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N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

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My Secret Santa had intended to get me a SSB GameCube controller and the adapter for Switch, but decided instead to get me a $50 Amazon gift card because they're currently out of stock and would've taken a month or two to get here. I'll definitely get the GameCube controller with the gift card, but I still have my adapter for Wii U, so I'll probably put the remainder toward another Switch game.


Thank you, Secret Santa!

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8 minutes ago, Igneous42 said:

A package was waiting for me when I got home today containing 



Which is awesome. I've heard great things about Cave Story and have been wanting to try it, so I'm excited to give it a go. Metroidvania type games are among my favorite genres so I'm always excited to try more out. 


Awesome, glad it got there man! And by the way, you should’ve gotten a couple more things from me this past Saturday 😉

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1 hour ago, DranSeasona said:

Oh, what’s this? :o 



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My Secret Santa Gift arrived! :D And judging from the bag and past conversations in this thread, I think I know who it’s from! Thanks so much, @Reilly!



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That’s awesome. :) Thanks for Groudon, Kyogre and the tee! The best part is I already have Rayquaza, so that completes my set! Merry Christmas!



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Best buds...





Oh wow, that was fast.  Given, New York ain't too far from Canada, but I didn't expect an international shipment to go through so quickly.


Glad you like it.  Merry Christmas!

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