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Youmacon Nov 1-4, 2018

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Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone on here had plans to hit up Youmacon in Detroit, MI in a few weeks.


I plan on going, which will be my first time attending a convention of any sort. Also considering the option of entering the Melee singles and Sm4sh singles and doubles tourneys being held there as well. Competing in a Smash tourney would also be a first for me, and I am curious how my skills would stack up against other players competing.

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3 hours ago, Surge135 said:

There is no local scene where I'm at, at least from what I've seen or not seen in the time I've lived here.

The Big House, one of the major smash tourneys every year, takes place in Detroit so I'm sure there's local tourneys happening in that area. Here's a link to facebook pages for each region, they can help you find people to play with or tournaments near you.



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I know The Big House is in Detroit much like Youmacon is, but I live 269 miles away from Detroit. I'm lucky if I can make a trip to Detroit once a year, so two trips seems like it would be stretching it a bit thin for me especially considering how close TBH and Youmacon are in the year.

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