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Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

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Chinese mobile device manufacturer, Huawei, is marketing their new Mate 20 X as a Switch competitor...



I guess everyone one wants a pace of the Switch pie. Unless they can get 3rd parties on board to release games of the quality of the ones on Switch, then I don't see this doing much. Plus, it's 3x the price of a Switch!!!


EDIT: Wait! This thing really only has one controller? WUT?! o_O


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After working at a cell phone repair shop for 7 years the thing that I always remember about Huawei is this masterpiece of marketing



A campaign that draws attention to the fact that not only does no one know how the fuck to pronounce their name, but also that no one knows what they actually even do. I don't think Nintendo is sweating in their boots too much lol. 

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11 hours ago, Fuzzer1 said:

Never heard of those games before.

They're all Chinese bootleg games.


7 Grand Dad is a hack of a licensed Flintstones game for the NES that simply puts Mario's head on Fred Flintstone's body. It's much more well-known as the source of a Vinesauce meme that @The Krazy One posted above.


Terrifying 9-11 is an unlicensed port of Metal Slug for the Gameboy Color with a picture of Osama bin Laden and the Twin Towers on the boxart.


Titenic is a sidescrolliing beat-em-up for the Famicom that's clearly based on the Titanic movie, but otherwise doesn't seem to be a hack of a pre-existing game.


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13 hours ago, DLurkster said:

Regardless of how this will turn out, (which nothing will) someone got take the leap with a bigger phone screen.


It 5-10 year time that screen size may be the norm, we laugh at that now but this is most likely the future. I laugh at their comparison of the Switch for all of time.


I'm surprised it already isn't there considering there have been some fairly large screened phones already released hence my phablet mention above.  My older brother has a phone in that style.  If the case was just a bit wider it would be like he was holding up a Kindle Fire up to his face when he talks, albeit of a bit slimmer.

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