis said:

So my thoughts.


I'm gonna be real and say I don't care for Incineroar. Idk, his evolution went from snark little adorable kittens to what I can only describe as bara furry bait and he's just someone I can't get excited for. I don't know if that's just me; Incineroar's response generally seems to be lukewarm at best.


I'm so conflicted about Spirit modes. A lot of the fights seem fun but gacha around them has me worried. Custom moves were a great idea in Smash 4, for example, but the pointless gacha around getting them essentially mooted that feature and I'm afraid spirits will have the same fate. At the same time, stat boosters have existed since Brawl and I never use them; I can only have so much salt over something I'll probably won't bother with.

I love the theme song with lyrics and the adventure mode seems cool. If World of Light has coop, I can definitely see going through it with my bf.


Pirahna Plant is such a left field character and I love it.


I'm getting this game still, but I felt this direct wasn't as exciting as the last Smash direct? I think if Incineroar was shown earlier and someone like Simon or K Rool was saved for this direct the presentation would have had a more consistent momentum.

Feel the same way to, yay it's new character spoiled fake leak or not. I guess I wasn't wanting more and despite hearing Incineroar might be in, I hoped it not be true even if we need 7th gen rep. TBH I'd rather Decidueye. He just appeals more to me than this Pokemon.


Spirit mode looks like all the modes we played in Smash before., a bit of adventure mode from Melee, event mode (wait where the fuck is event mode, tho?) SSE, Smash Run and Tour. This could of been a bad idea toss all those modes there but this spirit concept is good tie together with traveling map, gameplay and such. I'm actually impressed and this makes sense instead of making 1000 of trophies. This is really, really good.


6 hours ago, Eliwood8 said:


  • Putting lyrics to the main theme was kind of goofy.

Only agree with you because it came out of left field but I love it. That part where Mario trophies is tied up and made clone from snapture was chilling.


3 hours ago, Tyranogre said:

>sees a vision of everyone dying

>doesn't do anything


What the fuck is Shulk's problem?

So is Shullk Dr. Strange and Starlord because he saw what could of been avoided but it's his fault they were all snaptured as well?


3 hours ago, Eliwoodman12 said:

With or without the Grinch leak, I am somewhat underwhelmed with the Direct. 


If Incineroar and Ken, and plant were indeed the final characters announced, I would have rather them save Ridley or K Rool for this direct. Also didn't like how they got the "final roster" announcement out of the way so early.


The Spirits seem like such an interesting concept. I am on board with that. Though I will miss scrolling through the trophy gallery.


I am sorry for Shadow and Isaac fans. l almost feel like Sakurai paid way too much attention to what people wanted/expected and pulled the Pirhana Plant from left field. I am really curious what the 5 new fighters could be.  I am shocked they didn't make an arms character playable. I am guessing one of them will be an 8th gen Pokemon. I will still hold out hope for Banjo and Geno, but it's doubtful now. 


The story mode has me really impressed and can't wait to go through it.

I couldn't agree more, like don't get me wrong I'm hyped right now for the game and till it release but the best Smash direct was 2 days before my b-day and I appreciate that. This direct starting off like it did (I get you want to get the last chars out of the way but) after chars reveal from the last one was better punch than this one. The direct dragged a bit with showing off AT's and such. Ending made up for the whole direct, with that cinematic and lyric theme song.


I like Shadow but he's all meh to me. I'm a big GS fan, I'm hurt but I'll heal. I'm just glad Isaac is back as AT. (take note Waluigi fanboys)


I wonder how really likely Banjo and Geno are likely as DLC. If Cloud can come over can't see why not for at least one of those characters. The Piranha Plant is Duck Hunt/R.O.B and Mr. Game & Watch of this game


Yes, the story mode looks impressive. I just don't know when I'm gonna play it. There's a list of thing I've to do first before tackling that mode.

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Something I forgot about. In the direct they said all star mode is now just a marathon mode? Like, 100 man melee?


I like that change because all star mode would be too big for its own good otherwise.

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Lifelight theme song with Lyric. I know songs have chorus but I feel there's way to many at end. Despite simply simple message but deep meaning of the song. Helps that the song is pretty epic.

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2 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

Also, while I'm a little sad that Rex is just a Mii skin, the fact that they put Gramps in his helmet makes it almost worth it.

Sakurai basically said Rex was just too soon to even consider, so I really wouldn't be surprised if Rex is our first fighter in the pass and this is just a bone to chew on in the meantime.


I still need to play Xenoblade 2 but my bf owns the game so it'll be awhile before I will.


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I think the Smash Bros community as a whole has been united on wanting Waluigi, Isaac, and Geno as new fighters. From all the discussions I've been seeing, those three are on a pedestal above everybody else--I can't even think of a solid #4.


Is anyone else seeing this oddly consistent unity?


Appearing as Assist Trophies or Spirits does not at all prevent them from becoming fighters in the same game, by the way. Doubling up isn't going to break anything, and even if it did, are we really pretending that Smash Bros has rules? In the age of Piranha Plant?

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3 minutes ago, DLurkster said:

Yeah, that is a nice touch with gramps in Mii (Rex) helmet. I caught that right away in the direct.

I thought it was really cute and a nice homage to the game. 

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I caught this this the first time but it totally slipped me.


Did you guys see that long ass blink Sakurai did in the direct starting at 31:48 and mentioning if he'll ever take a break and ends at 31:55.


That is priceless but Sakurai, please take some rest once in a while, my guy.

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Finally got around to rewatching the direct (thankfully there wasn't too many important things i missed), so full thoughts (may be duplicates)



-Eh, i personally don't really care for Street Fighter all too much, so pretty indifferent to Ken - not complaining, since he's an echo and all that

-Incineroar looks like a pretty cool fighter  - really like the details that were put into the textures and model - quite nice. I like the flashiness with his poses/taunts, pretty amusing actually

Pretty interested in trying him out when unlocked - moves look quite interesting

-Really like the starting roster - nice throwback to the N64 game... really love unlocking things, a lot more satisfying (shame the stages aren't unlockable, though)

-The Spirits mode and mechanics for spirits look quite interesting - unfortunate that trophies weren't brought back, but at least we have some collectibles?

The Spirit Battles almost reminds me of Master/Crazy Orders, quite a bit of various conditions... looks like it can get quite challenging and difficult

-Really like Yoshi's new FS - really nice throwback to Melees opening

-A lot of nice options for Online/Local wireless - not sure how much ill be able to do (or be able to access it at all

-Nintendo Online app functionality... huh. Hopefully that works decently... Also Smash World looks alright - can't say i can say a whole lot one way or the other right now

-Also Shadows an Assist Trophy again - ouch. Though honestly, i wasn't sure if his inclusion was 100%, even though he would've made sense as an Echo... perhaps he thought he might've been too similar? Just a guess, though.... Also nice to see some more new ones, too

Though the little Wily animation after defeating the Wily Capsule is quite a nice detail

-Is Century Smash this games Multi-Man Melee? Somewhat feels like it

-Not completely certain of All Star mode, though - i liked the Melee style with a random set of opponents, personally. May grow on me, later on though

-Nice to see the Challenges are back - really like the Comic Book style layout

-The Shop is nice - though if we can buy Songs from there, does that mean CDs are out? Haven't heard those be mentioned at all

-Nice to see the Mii Fighter costumes be brought back, though i wonder if the previous ones will return? (aside from having stat alterations, anyway). The Toy-con one is pretty amusing

- Nice to have DLC content - may have been a given, considering how well the 3DS/Wii U did - probably going ahead and getting the Fighters Pass, myself

-..... yeah, the Piranha Plant fighter was completely out of left field... quite an interesting character.  I'm somewhat amused, actually - the remix for his trailer was quite nice, actually

The Amiibo looks pretty nice, too - think this is the first Amiibo of that character...?

-Yeah, the new Adventure Mode looks pretty sweet - way better than SSE.... though i really have no idea what's going on

Though watching Snake try to hide in a box was amusing... and Sonic trying to save Pikachu was a sweet touch, even though the attempt ended up being futile.. granted it does fit in to his personality

Also, the music used is quite nice



Bit long, but didn't get around to it right away - other things were going on here and there... can't say i've gotten much sleep last night either

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Earlier today before I saw the Direct but knew the character reveals, I thought the Grinch leak was easily superior and that this final push for the game was underwhelming after the expectations set by the first Smash Direct with K. Rool and Simon. After watching the Direct, I'm pretty content with the content. The only thing that I'd want to see still is Sylux as a Spirit as it doesn't appear Sylux will be an AT. I wasn't too happy hearing about Piranha Plant initially, but I held off my final judgment until seeing the footage and move set. Personally, it was my favorite character reveal during the Direct. The only issue I have is that I would've loved to have had Piranha Plant day one. I'll definitely be playing as it once Piranha Plant releases and think I'll be more attached to that character than I've been to previous left field choices like Duck Hunt Dog and R.O.B. I think this will end up being one of the best games and if I weren't an adult working full-time this probably would be a 2000 hour game experience. There just seems to be a lot to get into.

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Didn't really have time to react to the Direct in this thread as it happened but I was pretty happy with it.  Granted that's moreso for Ken being confirmed than anything, but still. :P  I'm actually glad I didn't catch wind of the "leak" so everything was still pretty much a surprise and also helps I didn't have any faux expectations for rumored additions.  I do hope that at least one of those characters in the leak makes it in as one of the Fab Five DLC characters though.


First off, besides Ken being awesome and different enough for Ryu to stand out on his own a bit (even moreso than Richter from Simon, IMO) Incineroar looks like it'll be a fun character to use.  Didn't really care for Litten or his evolutions but they really put a lot of effort into Incineroar that he comes off as a pretty unique fighter.  I can't think off the top of my head any characters that really have much in the way of wrestling moves but I'm pretty sure no one actually has it as part of their core make up like this one does.  So yeah, not a character I thought I would actually care for until now.


Piranha Plant was such an out of field WTF, though. Even so, they actually put a lot of work into making it a viable fighter which is kind of nuts.  I remember how much it weirded me out seeing Captain Falcon as a fighter back in the day that I would have never guessed he would be an addition.  Piranha Plant is like that to me and is just another example of how Sakurai and his team could probably make anything into an actual fighter if they wanted to and have actually look fun to play.


Spirits is not at all what I expected when people kinda sorta figured out the name a while ago.  But I do like the implementation and I'm glad that it's kind of like Event Matches in how they prepare the various challenges.  The way they even utilize the characters to fit the theme of the challenges is impressive too.


World of Light, though.  This was just awesome to watch in action and is the biggest threat the Smash roster has had to deal with so far.  Really looking forward to seeing how the story here unfolds and how each of the characters will meet up and contribute to the fight.  I almost kind of wish they had Warrior of Light as a character in Smash though it would probably imply too much of them having a central role as it would be a bit on the nose.  Plus I think Warrior of Light is only used as a proper name in the Dissidia series anyway.

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I think my biggest disappointment so far is the confirmation of no trophies. It was my favorite part of Melee and later games, I'd spend hours chilling and reading trophy descriptions. My impression so far is that Sakurai is trimming some of the fat that previous Smash games have had. No extra modes like Targets and Home-run contest, All-Star has been re-purposed as Multi-Man Melee, and less collectibles. It's not a bad decision, most players barely even touch this content. I imagine trophies were given the cut to make the deadline for this game releasing this year, considering the amount of effort of creating the models and writing/translating the flavor text. I can't say I'm very excited about Spirits, either. It seems like a pseudo-gacha system designed for busy-work.
World of Light looks interesting, and a nice vehicle for exposing players to challenges and the Spirits mechanics.

I would have liked to seen Smash Run stay. It's a nice divergence from the traditional Smash competition, and could have been expanded upon.


At the end of the day, it's still Smash and a product of love from Sakurai. So I'll be there day one. But as someone who's play over 700 hours of Smash 3DS & WiiU, nothing about Ultimate has me very excited besides the new character additions.

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No seriously is there gonna be event mode?


I still want one even if World of Light seems to be replacing it. I'm actually more upset over this than the trophies removal.

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